Marvine Pontiak Shirt Makers 20AW

Today, I would like to introduce a Marvine Pontiak shirt.

There were seasonal deliveries for autumn and winter starting in July, but this time we'll be delivering in August.

Although it is said to be delivered in August, it is autumn and winter, but this will be the complete delivery for this season. The Marvin Pontiac shirts that we carry at our store are now complete for the 20AW season.

This time, there are two types, each with several variations.

A total of 5 types of lineup. This time, we have received a very biased (in a good way) shirt when it comes to shirt making.

It's very different from other shirts that we carry in our store, and it's just Marvin.

If you look closely, it will be a very maniac shirt lineup.

Well, I think it's a brand that doesn't have a lot of information, but I think there are various explanations at other stores, so I'll touch on something a little different.

The first picture is the sword rag part of Military Shirts.

Kenboro is the name of the open part of the sleeve that connects to the cuff on the cuff.

This processing method is one of the specifications that is talked about in some fashion culture, but it is commonly known as "I'm going to go".

It's a strange name, but it's a specification of the edge processing of the sword rags that can be seen in second-hand workwear.

A method in which the sleeve fabric is sandwiched with a single piece of fabric like piping, and one cuff is processed continuously from one cuff to the other.

Generally speaking, it is customary for the sword rags to be cut off on each side of the shirt, so it is rare these days.

I think that each person has their likes and dislikes about which is better or worse, but I think that the method used to complete the clothes is also important in this genre of clothing, so when you wear it, There is no impact, but it is a specification that you can feel the cultural aspect.

In the first place, Western clothes were the starting point for Japanese people, who had a culture of traditional Japanese clothing, and admired Western culture.

Marvine Pontiak shirt makers
Regular Collar 3Button Shirts

color_Green&Navy Stripe


Shirt with full front opening in regular color.

Three button cuffs.

3 tucks on the cuffs.

It's a regular color shirt, so it's the most standard style shirt in the brand, but I think it's a shirt that you can enjoy Marvine Pontiak.

Two types of stripes, green close to emerald green and thin navy, on a white base.

Unlike the so-called recent stripes, I think it's a somewhat old-style genre of stripes. The texture of the fabric is smooth, but it doesn't have a wet texture like the high-end shirt, but it has a unique dry touch.

It looks like an intelligent color scheme, but the shape is Marvine, so it doesn't look like it.

It feels like a lot of different fields come together.

The deepness of this appearance is truly impressive. very unique.

Still, the sewing pitch is swayed to the dress style, and no matter how you look at it, the stitching work of the shirt is of good quality.

Also, the interlining for the collar and cuffs.

As many of you know, Marvine Pontiak wash all shirts after they are completed, and then put them in a tumbler to dry.

In general, this type of shirt is pressed firmly to create a patchy new feel, but it's the opposite.

That's why the brand's idea is to wear it anyway and wash it when it gets dirty.

Instead of washing your hands carefully and then ironing them at home, if you're wearing it in the summer and you're sweating, you can wipe it with this shirt, and when you get home after wearing it, you can put it in the washing machine and it's okay.

This is a bit off topic, but with the many shirts out there, the collar and cuffs can change with repeated washings.

That's because the interlining used for the contents uses something called fusible interlining.

The interlining between the collar and cuffs is basically supposed to remain attached to the fabric for a long time, so repeated washing will cause it to peel off little by little.

Of course, there are many advantages to using fusible interlining, but I am the type of person who recommends wearing shirts and washing them anyway, so I really like the "plush interlining" that works positively with washing. Is it suitable?

Well, on the other hand, there are definitely disadvantages in terms of production (such as it takes time to produce) by making the plush core specification, but if you wear it frequently, it will be a long time since you bought it. Wouldn't it be nice to have less downsides?

Why buy it?

If anything, I think it's better to like it than a brand new one because it's been worn so much.

For those who agree with that way of thinking, I think Marvine Pontiak shirts are good.

Unless you don't like the way it looks. smile

Marvine Pontiak shirt makers
Regular Collar 3Button Shirts



Same shape but different fabric.

This is a fabric that looks like the weft is floating.

The back is a center box pleat type.

This is also 3 buttons, but the hem side is a pentagonal gusset.

It's the same as the stripes I mentioned earlier.

Marvin's shirts are changed according to the theme of each shirt, such as these gussets, back pleats, tucks and gathers on the cuffs.

It is the job of a designer who knows all about shirts that they are not all the same.

Floating threads give movement to the fabric.

If it's just a flat navy fabric, it's just a clean shirt.

This kind of combination with fabric is what I expect every season.

One breast pocket on the front.

I think that you can enjoy Marvine Pontiak's shirt style the most.

Marvine Pontiak shirt makers
military shirts

color_Yellow Orange


Then another type. It's the same one in the photo at the beginning.

This is the most limited fabric and low production run of any brand this season.

I've heard that the number is limited, but when I went to the brand's showroom, this was the first thing I was attracted to and got it on the spot.

I think it's a color scheme that makes you wonder who else is making this kind of fabric shirt.

However, isn't it a color that suits the sun well?

It's hot now, but it's a shirt that looks good on you even when you roll up the sleeves and sweat.

Well, it's hot no matter what you wear in the scorching sun, so it's good to take it with you when you go out, leave it in the car when outdoors, and use it to protect your body from the strong cold air when your sweat gets cold indoors. at this time.

And it's a very strange texture. this. The ground is yellow that stands out everywhere against the orange.

It's soft and fluffy, but somehow it's withered.

It's Marvin Balance.

Olive-colored cat-eye buttons on cuffs with rounded corners.

It is a specification according to the name of Military Shirts.

Oranges and olives set the mood for the ages.

I don't think it's a white thing that was created in this era of Reiwa. this combination.

Unlike the previous shirt, there is a triangular gusset on the side of the hem.


The left side of the side line is the front body. The right side is the back body. The back has a larger amount of sleeves. This improves arm movement.

A simple large shirt has only margins, but considering the amount of exercise when worn, it is upgraded to a shirt that does not cause discomfort.

The back has side pleats. This is also a military specification.

Marvine Pontiak shirt makers
military shirts

color _ Gray Stripe


This is also the same military shirt.

It's a shade of gray close to ice gray.

All of Marvin's shirts are cotton, and although this is cotton, you can see the unique wrinkles on the surface of the fabric.

Icy gray with vertical wrinkles.

And woven stripes in brown, white and navy.

The amount of back style is also unique to Marvine.

The button is the same as before.

It seems that people who like it and dislike it will be clearly divided, but I think that people who like it will be hooked immediately.

Also, it's good to be away from the skin due to the surface shijira.

This may be good for those who wear long-sleeved shirts even in the summer.

It might be a good idea to pair this shirt with pale blue jeans that are completely out of color.

Only Marvine Pontiak can allow such an old-fashioned style.

Marvine Pontiak shirt makers
military shirts



This is the last. solid brown.

As for this shirt, it's not very smooth, but it's a fabric with a smooth touch and good quality in the brand. Just say the fabric.

Construction is a military shirt, so it won't be an elegant shirt.

It has cat eye buttons and two patch pockets on the front.

Despite being military, it is a work shirt.

However, although it is a glossy fabric at first, it suggests that it has an excellent potential to transform its appearance with endless repetition of "wear and wash", which is most suitable for Marvin.

Since the washing puckering is already provided from the first stage, it seems that we can expect a lot of growth in the future.

The button is the same color as the body, unlike the previous two.

However, the beauty of this construction remains.

The five Marvine Pontiak shirts introduced today are all ¥33,000- (excluding tax).

Each one has a completely different appearance, so please worry about it when choosing.

I posted how it looks when I wear it on Instagram, so it would be nice if you could see it.

Well then.

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