Midorikawa reversible leather

I had Midorikawa deliver something amazing. I think this is something that only Mr. Midorikawa of MIdorikawa can make. Reversible leather. Leather clothes have a different power than clothes made of cloth. However, by Midorikawa's creation, the power of the material is further enhanced, and the power is multiplied and multiplied, creating an overflowing product. It is a masterpiece construction. Reversible leather shirt and leather pants. These two types. Midorikawa REVERSIBLE LEATHER SHIRT material _ COW LEATHER color_BLACK size_FREE First, a leather shirt. The material is cowhide as described. The side in the photo is fine-textured leather. The color is listed as BLACK, but you can think of it as dark navy and there is no problem. Mr. Midorikawa also said that it was black, but the color was close to navy. It has flap pockets on both chests, and the stitching is double-needle white. Since it is made of leather, it is sewn with thick thread, so it looks great just by looking at it as shown in the photo. It is a leather with a natural luster that is firm and effortless. It's quite rare to find something like this that's close to navy. I think the combination of this color tone and double needle stitching is a great match. The front is all snap closures. Since it is reversible, it has a front snap that works well even when worn on the other side. back view. Although it is a shirt, it does not have box pleats or side pleats. This is a one-size-fits-all, so it doesn't feel oversized, but it has some margins. Two sleeves. I think that the front leather is the initial assumption of the surface, but Midorikawa printing is applied to the opposite suede surface. Since it's a shirt, the leather is skived to make it a little thinner so that it's light, but the quality of the leather itself is fine and has no complaints. It looks simple, but the edges of each part are cut off. Also the hem. Cut off the double layered collar. Snap closure on the sleeves Cut off. The flap on the chest is cut off with two pieces of leather layered on top of each other. In the case of a pocket, if you cut it off, the opening of the pocket will be pulled by your hand every time you use it, and it will stretch and sag. Well designed and sturdy. And here is the other side of the reversible. While the previous surface was a beautiful surface with a lively leather texture, this one is Midorikawa. Super structural. The suede surface where the back side of the outer leather appears. The double-needle stitches are exposed as well, but that's not the only thing exposed. The leather edges, shirt details, and pockets that were not visible on the outside are all exposed on the front. Furthermore, Armholes and sleeve joints, cuffs, The seam allowances of the body joints, the placket, the base collar, and the joints of the parts for assembling the shirt are all cut off and shaped so that they can be seen on the front. With its unique coloring, this specification increases the strength of the suede surface with its strong leather quality by hundreds of millions of times. Personality is greatly enhanced. However, this is not just about looks. All these specifications that make up Midorikawa's clothes have this in common. Normally, leather clothes are thicker than the material, so when the seam allowance is processed, the thickness is inevitably created by folding it inward. The seam allowance is so thick and bulging that it is incomparable to clothes made of cloth. Common things are. But Mr. Midorikawa from Midorikawa. In this leather series, we are thinking of suppressing that thick bulge and finishing the outline of the clothes beautifully. It should be clothes that draw a flowing outline. This is the clothes that Midorikawa thinks and creates. I'm a designer who has been making clothes and creating collections for many years. To this day, all Midorikawa clothing starts with Mr. Midorikawa "drawing the clothes in his head as they are". Designing clothes used to be a traditional job of a designer, drawing a sketch and then shaping it from there. In today's world, drawing such illustrations is omitted, but Mr. Midorikawa puts everything he thinks into a picture and starts from there. And the specification of the break that I was talking about earlier. This is not just a statement of appearance, but rather a specification to control the thickness of the seam allowance and bring the outline of the clothes to "Midorikawa's Utopia". Furthermore, clothes are composed of the most suitable materials selected from all over the world. A way of thinking about clothes that makes full use of the characteristics of the material. This is "Midorikawa quality". Clothes with such originality can only be created by a limited number of people in the world, and the overwhelming quality that exists with it. The depth of clothes. It makes me feel that way, and when I talk to Mr. Midorikawa from Midorikawa, I feel that this kind of clothes can only be created by Mr. Midorikawa in the world. Most of the time, I see brands that make nothing but bland, neutral clothes that are just so-so, and after all, isn't that just about any brand? I often think that this fashion market. But in Midorikawa, a person called Mr. Midorikawa resides in a very high concentration. That's why we carry Midorikawa at our store. By the way, the chest pocket is Flash specification. Of course, the pocket opening is also double-sided. Of course, the back of the pocket is also made of the same material. By the way, even when using the pocket on the smooth leather surface, it will be built in here. Penetration pocket opening. Well, please check it by looking at the real thing. I wear a lot of Midorikawa's clothes, and they look great when they're in tatters. The construction of the clothes is ultra-strong. It has the strength to withstand repeated heavy use. super attractive. smooth leather surface. suede surface. Noguchi, who is 178 cm tall, is wearing it. However, even though it's free size, even a 167cm tall like me can do it. I didn't take a picture. Midorikawa's one-size-fits-all design is amazing. This is your shirt. and, Pants Ver. Midorikawa REVERSIBLE LEATHER PANTS material _ COW LEATHER color_BLACK size_FREE this. Pants switched with several leather panels. The front is leather like the shirt. Suede back. The sewing specifications are also the same, white two-needle. When it comes to pants, the amount of stitching increases as the number of sewn parts at the waist increases, so the contrast is more effective. I can tell by looking at the photos. The front top button is a snap. Fastener front. I can tell by looking at the photos. The pocket has double bead specifications on both the left and right sides. The back has no pockets. But you know, it doesn't have a back pocket, but it's correct that these pants don't have a back pocket. The front body and back body are switched by many panels, and it has a narrow shape, but this draws an amazing outline of the pants. The second coming of Yamauchi's three-dimensional switching pants. Considering the stretch of the leather as you wear it, it is a slim type, but it is cut to a level that will impress anyone who sees it, according to the bulge and shape of the lower body of a human being. Well, I'll post a picture of me wearing it at the end. A switch structure that makes you feel like it's going to be three-dimensional if you really put a human inside. Switching behind the knee. Cut off the hem. Although it is length, it is originally a long setting. It's a little long for a 167cm tall physique like me, so I think it's better to cut it. Hemming is also possible, but it is necessary to not only cut it as it is, but also to process the seams. This is the reversible suede side. As with the previous shirt, it is full of Midorikawa's reversible techniques. Plenty of cut off pants. Lower waistband, belt loops, body switching, pocket edges, back yoke. No matter what you combine with these pants, they will take you to the world of Midorikawa. And even though it's cut off with a slim silhouette, I use split ends and places where the seam allowance is laid to one side so that it doesn't feel uncomfortable on the legs. The processing of the inseam shows the surface leather, and the processing of the split. Because the processing of the split is flat, it also leads to suppressing the ruggedness of the crotch. The front zipper is also reversible. I don't know much about it, but Midorikawa's name fits in the waist belt of the back. The pants are also made of leather, but it is thick enough to give you a sense of security. Wear it without hesitation. wear. This is the smooth surface of the leather. This is also a free size setting, and as you can see, it is thin, but it is super three-dimensional. It fits perfectly on the human lower body. When viewed from the front, the inner thigh line, well, it draws a wonderful curve. It's a little thin, but don't worry, you'll be familiar with the leather even if you just put it on. It's kind of like the idea of ​​leather shoes. Reversible suede side. When it comes to suede, the power increases. The view from the side and diagonally behind is also spectacular. It perfectly fits the roundness of the buttocks and has a good shape to the back of the knee. And a soft roundness spreads from the back of the knee to the calf. Switching between these multiple parts, it sticks to the back of the uneven lower body without waste. This is the best of the best. Even if these pants are made of rag-like fabric, I think they can compete with high-level pants in the world just by looking at their shape. Take a look at Midorikawa's reversible leather.
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