MOTHER HAND artisan "silk spun" knit

I will write a blog after a long time.

That's why I've been so busy since the beginning of this year, and I've been away from the store for more than 10 days due to overseas business trips, so I couldn't write.

Overseas is so-called Paris.

Since it's this time of year, it seems that there were more Japanese buyers than last time.

Well, it seems that the place I stayed was in an area where not many Japanese people stayed, so I didn't see many Japanese buyers.

This time, the harvest is bountiful. Good harvest.

I hope you can look forward to it. Well, we still have a long way to go.

After my appointment in Paris, I went to Isabella Stefanelli's atelier in London.

I plan to write more about it on this blog.

It seems that it was the first time that a Japanese store visited Isabella's atelier, but I think it was very good for me to be able to go to the designer's production site, which is one of the tops of the world.

Also, yes.

As some of you may know, the 23rd spring/summer season has already started, and I myself was in Paris at that time. Two of IRENISA's designers were also in Paris.

Our store has been holding events with two designers in a row, so we plan to do so this time as well.

So, at our store, IRENISA has not started yet.

According to the plan, the two designers will be at the store on Saturday, the 18th, in the middle of this month, so if you like it, please look forward to it.

And today, I would like to introduce MOTHER HAND artisan knitwear.

It's called a knit, but it's not like a warm sweater in the fall and winter.

If anything, it feels like a cut and sew.

in terms of usage.

But it's completely different from casual things like cotton. Not at all.

Using MOTHER HAND artisan's hand knitting machine, we knit 100% silk based on our own theory.

This is also completely different from autumn and winter sweaters.

This one is bad too.

Moreover, silk is 100% "silk spinning".

Actually, even though there are silk-blend knitwear, if it is 100% silk, it is not possible due to the high hurdles in terms of production.

Also, I have never seen anything other than MOTHER HAND artisan that says “100% silk spun”.

We promise you an overwhelming feeling of wearing and comfort.

Let me introduce you.



material _ SILK 100% (spun silk)




First of all, this knit is completely different from the autumn and winter sweaters of the brand.

It's not like "which one is better".

Because "both" are dangerous.

Autumn and winter sweaters are also the brand's main season, and in Japan, there are about 10 to 15 men's and women's stores combined.

I don't know for sure.

MOTHER HAND artisan for autumn and winter will be developed at that level.

And for this spring/summer season, which started two years ago in the spring/summer season, Ms. Nagai from MOTHER HAND artisan calls out to shops that seem to like silk.

That is the knitwear that we have been developing in our store for the past two years, after Mr. Nagai approached us from the very first season.

In the past two times, I had asked for a slightly heavy-toned gray-based knit, but this time, I asked for a color that I had wanted for the first two years.

It looks red, but it's not.

The color named "ANDORRA".

Rather than a single color, the coloring is a mixture of reddish brown and colors that look like purple and brown.

In the first place, it's a knit made from silk spun yarn, so I don't think anyone will get it unless they really like it, so I made the colors this time quite different.

In the past two times, I wanted to bring out the weight of the lead-like heavy color from the brilliance of silk fibers, but this time I had the image of “iron rusted”.

Still, it looks like it's "burnt".

With the nuances of the red rust color, I aimed to create a complex look with multiple colors overlapping from the back.

Against such depth of coloring, the high quality of silk spun fibers is something that no one can complain about.

I wanted to combine this.

The brilliance and texture that is unique to silk spun silk and is unique to fiber.

There is an old color that looks like a lot of time has passed.

I wanted to deliver this to people who like Han.

Please wait.

Well, I've written about "silk spinning" many times on my blog, but...

Silk is the thread that the silkworm exudes from its mouth.

It keeps throwing up for a certain period of time, so it's very long without a break.

It is said that the only “filament” = “long fiber” of natural fibers.

1 km? Was it about No, maybe 10km? I forgot, it's pretty long.

It turned into a lump, which is Mayutama.

We call the cocoon ball “boiled cocoon” and boil it to loosen it.

So, I take out one long fiber, and then I process it.

"Raw silk" is unprocessed from there.

“Silk thread” is processed by refining.

"Silk spun" is made by cutting silk thread into short pieces and spinning the cut fibers to make them stronger.

The cotton that comes out when making silk yarn is collected and spun to create “silk spun yarn”.

There are stages like that.

Generally speaking, in the fashion scene, if most of the clothing is labeled as silk, it is almost always “silk spun yarn”.

Still, there are brands that make pretty good products and use “raw silk” and “silk spinning”.

However, I think that it is often used by blending with other fibers.

As far as "silk thread" goes, I don't think I'll ever see it because it's not suitable for clothes at all.

For casual clothes.

Each stage of silk has its own characteristics.

However, I think that “raw silk” or “silk spun yarn” is where you can feel the texture and potential of silk at its peak.

However, it is never used 100%, so with this knit, you can experience the feeling of wearing silk more than any other clothes.

It has a lot of great benefits.

First, touch your skin.

There is nothing to complain about because you can directly experience the silk itself.

and hygroscopic.

It may be hard to feel when you wear it, but it's comfortable anyway.

It softens the inside of the knit and keeps it warm and moist.

Breathing and always comfortable.

Furthermore, it does not shrink even after washing at home.

This is a characteristic of silk.

You may have an image that care is difficult or that you can't wash it, but that's not the case at all.

This is the truth.

Well, if you put it in the laundry net, it's okay to put it in the washing machine.

Also, when you wear it, it feels like it's sticking to your skin, and it's super gentle and close to you.

This is dangerous.

I think this comfort can only be found in this MOTHER HAND artisan knit.

I still wear the ones I sold two years ago, but they are ridiculously comfortable.

I've washed it many times.

But hey, that's not to say there aren't many benefits.

As for the disadvantages, as I said earlier,

“A feeling that snuggles up to the skin, like it sticks”

That's the keyword, but silk has a unique static electricity.

Therefore, static electricity may crackle when putting on and taking off, especially when taking off.

So take it off slowly. Take it easy.

Also, it's washable, but after washing and drying it can look "worn".

This is fine because it doesn't really "wrinkle", but silk is inherently wrinkle-prone.

Therefore, the fibers are also soft, and after washing and drying, it may look as if it has been twisted.

This might be of interest to some of you.

However, if you apply the steam of an iron or a steamer, it will be restored in an instant.

Nagai-san said that to me at first, too, and when I washed it once, I was curious.

But from the second time onwards, when I thought that was the case, I felt nothing.

Also, when washing and drying, please lay flat to dry.

It's a fiber that doesn't shrink at all, so you can wash it without hesitation. It's expensive, so please dry it flat.

Other than that, perfect knit.

That is the characteristic of MOTHER HAND artisan's "100% spun silk" knit.

And in terms of specifications, as usual, it feels like a super high level MOTHER HAND artisan.

The appearance of the neck, hem, and cuffs is not a change of ribs, but curling that uses the characteristics of the knitted fabric.

The HUY model is designed with the neck slightly snuggling up to the neck, but the back of the neck is ultra-flat without any discomfort.

An original pattern that starts knitting from the hem of the back body, adjusts the stitches (widening stitches, decreasing stitches) at the armholes, adjusts the stitches at the shoulders, and continues knitting the front body as it is.

This 100% silk knit has no seams to the limit, only the armholes and the left and right sides of the body. that's all.

This is the back.

The side seams were demonstrated at the store last November, and Mr. Nagai sews the side seams with a linking sewing machine.

And the armholes are hand sewn.

because there are many curves.

Mr. Nagai's wife continues knitting while counting each stitch, and Mr. Nagai counts each stitch again and sews.

The body and sleeves have a different number of eyes to move the arms, so they are evenly distributed so that the arms can be moved without discomfort, and the shoulders are rounded with a pattern designed according to the brand's own theory. In order to achieve this, it is beautifully sewn by hand.

One piece at a time.

It's a daunting repetition of work.

This is the structure of the shoulder.

The number of stitches increases or decreases in places where load is likely to be applied.

It's hard to understand.

It's a knit that is very well thought out to keep wearing.

Here is the back of the sleeve.

Normally, seams are present in the inner sleeve area, resulting in seam bulges.

However, it does not exist in MOTHER HAND artisan.

The silk knit this time is very comfortable and comfortable to wear until around May or June.

As the weather gets warmer, you inevitably wear light innerwear.

Of course, you can wear this on its own over your bare skin, but my best option is to wear OLDE HOMESTEADER sleeveless as an inner layer and wear this silk knit over it.

It feels super good.

So if you have an OLDE HOMESTEADER sleeveless, do it.

If you do that, the knitted sleeves will also hit your arms.

There is only silk there, and there is no rough seam.

This is a little paradise.

These are all pictures of the back.


This applies directly to your skin.

Because it feels good.

And, as mentioned above, laundry is okay.

Well, it's marked as a hand wash mark.

If you use a washing machine, please put it in the net and use a neutral detergent.

And this.

The colors look like this.

I'm 167cm tall, 52kg and wear size 4.

The size that's just right for me is 3, which is one size down, but I'm on size 4.

Two years ago was also a size 4.

The reason for this is that silk has a very loose feel, so I think it's best to wear it loosely.

I don't think it looks too big.

Well, the width of the body is originally somewhat roomy.

5 for mid to late 170cm.

More than that, I think it's 6.

I don't think that such nuances of color can be produced by ordinary Japanese brands.

Other than that, it's a really pop color.

That's why I don't think there are many knitwear with this kind of quality and direction.

Even if you look around the world, the quality of MOTHER HAND artisan is first class, so if you like it, please take a look at this time.

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