Mr. Fukuhara from OLDE HOMESTEADER made something amazing. The OLDE HOMESTEADER that we have been handling in our store so far was created by Mr. Fukuhara. Supima cotton is said to be a high-quality material in the world, but it is not of the highest quality. OLDE HOMESTEADER has come up with that as an important element of the brand. This time, Mr. Fukuhara thought of a different direction from OLDE HOMESTEADER and created a new one. that is, "MEDIUM SPORTS WEAR" This is the first time for this brand to be unveiled, so of course it is the first time for us. Start here. I had high hopes for this, as I had received messages from Mr. Fukuhara many times in advance about a year or more ago, clearly telling me to expect something from him. And when it's done. I brought it to Okayama. Office on the 2nd floor of our store. It was there that I learned that Mr. Fukuhara had created something in a realm that no one had been able to create before. Only "sweat" this time. However, I think it can be asserted that it is a world that you have never encountered in your life until today. Because, in the process of creating the sweatshirts, we are involved in the top of the world. Starting with Mr. Fukuhara, fabric, finishing and sewing. In this field, the "best master" of the road is the reason why multiple people are involved. There are many divisions of labor in the production process of clothes. That's why each superhuman is doing it directly in that specialized process. Of this time. Therefore, the brand name is not OLDE HOMESTEADER, but "MEDIUM SPORTS WEAR". As for the origin of this name, I have also asked the reason, but I don't know if I can say it in this blog, so I will hide it. Originally, even for the OLDE HOMESTEADER brand, there are some parts that are OK to write about one product on this blog, but Mr. Fukuhara often rejects the part I want to introduce on the blog. I often rewrite after posting. That's why, when I first saw the samples of MEDIUM SPORTS WEAR this time, I was often told that "this part is NG", so there are many things I can't say specifically. Even more so this time. But if you somehow think, "This is crazy!", that's fine. Because, well, I've spent my whole life hanging on clothes, and even now I see quite a few clothes, but I've never come across a sweatshirt like this. So please look forward to it. MEDIUM SPORTS WEAR WARMUP TOP fabric_HARD LOOPBACK material_COTTON 100% color_CREAM size_REGULAR FIT MEDIUM SPORTS WEAR WARMUP TOP fabric_HARD LOOPBACK material_COTTON 100% color_CREAM size_ATHLETIC FIT MEDIUM SPORTS WEAR WARMUP TOP fabric_HARD LOOPBACK material_COTTON 100% color_STONE size_REGULAR FIT MEDIUM SPORTS WEAR WARMUP TOP fabric_HARD LOOPBACK material_COTTON 100% color_STONE size_ATHLETIC FIT A sweatshirt named "WARMUP TOP". First of all, about this, as you can see, the coloring is developed in two colors, CREAM and STONE. In addition to this, NAVY also exists in the brand. And there are two sizes, "REGULAR FIT" and "ATHLETIC FIT". Please think of this as a big, big image, like a perfect size and a slightly looser one. Regular FIT is just the right size. Sizing with a large ATHLETIC FIT. I can't say for sure, as the size will change depending on who wears it, but for someone with a small build like me, it's the REGULAR FIT. If you like big size or have a good physique, I think ATHLETIC FIT will be the one for you. But it depends on how you wear it. It is the size development that changed such a name. Regular fit. CREAM. ATHLETIC FIT. STONE. I don't really know. It's this photo. Ignore the background color difference. There is no processing after taking the photo, so I tried to make it as close as possible to the actual color, and it turned out like this. I didn't take a picture of me wearing it, so please imagine it. in the image. First of all, let me introduce about the fabric in this blog as much as possible. The raw material is 100% cotton. But again, like OLDE HOMESTEADER's Supima cotton, it's a quality raw material, but it's not the finest cotton fiber. In the first place, such cotton is unsuitable for sweatshirts. At the raw cotton stage, we use a blend of cotton from all over the world. The blended cotton is "air spun". In other words, it is empty spinning. Therefore, it is not a slippery and smooth fabric surface. If anything, it's pretty powerful. And the knitting is a "loop knitting machine". Well, it honestly doesn't matter. The OLDE HOMESTEADER sweatshirt that I introduced in a previous blog was knitted with a sinker knitting machine instead of a loop knitting machine. When it comes to sweatshirts, there is a tendency to focus on whether it is a loop knitting machine or not. Mr. Fukuhara always says. "The most important thing in a sweatshirt is the finish." In this MEDIUM SPORTS WEAR, "sewing" and "finishing". This holds the big key. I always write a long blog, but this MEDIUM SPORTS WEAR clothes, "Finishing" creates amazing fabrics that no one has ever experienced before. By "sewing", when the fabric is worn, it exerts an extraordinary power. If you think that with these two things, you have climbed to a place that humans have never reached before, you are heading in the right direction, and you may not need to read any more of today's blog. Well, I'll write about it later. Sewing is sewn by a super professional of this road. The sewing thread material is cotton. It's cotton thread. In the industry term, "Katan thread". And two straddle stitches, all across the seams. Furthermore, the thickness of the sewing thread is not common. I can't say specifically on the blog, but normally it's sewn with 30th thread or 50th thread. Or rather, yes. But the thread count of MEDIUM SPORTS WEAR is different. I've never seen this number before. It's a sewing thread, so once it's separated, you can't tell at all, but the balance between strength and the appearance of the product is a specification that has been researched to the utmost. And this sweatshirt. No specs. You're so thoughtful. First of all, the sleeves are not straight, but they are almost straight. Cutting that has been sharpened at the cuffs from a large armhole. This arm is really dangerous. Do you understand Look carefully. Do you understand? Direction of sleeve fabric. In other words, "ground eye". Regardless of whether it is knitted fabric or woven fabric, there is a "direction" in the fabric, but MEDIUM SPORTS WEAR is different from the sweatshirts that have existed in the world so far. Normally, sleeves are used in the "vertical" direction, but this is the "horizontal" direction. Horizontal use of fabric. What this does is, visually, it creates a free-standing fabric volume on the sleeve. And even if you continue to wear it, the elbow part will not come off easily, and you can move more, making it very durable. In this photo, the sleeve side is to the left of the center part. The right side is the bodice side. If you have a sweatshirt near you right now, compare it. Because it shouldn't be a patch where the sleeves and the body face the same direction like this. By the way, the bodice is the grain of the ground in the vertical direction. If it's a sweatshirt that just reproduces it, such as the second-hand champion, the fabric of the bodice will be used sideways, but this is not that. It was created with the aim of creating a sweatshirt that never existed in the world. Therefore, there is no need for the bodice to look like Yokoji. However, by making the bodice vertical, it is combined with the touch of the fabric, and it falls down quite neatly. The contrast between this body and arm is also a sight to behold. The same goes for CREAM. And this sweatshirt, I think everyone will be surprised if they try it on. The movement of the arm when worn is super smooth. this. Switching through the body and sleeves in the vertical direction. This continues to the hem. By the way, it has a pocket on the side. Switching on this side has a tremendous effect. A switch with an acute angle inside the arm. According to Mr. Fukuhara, we discussed over and over again how much we could put into this switch. Thanks to this switch, the arm "flaps". We promise you a surprisingly comfortable operation. At the same time, the sleeves are also made of horizontal fabric, so they are easy to move and durable. The most stressful part of the top has been thoroughly thought out. back. It's lined, but it's not brushed. So it's not too hot even at this time of year. It's a very dense fabric. The side pockets are also sewn into the sides and hem, so they won't fall off. The back is also this specification. Tab at back neck. I can't write much here, so I'm fidgeting, but I will talk properly at the store. It's something that everyone has seen before, and there are plenty of clothes that exist, but it's an amazingly sharpened sweatshirt that exists in a completely different world. and, MEDIUM SPORTS WEAR WARM UP PANTS fabric_HARD LOOPBACK material_COTTON 100% color_STONE size_REGULAR FIT MEDIUM SPORTS WEAR WARM UP PANTS fabric_HARD LOOPBACK material_COTTON 100% color_STONE size_ATHLETIC FIT MEDIUM SPORTS WEAR WARM UP PANTS fabric_HARD LOOPBACK material_COTTON 100% color_CREAM size_REGULAR FIT MEDIUM SPORTS WEAR WARM UP PANTS fabric_HARD LOOPBACK material_COTTON 100% color_CREAM size_ATHLETIC FIT Sweatpants from the same series. This is pretty good. As for size, it's the same as before. Regular fit is slim. ATHLETIC FIT is wide. Please think. As for the waist rubber, there is a difference of 2 cm between the regular fit and the athletic fit when the rubber is inserted. However, there is a 15 cm difference in the waist measurement before adding elastic. However, both of them are suitable for both small buddies like me and those with a solid physique. back. Regular FIT CREAM. The back is very simple. However, the strength of the fabric, the mystery of the pattern, and the technique of sewing shine brilliantly. The feature of this pants is this "switching of the crotch". The switching part plays a big role like the tops mentioned earlier. When worn, these switches are all hidden in the inner thighs, so you won't even notice them when you're wearing them. This works wonderfully when a human three-dimensional body enters. Well, I didn't take a picture of me wearing it. But these pants. If you like sweatpants, I think 500 out of 100 people will be impressed. A comfortable and beautiful outline is formed at a level where such a reason cannot be understood. Not IRENISA pants. This sweatpants has no outside seams. All the patterns are operated in the inner thigh. Rubber is built into the hem. But these pants. The rubber on the hem can be removed. The rubber can be easily removed by cutting the rubber from the notch on the top. That way, even though it's sweatpants, you can create a beautiful straight silhouette. Once you cut it, you can't put it back together, so please decide which one you like. I prefer no rubber. Sounds like dirty jokes. back. The waist comes with a cotton flat string as well as rubber. Even if you squeeze this flat cord, the rubber does not hit your body too hard, so it won't hurt. Please rest assured. Mr. Fukuhara has come up with the best balance, from the position of the hole where the string is pulled out to the material of the string. inner pocket. The bag cloth is not a different fabric, but the same fabric. In the case of normal sweatshirts, non-stretchable fabric (woven fabric) is often used only for that part. This is because there is a risk that the fabric will sag. But this fabric doesn't exist in that dimension. Because it's dangerous. That's why everything, including the pockets, is made of this fabric. And you said it earlier. this. crotch switching. It goes like this. Looking at the photo, the upper side is the front. The lower V-shaped side is the buttocks. aka "Boomerang". This boomerang-shaped original design creates a wonderful feeling of wearing and a three-dimensional beauty. Switch eyes in the direction along the left and right foot. It seems that he has studied the angle, gouge, and length of the curve for switching this boomerang shape. The quality of the fabric is unbelievable, and the level of sewing is amazing. Everything is considered to go beyond that. Including the resilience of the fabric, it feels like wearing leather pants. Mr. Fukuhara suddenly said that kind of expression, but I think so. Well, it's not that hot. I believe that Mr. Fukuhara has achieved a step that no one has taken with OLDE HOMESTEADER with the brand MEDIUM SPORTS WEAR. oh yeah. By the way, CREAM is product dyed to bring out the texture of the fabric we are aiming for. STONE is bleached. But it's bleached, but if you look closely, it's bleached, but there's a lot of shade. Another color is peeking out from the back. This is a no blog. smile It's a design I've never heard of before. Please let me know if you are interested. MEDIUM SPORTS WEAR is Mr. Fukuhara's wonderful next stage that he has cultivated with OLDE HOMESTEADER. We believe that all the elements that make up this brand's sweatshirt series will bring surprises to all of you. Take a look.
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