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Over the past few years, I have focused more on handling domestic brands, and moreover, I have been focusing on introducing clothes full of originality created by talented young creators who are around my age. bottom. This time, unlike those brands, I think many people know about it. too good A brand that has influenced designers around the world who are active today. Well, I'm sure there are people who know about the brand, and there's plenty of information about what the sisters are making, so it would be nice if you could take a look at that. There are brands in the world that make all sorts of clothes and things, but when it comes to clothes in particular, I think there's a flood of brands that feel like they're just imitations of toogood. For example, although it is completely different, there are many coats in the world that resemble COMOLI's Thai locken coat. However, even if you imagine and imitate toogood's clothes, even if they look similar, their abilities will never match the real thing, and you should choose the "original". And, actually, it started at this timing, but to be honest, we've been talking about it for several years. Always, right now. It's not an approach like that, but "Please let me handle it." But until now, it was "not now". But "now" has come. Until now, we have been dealing with that brand, and we have communicated a lot with young creators who have entrusted us with clothes and goods, and we have introduced the products created by such talented designers to everyone. I've been allowed to do it, and of course I want to absolutely continue it in the future. However, at the same time, it was something that I imagined several years ago that our shop would be able to see toogood, which has shot through the hearts of super-core people around the world. After all, I definitely wanted to introduce the "original" and have people who come to the store see it. It's just a little bit, but I'm just a little bit happy that I've been able to build up what I've been doing so far. when delivered. Well, putting that aside, I will deliver to everyone the wonderful world created by toogood. from tomorrow. Toogood's current collection is called Collection 015, but the Collection 015 that we carry in our store is all that we are introducing today. And this season, toogood is based in the British traditional craft season. I made it a development so that you can feel it properly. So, it looks like a strong lineup. Maybe, but enjoy it. smile Let me introduce you. too good THE PHOTOGRAPHER JACKET fabric_LAMB SWOOL FELT color_CHESTNUT size_4,5,6 The clothes of toogood, whose style is the uniform of people in various professions around the world. Among them, THE PHOTOGRAPHER JACKET is the representative. It's a photographer's jacket. A dress with an open collar and a waist pocket with a large gusset. The fabric is composed of virgin wool and cashmere, and polyamide (nylon) in the binder. The weave structure of the fabric is almost invisible, probably because it is quite strongly fulled. As the name suggests, it is a fabric that looks like felt. It is a strong and voluminous fabric, which is characteristic of toogood clothes. It matches the "sculpture-like oversize" very well. A button with a strong personality that is impossible for a domestic brand against a voluminous fabric. And a waist pocket that expands firmly in three dimensions. The shoulders are set to drop, but it feels like the oversized style is completely different from the Japanese style. The sloping shoulders are strong, and the white space inside the clothes is based on British traditional style. And is this because it's produced in London? The back comes with a loop of the same fabric as the body. too good THE MESSENGER COAT fabric _ HEAVY WEIGHT BRUSHED COTTON color_RUSSET size_2,4,5 Messenger = delivery man's coat. This collection 015 is inspired by British crafts and folk crafts, and as a whole is characterized by an indigenous color palette. This THE MESSENGER COAT is also reddish brown, which is the color of the soil. It's 100% cotton, but it's a heavyweight, satin-like moleskin fabric. This high-density satin weave is scratched to make it fluff, and then it feels like it's further clogged. However, it is a touch that has a firm resilience. Also, there is a balance between the fabrics, and it draws the outline of the coat very clearly. this. There is also a button on the top neck of the front, and the opening of the collar when the first button is opened is very beautiful. Therefore, if you close the front, it may be okay to open only the top. There is a pocket on the chest that makes it easy to put your hands in while the messenger is on the move and prevents things from falling out. The back style does not have any joints. There is also a combination with the fabric, and a superhuman drape is born. Since it's a delivery man who sits and moves, the hem is long in the front and short in the back. In addition, it can be opened and closed with a wooden button that is painted on the side so that it does not interfere with foot handling. It is the specification of the total lining. It's cotton, even the lining. Arm is very special. Of course it's a three-dimensional front swing, but I wonder if it's originally to be sturdy. There is something like reinforcement from the elbow, but it is switched to the sleeve as it is and continues to the cuff. Three-sleeve specification instead of two-sleeves. The previous THE PHOTOGRAPHER JACKET is developed from 4 to 6, but this is the handling of 2, 4, 5 because the length is long enough to be graceful. By the way, the sizing of toogood has been changed from Collection 015 this time, and the previous size 4 has been changed to size 5, the previous size 5 to 6, and a new size 4 has been created. Also, as is the case with this coat, size 2 is a women's size setting, but for petite men, including myself, size 2 is fine depending on the type. too good THE PHOTOGRAPHER JACKET (LIMITED EDITION) fabric_PAINTED SLIPWEAR - BUFF size_4,5,6 here. The series that most symbolizes Collection 015. "HANDPAINTED SLIP WEAR". There is a technique called "slipware" that is applied as a traditional decorative expression of British pottery. It is a type of pottery technique that draws a unique ripple-like pattern on a vessel that has been actively produced in England since around the 17th century. I'm sure many of you have seen it. I usually only buy clothes and rarely buy anything else, but I bought a slipware vessel just before I ordered Collection 015 from toogood, so it was just the right timing. The LIMITED series has a different pattern on each piece of clothing that represents toogood. "Slipwear" pattern on 100% organic cotton body. It's normal, but everything is different. too good THE BAKER TROUSER (LIMITED EDITION) fabric_PAINTED SLIPWEAR - BUFF size_2,4,5,6 THE BAKER TROUSER is based on a bakery uniform. This is also an over-silhouette pants representative of toogood's trousers. It is also "slipware". The center front is tacked diagonally and intucked on both sides. The waist has an elastic band and a drawcord. Cropped style double hem. This is the back. A square patch pocket is placed on the left side of the back body. Also, it's a mess, but this is the back. The stitches are sewn with bag stitching that is not exposed on the front. Of course, it's not a brand that advertises high quality stitch work, but it's something that you're curious about, isn't it? It's the same with the back pocket photo just now, and it's the same with the photos I've seen so far, but I think the specifications are quite stable as a clothing product. Occasionally, even if it's an imported brand, the sewing is messed up, but it's not at that level at all, and the level is definitely higher than that of domestic brands. So feel free to make it your uniform. Of course, I don't want to introduce the high level of sewing, and conversely, it may be a kind of brand that is negative, but I always want everyone to feel at ease about this. I will. By the way, this is the back of THE PHOTOGRAPHER JACKET that I introduced earlier. This is also assembled around the bag stitch, and the edge stitch is also straight. And on the LIMITED EDITION, not only the initials of the people involved in the production are printed, but also the name of the store. Only "WORN BY" is blank, but the wearer's initials can be entered. And this. The production number of LIMITED EDITION is also listed. oh yeah. The LIMITED EDITION THE PHOTOGRAPHER JACKET and THE BAKER TROUSER are cotton-based, but each has a different texture. THE BAKER TROUSER is based on a thin, lightweight and self-supporting fabric. That's why I'm away from my skin, and I might be able to do it from this time of year. too good THE DRAUGHTSMAN SHIRT (LIMITED EDITION) fabric_PAINTED SLIPWEAR - BUFF size_4,5,6 This is also a LIMITED EDITION. DRAUGHTSMAN = Drafting engineer, drafting engineer's uniform. This is the most popular shirt among toogood's clothing types. This season, LIMITED EDITION has 3 styles, but this is the shockingly limited selection of shirts. smile In terms of collar type, it is a small color and there is no placket. It has a very large bodice, and on top of that, it has a strong sloping shoulder, and the shape of the arm works well, and I think it's a shirt style where you can feel toogood's sculptural oversizing just like the photographer's jacket. It has a small back yoke and a patch in the center, and two sleeves. Each LIMITED EDITION has a strong atmosphere, but toogood's clothes give you a good sense of the inevitability of each uniform that has the essential details of workwear. It would be best if you could use it heavily without hesitation because it is a uniform. And two more. too good THE SCAFFOLDER TROUSER fabric _ WOOL CASHMERE FLANNEL color_FLINT size_2,4,5 SCAFFOLDER = Ladder builder A trouser with the name. New in Collection 015. Wide, cropped pants in unmistakable quality worsted wool and cashmere fabric. There are no outside seams, and the dazzling luster and flowing drape stand out even more. Two tucks on the front hem. Furthermore, two tucks enter the hem of the back. Like THE BAKER TROUSER, it also comes with an elastic band and drawcord at the waist. Although it is a trouser with volume, the movement of the fabric that flows and sways according to the movement of the foot is exceptional. And the design that does not negatively interfere with the movement of the foot can also be said to be a feature of THE SCAFFOLDER TROUSER. too good THE SHEARER T-SHIRT fabric _ ORGANIC JERSEY SQUARE BARN size_4,5 This is the last one. Large form T-shirt. A T-shirt with a motif of the uniform of a craftsman who uses large scissors. The thick arms and large body width are characteristic, but the fabric is also strong, so it is not a simple oversized T-shirt. The prints are inspired by memories of the countryside that the Toogood sisters sometimes spent in their childhood. The back neck contains the icon "t". Tenjiku with a thickness that is hard to come across in Japan. Using organic cotton as the raw material, I think you can feel a tremendous amount of clogging. As a result, the form of this T-shirt comes out clearly. It's difficult to wear it as an inner layer, but I think it's suitable for use as an outer T-shirt. The above is the lineup of toogood Collection 015 that we handle at our store. It will be available in stores from tomorrow. Please consider if you like it.
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