"LIMITED STORE" from tomorrow

As announced from the other day, it will be held for 4 days from the 23rd (Thursday) to the 26th (Sunday) tomorrow. Irenisa "LIMITED STORE" For 2021AW, we have prepared a lineup for you to see and experience the "COGNITIVE DISSONANCE" collection. The number of collection pieces is the largest on the first day, but on the third day, the 25th (Sat), Mr. Abe and Mr. Kobayashi from Irenisa will be in the store from 12:00 to 18:00. will give you We have been handling the brand since the first season, and we have held launch events and special projects like this every season. will stand up Due to this situation, we have spread the space of Irenisa in the store to avoid crowding as much as possible. In addition, in order to eliminate as much as possible the anxiety of customers who come to the event, we will operate after thoroughly implementing measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Currently, of course, we are always ventilating, wearing staff masks, and thoroughly disinfecting our fingers. We ask that customers who come to the store wear a mask, disinfect with alcohol when entering and leaving the store, and measure the temperature when entering the store (If the temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees, we will refuse to enter the store). We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask for your cooperation. CASANOVA&CO from tomorrow is full of Irenisa. I think it's the most complete so far. We have taken everything out, including the stock. I think you can really feel the power of Irenisa clothes. If you are able to come, please look forward to it.
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