As we have announced, it will be held for 3 days from the 15th (Sat).

The first special project since debuting at KHOKI "C Festival" 2019AW.

For three days from the first day, we plan to produce a space that matches the theme we want to appeal to everyone, and we plan to release a limited product after seeing it.





"Noah" 5th place.

I think that the real thing will make you feel the difference more.

Also, I have 10 dresses, but I didn't take pictures of them, so I hope you look forward to them.

A combination of a vest and a long shirt with a stand-up neck.

There is a belt made of the same fabric that comes with it, but I think you can change it freely.

Also, regarding sales, the first day, the 15th (Saturday), will be sold only at stores. I want you to see it including the spatial production.

I am sure you will enjoy it.

It's been a while, so please look forward to it.

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