Marvine Pontiak 2021SS 1/2〜

CASANOVA&Co. will start the new year from January 2nd.

It will be a so-called first sale, but we are preparing various things so that everyone can enjoy it.

Starting with the OLDE HOMESTEADER cut-and-sew that I announced before, we are preparing multi-layered items for both men and women.

Today, I'd like to introduce a few more items that will be released from that time (January 2, 2021).

Marvine Pontiak The 2021SS season will start soon, but this season the brand is planning to deliver at this timing and January, February, March, but we are planning to deliver this season. is scheduled to be deployed only twice, this time and the timing of March.

And now is the time to get the best of the spring/summer season.

5 types of shirts. (mens)

And 5 types of brand new Marvine Pontiak Panini (ladies).

and 3 types of pants.

A women's line called Panini, which was born in the brand from this season.

And the pants are the first handling at our store.

Also, it would be better for you to see all 5 types of men's shirts,

There is also one special one.

I will introduce them in order.

Marvine Pontiak

Regular Collar 3 Button Shirts (LIMITED)



First, this. As the LIMITED notation suggests, Regular Collar 3 Button Shirts made of this fabric will be available only at stores.

It's probably not available in any stores yet. this.

It's a shirt with a fabric that doesn't exist in the brand's collection.

It's a faint purple fabric, but there are a few hairs standing up.

However, it is completely different from fluffiness.

I've heard that it's because I found Italian deadstock fabric, but it looks like an old fabric, so I don't know the details.

However, I heard about it from the brand over the phone, but when I actually saw the actual product, it exceeded my expectations.

That's why I prepared only 6 outfits.

The base shape is a full open type cuff that represents the brand with 3 buttons.

The material is 100% cotton, which is the premise of the brand.

A unique slimy touch and firmness, as well as smoothness, dullness, and luster.

A fabric in which various elements coexist.

I wonder if it will be transmitted somehow. this impression.

The fabric of this shirt was peculiar, so I checked it with a microscope and thought about posting it here as well.

But just the other day, the computer I usually use was updated, and then the compatibility with the microscope (it's a computer connection type) got worse and I stopped listening to what I said, and I couldn't save the image, so I gave up this time. .

However, since I have confirmed it with my naked eyes, if I can express it in words,

Very thin cotton was woven with super density.

For example, the fineness and density of the thread is the same level as the APPLETREES we handle.

Ultra high density fabric.

But it's not a thick fabric because the thread is thin.

Compared to Marvine Pontiak shirts so far, the interlining of the collar and cuffs is a little stiffer.

However, although it is stiff, it uses a plush interlining instead of fusible interlining, so the interlining will not peel off with repeated washings.

It's safe, isn't it?

It's a good purple. later,

Marvine Pontiak

Wide spread pull-over shirts

color_Red Chambray


Red chambray pullover shirt.

Speaking of chambray, it's indigo, but "red chambray" is a contrasting color.

A red chambray that contradicts Marvin's fine needle movement.

I think it's a very unique combination.

The collar type is a wide spread collar. It's a wide collar.

and a pullover.

It's a shirt that combines various curveballs and mismatches, but it's a perfect match.

Gathered cuffs.

Red chambray with red warp and bleached weft.

Since it's the spring/summer season, I think it's a shirt that looks good in the sun.

When it gets hot, it's best to roll up the sleeves of your shirt.

Marvine Pontiak

military shirts

color _ Beige Pink Stripe


There is also such a maniac piece.

A military shirt with a striped pattern that is the opposite of luxury.

The pockets on both breasts placed on this shirt also lose the sense of luxury.

In a good way.

I will recommend it to those who enjoy clothes on their own rail.

You're in a great mood. this. as a side note.

Marvine Pontiak

Pajama Pants 2

color _ Beige Pink Stripe


Love this fabric.

I also make pants for the brand, so I order pants as well.

Is there anyone who can set this up for me? I don't know.

However, there is no doubt that it will create a very loose style.

One-size-fits-all pants.

As you can see, these pants are solid and voluminous.

Marvine Pontiak

Pajama Pants 2



Marvine Pontiak

Pajama Pants 2

color _ Kasuri Sax


Pants with the same pattern.

Deep rise with 5 buttons on the front and an outcord style.

A style that is worn with a large straight waist and a drawcord that is tightly squeezed.

It is a two-piece specification with a cotton lining.

The premise is to roll it up and show it.

Although it is fully lined, it is not too thick and is comfortable to wear.

Also, since the lining is placed, the interlining is eliminated as a whole, so the pants have a soft nuance.

It's okay to wear these pants roughly, wash them and use them repeatedly.

In addition, we have prepared two types of men's shirts and a Panini shirt, so if you like it, please check it out from the 2nd.

We will also let you know more.

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