K18YG's "Thread" "ENLINK"

From the other day, DAN TOMIMATSU being held "ORDER EXHIBITION" Thank you to everyone who has already seen it. We would also like to thank those of you who have planned to visit us during this period. We look forward to. It will be held until the 10th (Sun). So far, I have introduced the DAN TOMIMATSU series lineup in a big way, but today, I would like to introduce you to a pinpoint. "ENLINK" DAN TOMIMATSU also has a unique series using K18 YELLOW GOLD. But it's just not using K18. It's a messy series that makes it a "thread". Dan Tomimatsu of DAN TOMIMATSU is based in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture. I also dropped out, but I lived in Nara Prefecture for many years when I was in college, so I know Yoshino very well. It is very very rich in nature and has an image of being deep in the mountains. But I think it's a pretty good place to create something like this. While living in such a place, I make endlessly refined jewelry. Well, this "ENLINK", in Nara Prefecture where Mr. Dan lives, there was a technique to make "gold thread" that existed as a craft technique at that time 1400 years ago. I brought it back to life. Only DAN TOMIMATSU in the world. For example, both in Japan and around the world, the thread is gilded or coated. It's kind of like, there is a thread with gold on top. But this is different. 100% "thread" made entirely of 18K YELLOW GOLD. I briefly introduced it in my previous blog. This time, again. "ENLINK" SPOOL BANGLE WIDE HALF WIND material _ SILVER 925 × K18 YELLOW GOLD This is the bangle. Based on DAN TOMIMATSU silver 925, which boasts one of the best quality in the world without any plating coating. There is a "thread" extracted from a lump of gold. That long "gold thread" is hand-wound. It's delicate, but it has a strong sense of thread. However, don't worry, it's durable and won't break. In the photo, the silver 925 base has been carefully polished to a polished finish, so the silver itself has a strong shine. Initially. Therefore, both the K18 thread and the silver shine strongly. Initially. But this will change. gradually. Compared to precious metals such as gold, SILVER 925 is a metal that changes easily with use and over time. On the other hand, K18 YELLOW GOLD has a characteristic that does not easily change over time. Therefore, when you wear it, the base SILVER 925 will slowly change, and the shine will settle down and become dull luster. On the other hand, the K18 thread that does not change. Gradually, changes occur as threads emerge, and the contrast becomes very strong. Increase your strength by yourself. That means. This is the same ENLINK bangle that I have been using for years. The K18 YELLOW GOLD thread has become clearer. SILVER 925 has a faster rate of change than gold. For humans, K18 changes on an immeasurable time axis. In the first place, DAN TOMIMATSU's SILVER 925 may make a more visible change than the SILVER 925 that generally exists in the world. This is because the content of the metals that make up it is different from SILVER 925, which exists in many places in the world, and the finishing method is also very different. The content of metals in silver products is expressed as a percentage of 100. SILVER 925 is 92.5% silver. The remaining 7.5% is made of another metal. There are many kinds of SILVER 925 in the world, even with the same "SILVER 925". The difference in quality is huge. Generally, 7.5% contains nickel, zinc, iron, etc. This is likely to cause "metal allergy". Therefore, I think that many people with metal allergies cannot wear SILVER 925. Then, as a finishing touch, a plating coating is applied. Therefore, it looks beautiful, and the speed of change progresses very slowly due to the coating film on the surface. But DAN TOMIMATSU is completely different. For SILVER 925, only "rare metals" can be used. "Precious metals" such as rhodium and palladium, which are classified in the platinum group, can be put in. This is a rare metal that is said to be more expensive than platinum in recent years. Its white glow and strength, and its low impact on the human body. This quality is big, big, and transcends the general SILVER 925. And it doesn't have any plating coating on it. By wearing it, you can enjoy the changes in high-quality materials that naturally occur with use and the passage of time. I don't think anything should just change, but it's beautiful to see something of really high quality change naturally and effortlessly. The SILVER 925 used by DAN TOMIMATSU is definitely the No. 1 quality in Japan. Of course, precious metals other than SILVER 925 are also super world class. Since I've been wearing it for a long time, SILVER 925 itself has become dull and heavy, as if it had been smoked. In this way, the quality of the materials that make up things is high, and in addition, if you like something that has been completed by a craftsman with a lot of hands and time, it will change naturally when you notice it. is not it. I don't think it's "degraded" at all. I think that's the real "change". Well, I think that most of the things in the world will "degrade". This world-class thing is never easy to make. Well, when you look at them side by side, it looks like the whole thing has changed quite a lot. However, at first, the real thing is so shiny that you can't even tell that the gold thread is wrapped around it. This is brand new. Polished finish that has been very carefully polished. beautiful. This figure is too beautiful. _ENLINK characters and K18, 925 engraved on the back. Looking at the back, you can see that the gold thread is fastened at the start and end. This is what I'm wearing. The one you're wearing isn't brand new. It's my personal belongings. Right now, I'm stacking a Rubber Band Bracelet and a Hair Band Bracelet (matte finish). Two rings of SILVER 925 and K18 YELLOW GOLD thread look great. "ENLINK" SPOOL BANGLE NARROW HALF WIND material _ SILVER 925 × K18 YELLOW GOLD And this. This is a narrow type wrapped with K18 thread. This one is cheaper, and the K18 YELLOW GOLD thread plays a more important role. If you like the feeling of one accent, this may be good. The gold thread works very well on the top part of the bangle. This is a slightly older sample, so instead of the _ENLINK stamp, _D and K18, 925 characters. If you place an order, it will take about two months to produce, but what you will receive will be the one with _ENLINK in it. Also, the gold thread is called "HALF" in the photo, but you can also choose "FULL". There are 3 sizes, 1,2,3. But for men, it's about 3. Also, the base SILVER 925 has a matte finish called Natural. The matte SILVER 925 and the K18 YELLOW GOLD shine are also quite impressive. If SILVER 925 has a matte finish, the silver will naturally be polished as you continue to apply it, and it will gradually become glossy. I think it's good for those who like that kind of change. "ENLINK" Left) SPOOL RING SHORT HALF WIND Right) SPOOL RING LONG?HALF WIND material _ SILVER 925 × K18 YELLOW GOLD Here is the ring. When it comes to rings, there are 3 sizes available due to the nature of winding a set amount of gold thread. Three, No. 7, No. 12, and No. 17. This is a wide type of LONG. It is 6mm wide. Since the surface is wide, it is enough to put it on your finger. The thickness is reasonable, so it feels comfortable to wear, but I don't think the thickness of the ring itself will cause discomfort on your fingers when you wear it for a long time. The back is fastened with gold thread in two places. This is how you wear it. It looks good because it is 6mm wide. Also, unlike the gold ring, the force emanating from the thread is not overwhelming, but rather delicate. That's why I think even those who aren't good at gold glare will be able to accept this. Well, in the first place, it doesn't feel like the concept of ENLINK brings out the unique strength of gold. It's a very cultural thing that has aspects of reviving ancient Japanese crafts. That's why I think it suits him so well that he has a quiet strength and is modest like this. ENLINK is. This is SHORT. 3mm width and thin type. Because the gold thread is wrapped around a narrow width, the presence of gold stands out more than the LONG type. strange thing. This is a specification that is fastened in one place when you look at the back. This feeling when you wear it. The narrow width of 3 mm gives it a delicate look. However, K18 YELLOW GOLD stands out even more. I said it before. Also, stacking with the rings you have may be good here. If it goes well, I think you can complement each other with what you have. Some of the ENLINK series are available in stores on a daily basis, but thankfully, they are often sold out immediately, and there are not many people who see the lineup like this, so please come to our store. Please take a look if you can. "ORDER EXHIBITION" continues.
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