"NEAT HOUSE" will be held for 3 days from 26th (Sat) to 28th (Mon) as announced the other day. As I was telling you, it will be held in a 1-hour appointment system. We accept up to 2 groups per hour, but at the moment, the appointments of customers who have already made reservations are splendidly dispersed, so reservations are still OK. . At around 18:00 on February 23 (holiday, Wednesday), <Saturday, February 26> ・13:00-14:00 ・17:00-18:00 <Sunday, February 27> ・14:00 to 15:00 ・17:00-18:00 ・18:00-19:00 <Monday, February 28> From 12:00 to 20:00 all day If it is the above date and time, there is a vacancy in the appointment status. There are many times when one group has already entered, but we will accept an appointment to visit the store, so please let us know if you are considering it. As I announced the other day, this time is an opportunity to make trousers with a system called "pattern order". Based on NEAT's 10 types of trousers. Please select the best balance for you from the size samples of each model. For example, NEAT's collection is usually handled in sizes 42, 44, and 46, but this time NEAT HOUSE has a surprising "14 sizes". 40,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54 size lineup. The waist has a pitch of 2 cm, excluding the edge size. Furthermore, it's not just the waist. Each model has a specialty that only has "pattern order". for example,,, "The 43 fits the waist better, but I prefer the 44 for the balance of the silhouette." Then, it is possible to make a size of 43 for the waist and 44 for the waist width. strongest. This is just such an opportunity. For this waist size, raising and lowering the silhouette size is It is possible if it is "upper and lower two sizes". This originality is also a privilege. After that, yes. Usually, the front opening is only a button fly, but it can be changed to a zipper. Also, Mr. Nishino mentioned an interesting case so far, a model that comes with "parts" attached to the trouser. For example, One Tuck. Originally, such things can also be done such as "eliminate the adjuster" attached to the back, or "no hammer loop" for the painter pants model called Painter. So, just by looking at the shape, That's why you can make NEAT trousers with transcendental originality. And, more importantly, the fabric. This is the only thing in NEAT's collection that is not used. As I said earlier, there are over 100 types in all. Generally speaking, Vintage import brands, one-of-a-kind items. Mr. Nishino from NEAT said, Vintage is denim, US military, wool and so on. Imported brands include British Dormeuil, Fox Brothers, Bower Roebuck, and Savile Clifford. When it comes to Italy, Loro Piana, Canonico, etc. I've never seen Dormeuil, Loro Piana, or Canonico in NEAT's trouser collection. I think it feels very special. For one-of-a-kind fabrics, we have about 50 types of imported fabrics from 30 years ago. It's the best balance for those who order it, and on top of that, it's an extraordinary variation of fabrics. It's been more than a year since we talked about holding a NEAT HOUSE event for the first time at our store, so this opportunity is finally coming true. oh yeah. As for the price, most of them are cotton trousers, mainly 40,000-?43,000-. Wool-based items are around \50,000-?\60,000-. The price is 100,000 yen with MAX fabric. To be clear, the pattern order is based on the NEAT trouser quality. Besides, considering the level of fabric, I think this price is impossible to achieve elsewhere. The strength of being a "pants specialty brand" is showing up all over the place. If an order is placed, completion is scheduled for mid-April. Also, when ordering this time, the length and specifications of the hem will be decided at the same time. Normally, the hem is semi-finished. You can wear it as soon as it is completed. In my previous blog and Instagram, I said that I was "for those who are considering purchasing", but I didn't put it in the right way. excuse me. Due to the appointment system, the hurdle may seem a little high, but of course you don't absolutely have to order, so don't worry about that. smile Among the people who have already made appointments, there were people who thought that they absolutely had to order when we talked, so that's not the case. smile Therefore, since this is a great opportunity, those who are considering it or have an appointment, although it is a limited time of one hour, please expand your image and look forward to coming to the store. please give me. Also, I will introduce it a little later.
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