I touched on it a little in the previous post, but this autumn/winter season will also be available.


A knitwear brand knitted by a couple in an atelier deep in the mountains of Tokushima Prefecture.

Was it the 4th time this season at our store? It's winter, but this year I was thinking of a different development than ever.

In the first place, the reason why this brand of sweaters can only be produced by MOTHER HAND artisan, even from a global perspective.

And I was moved and shaken by it, and I wanted to convey it.

It is a sweater that is knitted using a machine called a "hand knitting machine".

Well, it's not a machine, or something that moves with the push of a button.

60 or 70 years ago, some Japanese households had such hand knitting machines, but they are almost non-existent now.

I don't think it's rare these days, but it seems that there was a heart-warming experience when grandmothers and mothers knit sweaters, gloves, scarves, etc. for their grandchildren and children using needles.

At that time, the hand knitting machine became popular as a home knitting machine.

And now, I don't think I see that knitting machine at home anymore, so it's devastatingly few in the world.

However, MOTHER HAND artisan makes sweaters using this valuable home knitting machine.

Isn't that amazing?

It's wonderful that you're making a completely original sweater that has never existed before, using that old thing.

Put simply.

There are a lot of clothes in the world, but I think that the original ones that only the person can make are very limited. TRUE.

When it comes to looking at and buying things, I think it is very important whether it is genuine (original) or a copy (imitation).

Well, that's all the copies are spreading in the world.

But this brand is super safe.

I think that the process of creating the shape by making full use of the hand knitting machine and the meticulously detailed sweaters unique to the Japanese, or rather the Nagai couple, are worthy of being a masterpiece that Japan is proud of.

That's it.



material _ SUPER100s wool 75%,angora 25%


it _ PLUS FIT *Different sizing


price_¥36,000-(+ tax)

Model GENT representing Mother Hand Artisan.

The neck, sleeves, and hem are finished with a continuous knitted fabric without the "ribs" that are normally provided in sweaters.

The materials used are 75% wool and 25% angora, which are derived from MOTHER HAND artisan's unique formula based on many years of trial and error, experience and thought.

Furthermore, this fine gauge on a hand weft knitting machine.

It can be said that this alone has surpassed human skill.

God. God.

And this hang tag attached when I tell you one more easy-to-understand thing first.

Here's how to care for it after purchase.

As you can see, this brand is basically washed at home.

Well, it's best to hand wash as described, but I'm a super advanced MOTHER HAND artisan, so I can afford to throw it in the washing machine, so let's talk about that.

However, Mr. Nagai will get angry if I write something too strange, but if you wash your hands according to the instructions, there is no problem at all.

I often talk about it at the store, because it is made using such good materials.

Using a lot and doing laundry without flinching will produce positive results.

In particular, this MOTHER HAND artisan sweater is much better in terms of "appearance, comfort, and warmth" when it is used and washed more than when it is brand new. Seriously real.

By washing, the super 100 and angora yarns will have more air-filled margins, and the yarn will become fluffy and bulging. Gradually it becomes fuzzy, clogged, the fibers become more rounded, and more and more it conforms to the body of its owner.

This is a surprise.

Because there is no knit like this.

So, I repeatedly wore and washed it, and it was my personal item that was developed when we started handling it for the first time.

I'm using it so much.

Wear, wash and repeat.

The thread is fuzzy, clogged, core removed, soft, and it's great.

This is a different tag than it is now, but in the first season when I handled it, the brand was still based in Belgium.

It's from around that time. this.

Oh yeah, there are people who often worry about sweaters, the pill problem.

As for hairballs, I think it's better not to take too much if it's my way of thinking.

I think there are many people who think in the same way, but by removing the pills, the knit will get thinner and thinner.

Also, commercially available pill removers are the worst.

The more you do it, the thinner it will become.

Therefore, if you are concerned about it, brush it occasionally to trim its coat.

This will prevent pilling.

Well, strictly speaking, however, pilling actually happens in all clothes, even shirts.

just invisible.

It's dust that falls on the ground.

From there, it is relatively difficult to produce pills if the material used is of high quality.

It really depends on how the thread is made.

I think you will be convinced if you look at the personal belongings in the previous photo.

Now, let's get to the point.

Didn't I just say that MOTHER HAND artisan's sweaters are made in a very special way?

It's extremely rare to find a hand knitting machine in existence today, but the number of people who can make full use of it is extremely small, even if you look around the world.

After all, MOTHER HAND artisan is the only brand that makes sweaters of this quality with its hand knitting machine.

A very special sweater.

Keyword here.

・ Widening eyes

・Reduce eyes

Well, through this sweater, I can say that the wearer has been very careful, but the increase and decrease of the eyes are very important.

"Me" is one of the organization of the knitted fabric.

If you look closely at this knit, you can see that the eyes are increasing and decreasing depending on the part.

The easiest to understand are the arms and sleeves.

The armholes and cuffs of the sleeves have different widths.

In this photo of the sleeve, you can see that the stitches are slanted and the left and right stitches are gradually matching.

Look closely.

Normally, the fabric is cut and sewn together (CUT & SEWN = cut and sew method), but MOTHER HAND artisan creates the shape by "increase" or "reduce" the "stitch". I'm here.

The process of increasing and decreasing the number of eyes is not something that anyone can do, and requires meticulous handwork.

MOTHER HAND artisan's slogan is "to make one part in one piece", so it is a part that is very well expressed.

So when you wear it, it feels very smooth against your skin.

Because there are no seams that interfere with the skin.

The inside of the sleeve, without the seam that should be present.

When you wear something like this, it makes a big difference.

Because it's a high-quality material, you can experience it 100%.

Put it on and be amazed.

Also, the neck part is also a curling specification that utilizes the characteristics of the knitted fabric, and Nagai's consideration for the wearer is also here.

Well, about the fingertips, I don't think anyone can see it, but there are triangles that feel a little hard when you touch just the left and right ends of the neck.

This is reinforced by thickening the thread only in the part where the load is applied.

Usually, when reinforcement is incorporated into clothes, it is normal to do it with separate parts or stitches after the product is completed.

For example, the rivets on the opening of the pants pocket, or the candome.

However, what MOTHER HAND artisan aims for is "subtraction of appearance".

When we are knitting, we have to change the thread only in that part and incorporate it, and because there are so many details in one garment, it is extremely complicated.

This brand.

However, because the appearance has been stripped away, I think that you will be able to feel the goodness of the high-quality materials and the meticulous and detailed handiwork that exist when you wear it.

Due to the nature of the hand weft knitting machine, it seems that low gauge using thick thread was the center at that time, but it is very rare to finish with such thin thread and middle gauge.

It doesn't irritate or irritate your skin at all, even if it's brand new, but it will feel better on your skin, so please look forward to wearing it.

The seams are as few as possible, the knitted fabric is fine, and it can be washed.

It's a sweater full of stretch.



material _ SUPER100s wool 75%,angora 25%




price_¥36,000-(+ tax)

The previous GENT had a crew neck, but this one has a taller neck.

A sweater called a tube neck, not a turtleneck.

This is the first development at our store.

A tube neck that continues from the body without seams all the way to the top of the neck.

The edges of the fabric are curled as before.

It's a tube neck, so it's okay to break the neck, but I think it would be better if you stored it straight.

Please enjoy the unique balance.

The part that covers the neck is also a regular knit, so there is no back seam.

The crew neck type GENT is available in 3 colors.

The tube neck type IEPER is available in only one color.

NERO's black is perfect.

In the first place, MOTHER HAND artisan only has ivory-like color sweaters as samples, so we ask them to make a sweater in a color of their choice from a huge variety of colors. I think it's not a bad choice. selfishly.

YARRA looks beige, but it's not.

A color like khaki with gray in it.

This nuance that is not Japanese ◎.

LEAD wanted to erase the warmth while adding an authentic gray sweater to MOTHER HAND artisan's handiwork.

That's why I asked him to make it in an inorganic gray that doesn't make you feel life.

A sweater that is knitted one by one with a hand flat knitting machine deep in the mountains of Tokushima Prefecture.

It's pretty maniac, but it's a transcendent knit.

I have 5 pieces and wear them very frequently, so I guarantee the quality.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, but this season we are developing PLUS FIT.

first time.

Previous seasons were handled in 4, 5, 6, but PLUS FIT is 2 sizes larger in width, so this season is 3, 4, 5, 6.

It's not oversizing, but it seems that many people have felt that the sizing is tight.

For the first time in the brand, the fit called PLUS FIT has been released to give you a feeling of comfort, so it's the only season.

If you like it, please take a look.

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