As announced the other day, KHOKI will hold a special event for the first time since his debut for three days from February 15th (Sat) to February 17th (Mon).

I've been writing about what I want to tell you about this time on my blog, but I'd be happy if you could feel something through this event.

It will be limited to 3 days, but we plan to create a special space with KHOKI members.

I would appreciate it if you could take a look at it, talk to me about it, and see the special products one by one and choose them.

There are 15 special products that I have posted on my Instagram. I think all of them are quite powerful.

KHOKI's season's hand-painted items are done by specialists in that field, but the items lined up during this period are all hand-painted by the design team.

So the power is transmitted very directly. I think you can feel something just by looking at it.

The strength of the paint and how to put it all are different.

But the base is all the same.

The collection has also caught the eye, and recently stores that carry KHOKI products have started handling them.

It's called an Electic Shirt Vest.

A very complicated one with a long shirt and a vest attached alternately on the left and right.

As for the fabric, it's a shirt fabric, so I think it's pretty good for spring.

The fabric is also special and is woven in Hamamatsu. A major production area of ​​Japanese cotton textiles. A high-density weave of so-called fine-count cotton.

But that's not all. After completion, the fabric is moved from Hamamatsu. to Enshu. That's where it's finished. Apply a thin layer of resin.

As a result, the fabric is finished with a crisp feeling. I wash it after that. However, even if you keep wearing it and washing it, you won't be able to get rid of it completely, so I think you can wear it with a very strange feeling. It has firmness, and when you put your body in it, it becomes three-dimensional. However, it feels very light to wear. I use such fabric.

And the docking of the long shirt and the vest that made it endlessly constructive.

And then hand paint in conjunction with the theme of this time. All 15 outfits, all completely different. Each name given to it.


・ Muhammed







・ Leo







This 15th place.

Originally, there are some things that are not in alphabetical notation, but I'm sorry about the conversion of the computer.

Named after various countries.

Also, this name is written where you can't see it when you wear it. I think that there are some things that can be guessed somehow. Look forward to seeing it in action.

That's right. Actually, something like this.

yes. Mr. Fukuda. Mr. Fukuda.

Special edition. I had it made.

It's just a boast, but let me post it. . .

Let me get back to you.

One by one, if the amount of paint is different, the strength of product washing after completion is also different.

Making full use of the processing of clothes that can be done, it creates a splendid individuality.

very excellent.

The wrinkles, the density of the paint, and the back are also different.

Which one to choose is completely up to everyone who felt it.

I think that I can make happy news at the store, so please come to the store and talk to those who have chosen it.

With the cooperation of the KHOKI team, it was realized according to the theme.

Also, regarding the price, I'm also working very hard on this.

Well, the base is also quite pricey, but this is the same as the collection. It's all just here.

It's very impressive, and it's a lot of work, so if you're a fierce person, please come and see it.

looking forward to.

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