Midorikawa "destructive" decoration

The day has finally come for us to introduce ourselves.


In this era where plain and easy-to-wear clothes are preferred, this is a brand that stands out.

After all, it may be important to be able to "mix and match" the clothes you have, but it is also important to be able to mix and match with the clothes you have, colors that are easy to use, etc.

Well, we leave that kind of thing at our store.

Sometimes that matters, and sometimes it doesn't matter. To wear or not to wear anymore. Do you want it or not?

It is important for us to choose what we choose in such a place. However, in the case of Midorikawa, once you put it on, you will instantly look completely different from others, so it may be a kind of ultra versatile clothes.

It will be available from the 2020SS season, but I actually wanted to start handling it from the 2019AW season. 19AW also remains in my heart. it was a good collection. Even now, the memory of the exhibition revives. But at that time, it had already been decided that our shop would carry amachi. That was a little over a year ago.

So it's a much-anticipated start. Originally, I really like this type of clothing. Are you fascinated by it?

However, it is limited to the real thing. Limited edition.

It's limited to brands that make real clothes.

It is very important who makes these kinds of clothes, and I think that the number of counterfeit clothes is increasing year by year. What you feel there is "nothing". there is nothing.

Even now, I sometimes go to see exhibitions of brands that are trending on Instagram and other places. I've been traveling a lot lately.

However, no matter how many things I look at, there aren't many brands that make clothes that appeal to me.

Even if I hear from the brand side that it sells well, the fabric is good and the sewing is close to UNIQLO, so this is the price. There are quite a few things in the world. actual.

But people who really do it are completely different. I don't do promotions, I don't do Instagram, I don't get under big power, I just keep doing my thing.

And the person is directly reflected in the clothes. It is clothes that can only be made by that person.

The fabric is also original, and you can tell just by touching it, it's a good fabric.

Sewing is also done properly.

I have no complaints about the material used.

However, all of that side will be taken away.

to this look.


Biran Biran.

A recent representative of Midorikawa, the hoodie.

A hoodie that everyone has.

A hoodie that no one has ever worn when Mr. Midorikawa makes it.

The body is firm and elastic.

I think you can feel the durability of this fabric when you touch it.

Silk grosgrain tape protruding from all over the front.

And a luxury zipper from LAMPO, Italy.

The synonymous sweatshirt hoodie of casual wear has been transformed into something completely different.

Destruction of preconceived notions. Destroying preconceived notions about specific wear.

I think Midorikawa's architectural beauty is to destroy and create something new.

Midorikawa's decoration reminds us of the decorative beauty of early modern European clothes that we can't feel today.

Also using the finest materials.

Full zip type with long sleeves. and

Sleeveless pullover type. Both have the same mix. The presence or absence of sleeves, the front zipper, and the shape of the pocket are different. Of course, the pattern is also different.

A large number of the finest silk grosgrain tape overflowing from the dazzling pure white body.

Don't worry if it gets torn or dirty while wearing it.

It won't break, but I think it would be nice if people could enjoy the way it changes as they wear it.

The 20SS season starts with the representative items of this brand.

I think that it will arrive little by little from now on, so please look forward to it if you like it.

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