mister it. (women's brand)

As the title suggests, today I will introduce a women's brand on this blog for the first time in a while. mister it. I've known about this brand for many years, maybe three years ago, and at that time I went to several exhibitions. However, at that time, I wasn't buying women's clothing, so I was very hesitant about whether or not I should handle men's clothing, which was only slightly available in the collection at the time. However, I thought that nothing would come out of developing a men's line-up for only a small amount, so I didn't reach the point where I handled it. In the first place, even for men's clothing, the styling and coordinating are often done by customers who love clothes, so I often ask them to make their own decisions. I wasn't good at styling ability, but recently it may be lacking even more. smile However, for that reason, when I think about the clothes themselves, I place a lot of importance on what they are. So even though mister it. is mainly for women, this kind of creation looked very shiny. The memory of seeing my clothes from mister it. at that time has not faded at all, and has remained in my heart forever. And now, compared to the men's lineup, the number is small, but I'm also buying women's, so I thought about it again. Then, I thought that I would like to introduce it to women with my own hands, so I started this time. So it's a few years old introduction. mister it. Mr. Sunagawa, the designer of the brand, is not too far from my age and is a male designer. And I have a solid background, and I used to live in Paris. Has a career called former Margiela. I heard that the Margiela members at that time seemed to be in a pretty golden age, and many of the teams at that time were active in a considerable position worldwide. When I first saw the Mr it. Also, because Mr. Sunagawa is a man, he cannot wear clothes that he has created himself. That's why, in order to make women happy, to have them enjoy themselves, and to impress them through wearing mister it. From the moment I saw it for the first time, I could feel it, but I think the content of the creation is now at a very high level. I don't think it's clothes that every woman can wear, but I think it's a brand that really has a reason to wear it and a value to wear it. That's the brand. It's not completely delivered yet, but I've got a lot of things I ordered, so let me introduce a little. mister it. "Aurelie" color_RED size_FREE First of all. A dress with an original pattern printed on satin. Her name is "Aurelie". I think each of the brand's clothes had the name of Mr. Sunagawa's friend. Mr. Sunagawa from mister it., when I first saw him, said that he was imagining his friends and making clothes for those around him "to please them". That's why Mr. Sunagawa started with a clear image of the person who would wear it. I think it's a little bigger now. This pattern was actually seen by Mr. Sunagawa who lived in France. An arrangement of the traditional French technique, "Toile de Jouy". Toile de Jouy is said to be the world's oldest cartoon. It is characterized by depicting the situation, people, and landscapes of that era. However, basically, it seems to be printed on a 100% cotton fabric. However, in this collection, we print on satin and chiffon so that women can wear it and look beautiful and modern. This pattern from this collection is a series that depicts modern landscapes. It seems that all the patterns are "handwritten" and original. There are street art-like graphics, and if you look closely at the city scenery that Mr. Sunagawa sees in his daily life, the lines of telephone poles and guardrails are also included. But it matches perfectly. One piece with full front opening. And my back is open. I think the outlines of mister it. clothes are very well done. In order to make the form of a woman's body look ideal and beautiful, it is created with the method of construction of clothes cultivated during Margiela's era after a lot of research. Depending on the clothes in the collection, of course, I also do draping, and I pursue how to draw the outline of the clothes in detail. The "lines" and the "construction" of assembling the clothes are also quite complicated. I haven't seen women's clothes that are so well constructed. There were RED and BLUE in the collection, but I thought RED would look more gorgeous due to the characteristics of the clothes, so I only carry RED. mister it. "Irene" color_RED size_36 Next is this. A pleated skirt printed with the same Toile de Jouy original pattern on satin. I wonder if it's going to be about maxi length depending on people? Long skirt, mid 150cm tall? If you are from about 10 years old, you can do it without problems. No way. The pattern is an old French technique. Even in the modern landscape, there is still a nostalgic mood. back. Only the right side is switched to BLUE base fabric. Also, of course, the lining is placed around the thighs so that the underwear does not show through. Depending on which waist position you wear it, the waist size of 36 is 69 cm. Both the dress and the skirt are made of satin, and the fabric itself is heavy and drapes when you move. I don't think you feel unreliable while wearing it. mister it. "Helene" color_WHITE size_FREE This is also a cut and sew that partially uses chiffon in the original Toile de Jouy technique. The back has a V-shaped neck opening and a sewn chiffon style cut and sew around the neck. There is chiffon on the front neck, so it feels like a high neck. The arm has a large amount of gathers at the cuffs. It's a long-sleeved cut-and-sew, but rather than giving it a casual impression, it's more elegant. The fabric is 70% Tencel and 30% cotton with a flowing texture. Before. behind. mister it. "Manu" color_CREAM size_FREE And this. It was the very first one to be delivered, so it had been lined up in the store for about 10 days, so some people saw it, but it's a single nylon coat. I think this is also well done. It's a large hood, but it has a zipper in the center, so it's a coat that can also be worn as a sailor collar. Also, there are 3 loops on the back for passing the attached waist belt. Each loop has a different length. This is something that mister it.'s clothes have in common, but none of the details are according to theory, and they have a lot of movement. That kind of detail is everywhere. It is a piece of clothing that is made up of a collection of them. sailor color. The front is a type that opens and closes with a gold zipper, and it also has a flap. The waist also has a nice shape, and the shoulders are also rounded. I think that even petite women can wear it without being worn because it is made with a lot of pursuit of outline. And the attached waist belt. Well, as you can see, the way the belt is routed has also changed. After that, if you raise the white flap, there is a pocket. The belt itself can also be used as a small bag. I think it's a very sharp coat that combines the complex details and the form of the clothes. mister it. "Marianne" color_WHITE LACE size_FREE Next is this. Based on the concept of a luxury jersey, Mr. Sunagawa took shape. Original embroidery, original lace, their arrangement and balance are created from a picture model, a miniature is created, and an outline is formed. As in the past, the sleeves have a lot of roundness, creating a feminine mood. mister it. "Nicole" color_BLACK size_FREE This is also what was in the 1st delivery. A cut-and-sew that was constructed by dismantling two tank tops. It looks like it's triple layered, but is it an image that only the sleeves are switched? So double. Ribbed halter neck is removable. Ribbed tank top and see-through long-sleeved jersey. The neck has three hook closures. You look so cute when you wear it. mister it. "Klaudia" color_BEIGE size_FREE Bodysuit out. smile One thing I wanted to do was to sell bodysuits for women. smile Well, I've never worn it myself, but it seems to give me a sense of security when I wear it. Sunagawa-san from mister it. pins and dresses Toile when creating the collection. It is a body suit with the same shape as the toile. That is the cornerstone of the creation of mister it. The color is also beige, which is highly familiar with all clothes of mister it. If you have this, the range of clothing styles will expand. mister it. "Moi" color_BLACK size_FREE Finally a cap. This is what Sunagawa, a designer, wears every day. The brim is long and the angle is well-balanced by Mr. Sunagawa. When it comes to hats, there is no male or female. As you can see, the back is a leather adjuster. This collection also includes winter outerwear, Toile de Jouy blouses, and denim made from recycled kimono threads. Well, I didn't write about the details of the clothes at all, but I'd be happy if you could take a look. mister it.
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