Team "KHOKI"

Debuting in the 2019AW season, the design team KHOKI 2020SS collection will start on Saturday, February 1st.

Although 2019AW is a debut collection, I think that a movement has begun to emerge in the creation of the design team.

Team KHOKI is now making clothes by coincidence.

However, I think that the word "product" created by KHOKI fits better than "just clothes".

It's only been a short time since we debuted, so we are currently releasing products in a set cycle (19AW, 20SS, etc.), but we don't know what will happen in the future.

Currently, my main product is clothes, but in the future, I may express KHOKI in something different.

I'm really looking forward to it. from now. More.

That's why I think it would be better for you to call the clothes KHOKI makes "products" instead of "clothes".

However, it's not an "art piece", it's a "product", so don't get me wrong.

KHOKI in the 2020SS season.

As I said earlier, the first product will start at 12:00 on Saturday, February 1st. Let me introduce you.

For the 2020SS season, the design team KHOKI seems to have been influenced by the appearance of existing ethnic minorities during rituals and ceremonies.

An ethnic minority who still lives in remote areas where Japanese people do not go. A collection that expresses the clothing and style that the tribe expresses when they worship something with KHOKI products in the 2020SS season. It can be said that it is a collection that is well-suited from a rather biased point.

But remember this, because it will be very important later.

Because it's easier to remember a few weeks later. Well, this one is hand painted. Also, this.

You often see tribes on TV having their faces painted and decorated in some kind of ritual.

It expresses something about a spiritual object, or it's an ancient practice that's ingrained in the blood of the land, and that's exactly what it is.

Now that I am based in Japan, I use checkered paint to represent the Japanese style. One point is different. How to apply paint.

Although I say that each item is different, I don't have enough stock to compare with other items, so it doesn't really matter.

Also, some have no paint.

A western shirt that expresses an indigenous western style.

However, I often feel that clothes are no longer viewed with preconceived notions. Well, I think you'll understand if you take a look at the real thing.

Also, as those who watched the 2019AW season or know about it will know, all products made by KHOKI do not have a "brand name".

There is a mysterious natural color bar tag attached, but there is not a single word "KHOKI" written on it.

Isn't a "brand name" the "name" of a "brand"? KHOKI is not a brand.

Because the KHOKI team is a design team, and they express themselves through their designs. So please don't call it a "brand". Let's call it "design team KHOKI". yes. So it doesn't have a name. As expected, only the tag is attached.

Also, I'm planning to make various announcements about KHOKI. KHOKI in the 2020SS season.

Please look forward to.

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