In fact, every day is a series of choices.

I've seen it in some book before, but it seems that humans live by choosing that action every day.

Well, I don't think there are people who live their lives paying attention to such trivial things, but when it comes to making a big purchase or buying a favorite piece of clothing, I think the event becomes a little bigger.

I wrote a similar nuance on my blog the other day. However, I think that so-called "choice" is the first step to start connecting with the chosen one.

To put it another way, I think it's about standing at the starting line where you can spend time together with things.

When you think about it, I think it's pretty cool.

"The act of choosing things" in a finite life

However, since our shop deals in clothes, introduces them, and has them choose "clothes", I would like to pay a little more attention to "choosing clothes" with everyone.

Before we stand on that starting line, we want to take important steps together.

However, even if you overcome that, how you wear the clothes and how you treat them depends on the person who purchases them. I want to entrust it to that person.

It's obvious.

I say a lot of great things on this blog every day, but if you can feel even a little better about clothes through this blog, nothing more than that.

And it would be great if you could walk your life with that clothes. I'm so happy I could cry. If so.

However, after all, there are various things that I feel when I send out information to the outside through blogs and Instagram. Good or bad? I think this applies to many things, not just clothes.

"Consume" This word is very thought-provoking. There are various ways to perceive it, and what kind of object is different, so in this blog, please think that it is limited to "clothes". Naturally SNES. social networking services. Everyone uses this. We also use our store, everyone.

But sometimes I wonder what it would be like. Isn't it a world where there are people who buy clothes just to give them to Instagram? I gave it to Instagram. OK, done.

I know that this is one of the trends in what is called a big big fashion scene, but I feel a little disappointed that it ends after wearing it for a short while. Even though you bought the clothes with great effort, you immediately let them go, sell them, or throw them away. I think it's a bigger issue. real clothes.

Of course, I think there are times when people get tired of the way things look. However, since I'm wearing this kind of clothes, I feel like it's a bit of a waste to shop just to appeal.

Also, physically, there are limits to threads, fabrics, and sewing. It wears out.

However, although it is a consumable item, I don't think it is a consumable item.

I don't think it's just for consumption.

By owning it, wearing it, and wearing it, I believe that it will have a great impact on your heart and sensibility.

That's real clothes, isn't it?

Originally, it has evolved greatly from the era of "cloth", which was born to protect the body from external stimuli.

From a time when a single piece of cloth was used to show off one's social class and to be worn as an outfit to show one's social status, there was the emergence of not only appearance and decoration, but also things with functions such as pockets and zippers that fit the right person in the right place. And I think it's up to now. If you make a big distinction.

Today, a lot of clothes, including clothing, are being created every day, and the number of clothes supplied in Japan alone is said to be plus or minus 0 when more than 40 pieces of clothes are purchased per person per year. .

As long as there is production, there will always be consumption, and it's a matter of course, but I think that what kind of clothes you choose will become very important, and how you handle those clothes is also important. .

It's not clothing, because clothes have a lot of meaning in life. I don't think it's just about wearing. That's why I wanted to appeal this time.

Clothes are a lot of fun to wear, aren't they?

And I think that wearing it will enhance the sense of the wearer.

I think it's difficult to feel it just by "consuming" it, wearing it for a short period of time and taking it off.

So, instead of that, I want you to go out with one piece of clothing and spend time with me in life.

As a partner, so to speak.

We wanted to do something like that together.

With a certain team.

to be continued...

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