P.(P).C with AUBETT that was on sale the other day. Thanks to all of you, we had customers from all over the country come to our store, and we were able to sell out all of them with the last day left of the period. It is a fabric woven by Kaneta Orimono that can be handed down from children to grandchildren. Today, I'm writing for the first time in a long time since then, but let me introduce DAN TOMIMATSU. This is the only jewelry brand that we carry mainly for men. Some of them have women's sizes too. Basically, we mainly handle silver 925 materials, but the quality is overwhelming. And DAN TOMIMATSU is the only one who uses it as the main material to shape it. I've been searching and searching for accessories like this until now, but especially for Chinese people, there is no quality that exceeds the level of this DAN TOMIMATSU, so now I'm using this brand. Only. It is jewelry that requires the hands of a jeweler (craftsman) to shape everything. Today, there are many types, so I will introduce them as a whole. DAN TOMIMATSU Rubber band bracelet material _ silver 925 finish_polished size_1,2,3,4 First of all. A bracelet with a "rubber band" = "rubber band" motif. Sizes 1 and 2 are for women, and 3 and 4 are for men. As you can see in the photo, everything has a slightly distorted shape like a "rubber band". It is a bracelet made by making a thin square prism, twisting it, distorting it, and connecting it at one point. The lines are thin and give the impression of being delicate, but even with the hand of Han, this is not unreliable. The reason is simple. As I said earlier, the material is good. too. This is overwhelming No. 1 in Japan. If you know silver 925, you probably already know that silver 925 is 92.5% silver. By adding a metal other than silver to the remaining 7.5%, the shape can be maintained. Pure silver = silver 100 is too soft to maintain its shape, and it is not very good because it is damaged and damaged, so 7.5% is added. Of course, at DAN TOMIMATSU, the quality of the main silver is also excellent. And on top of that, the 7.5% stuff that's mixed in is crazy. Materials such as rhodium and palladium, which are also types of rare metals. This belongs to the platinum group, and is a precious metal that is even more expensive than platinum. Moreover, the material is extremely hard and has a beautiful shine. I have never heard that silver 925 has such a thing. That's why silver 925 has great quality and toughness. In addition, the material is also used for silver teeth, so it is gentle on the human body. Even at our store, we were able to continue wearing DAN TOMIMATSU silver 925 even for people who were allergic to metal and could not wear silver products until now. It has a high affinity with the human body and has a beautiful silver shine, and it shines from delicate lines, so there is nothing to feel unsatisfactory. Also, I think there are many people who wear this kind of thing on hand in the summer when they basically wear light clothes, but this Rubber Band Bracelet is a transcendental balance that can be seen from the cuff of a sweater made of high-quality materials in winter. you know. The thin, high-quality lines blend well with clothes and make a moderate statement. That is the feature of this Rubber Band Bracelet. Also, since the wire is thin, it's not weak, but when you put it on and take it off, put your hand through it slowly at first. It's easy once you get used to it, but until you get the hang of it, please take it easy when putting it on and taking it off. DAN TOMIMATSU hair band bracelet material _ silver 925 finish_natural size_3,4 This is a Hair Band Bracelet with a "hair band" motif instead of the "rubber band" motif earlier. Since it is a hair elastic, it has no corners, is rounded, and adds a little volume to the bracelet. The Rubber Band Bracelet I mentioned earlier had a polished finish at the end, but this one has a matte natural finish. DAN TOMIMATSU's silver 925 does not have any "plating coating" that is common in ordinary silver products. Due to the nature of silver, if you keep wearing it, scratches and dullness will occur. So, in order to prevent that, most of the silver in the world is coated to make it difficult to change on the surface. It's called "plating". However, since it's such a high-quality silver, I try not to interfere with it, as I enjoy the natural changes that can occur as I continue to wear it. As a result, a gradual change from the new state to the wearer occurs. With that in mind, the Hair Band Bracelet, which has a larger area, has a matte finish at first without polishing. By continuing to apply it, the brilliance will gradually come out naturally. Polish yourself. That's what I mean. Also, I myself had a wedding ring made of platinum matte, and at first I was very attracted to the way the dull appearance was not intentional but the natural glow. So, I would like everyone to experience it, and this is the mat first. I think it's wonderful not only for this kind of jewelry, but for things that are made of high-quality materials and well-crafted, and how they gradually change. But that's not something that can be tolerated, but at this level, you can expect a lot of changes. As for the size, this is only for men of 3 and 4, no, it is a size for Chinese people, and it is more comfortable to wear than the Rubber Band Bracelet. DAN TOMIMATSU Tape Ring Long material _ silver 925 finish_natural size_18,21,24 This is a ring with a "cellophane tape" motif. A piece of 0.3mm thick silver 925 that is hand-stitched and spliced ​​together. Like the Hair Band Bracelet earlier, this one also has a matte finish. The reason is simple and clear. Because the surface is wide, the more you attach it, the more you can directly see how it changes. It is staggered and fastened like this. It's a good idea to wear it so that this part is visible. The Tape Ring is made by forging 925 silver with a thickness of 0.3mm using a press and then joined together by the jeweler's hand. Its thinness of 0.3mm makes it very beautiful when worn on the finger, and in addition to that, the wide surface is clearly visible, so I think it's very well balanced. However, this 0.3mm is also a numerical value derived from many years of research by the brand, and if it is thinner than this, the stability of the shape will collapse. The last-minute thickness when seeking beauty and stability of physical properties. You can experience the change to your heart's content, just like the Hair Band Bracelet. I think this one feels a little tight fitting when worn due to its wide width. About No. 15, No. 16, and No. 17 are here No. 18. No. 21, 22, 23 will be No. 24. Depends on how you like the fit. DAN TOMIMATSU Tape ring fold material _ silver 925 finish_natural size_15,17,21 DAN TOMIMATSU Tape Bangle Fold material _ silver 925 finish_natural size_2,3,4 And this. This is another series that uses the same 0.3mm thick silver 925 as Tape Ring Long. Similarly, 0.3mm thin silver 925 is forged. Then, I bent it by hand, folded it back, and bent it from there to create a double layer. this. bangle. Do you understand. it's double. Tape Ring Long is a single layer because it is a thin plate-shaped silver 925 of 0.3 mm, but it maintains its shape by being joined together. On the other hand, since they are not connected, they cannot support each other at both ends. However, this shape is also unique to DAN TOMIMATSU. I'm using "tension", an architectural theory like that used in bridge construction. It's not a jewelry production theory. Therefore, there are places where silver 925, which was originally doubled by being folded in one piece, is grounded and separated. Look. This is DAN TOMIMATSU's original theory. This is dangerous. The logic that has been researched, developed, and derived for many years. Furthermore, the craftsmanship that makes it possible. Machines can't do that, of course. Everything can be folded smoothly and beautifully by hand. It's all perfect, and it's a splendid structure. According to the brand side, this craftsman... with "spirit" It seems that it is made by bending. This is also wide, and the surface of silver 925 with a superb view. The brilliance that is created when you keep applying it. There is no coating, and the quality of the material makes it look natural and dull like a new product, but I think everyone likes what's waiting for them after they've been wearing them. On one side where both ends come together, the corners in different directions are cut off, and attached slightly staggered. With silver 925, this handiwork is dangerous. This is the ring type. Like a bangle, it is hand-bent and constructed using "tension" to stabilize its shape. Since the ring is smaller, it will be a very detailed job, but it is a feat. It's not as wide as Tape Ring Long, but it has a wide surface. And I think it's a positive point that you can fine-tune the size of this ring by yourself. DAN TOMIMATSU Rubber band bracelet material _ K10 pink gold finish_polished size_4 Precious metals here. This is the K10 pink gold version of the first Rubber Band Bracelet I introduced. Pink gold is made from pure gold as a base and contains a large amount of copper. The color is typical of precious metals. Increased brilliance and a more powerful impression. In this jewelry brand, not only silver 925, but also K10 PG (pink gold), YG (yellow gold), WG (white gold), K18 YG (yellow gold), and even PT900 (platinum) are available. What is there is the breadth of this brand. There aren't many brands that can have that kind of breadth. And all the precious metals are top-notch quality. All of them are at a level that can compete with the world's top quality. If it becomes a jewelry brand that can give shape to it with delicate and careful handwork, it will inevitably be handled by DAN TOMIMATSU. DAN TOMIMATSU hair band rings material _ K10 yellow gold finish_natural size_16 And for the first time, this time I had you make something like this with precious metals. 10 karat yellow gold, rounded hair band ring and matte. It has a slightly higher copper content than 18k yellow gold, giving it an orange tint. But this is especially true when it comes a little dull. With 18K, there is strength peculiar to gold, but I tried to point the vector in a slightly different direction. So, even though it's "gold", it has more of an earthy scent to it. In anticipation of that, I wanted to make it with a rounded hair band and somehow give it an old mood. The size is only size 16, but it may be good for those who fit perfectly. DAN TOMIMATSU Couture Pin Pierce material _ K18 yellow gold finish_polished size_one This is a pierce. The material is K18 as mentioned above. Compared to the 10K yellow gold I mentioned earlier, it has a more polished finish, but it has a stronger shine and more gold hues. The motif is a pin that was made by hand in the old days. So, even though it's small, it's still K18, so it's powerful enough. Until now, I used to handle PT900, but I thought that 18K yellow gold would be the best for this time because it gives a smart impression. The items introduced so far have motifs of "rubber bands," "hair ties," "cellophane tape," and "pins." This lineup is a series called "UNBOUND" among DAN TOMIMATSU. All motifs have something in common. that is, "something to hold" That means. The "UNBOUND" series is jewelry made with the concept of "fastening and releasing". In the first place, when you wear this kind of jewelry, it becomes "decorative" visually. But I don't think it has any other functionality. For example, if it's a wedding ring, it's not only a decoration, but it also helps to express the social fact that you're married. Still, I don't think there's much of a physical effect. It is different if it is clothes, and in addition to expressing the appearance by wearing the clothes, outerwear also has a function for the "body" that keeps the body warm. As jewelry does not have a physical function for the body, the motifs such as "rubber bands", "hair ties", and "pins" are "things born for a purpose" and "to fasten something" in the real world. It is designed with a motif that has a function. Unlike clothes, I don't think there are many types of jewelry, especially if you're a man, unless you really like it. That's why most people, once they own one thing, wear the same thing no matter what they're wearing. surely. With that in mind, DAN TOMIMATSU believes that those who have the "UNBOUND" series will continue to wear it for many years, and go out or travel with an inner thing, that is, a Rubber Band Bracelet. Of course, it is made with the aim of "fixing and releasing" "memories and thoughts" such as changes in emotions and ways of thinking and growth due to age. Jewelry that does not have a physical effect, but aims to have an "internal effect" on the owner. Therefore, everything that becomes a motif has the function of "holding something" in reality, and the material is replaced with precious metals while leaving the vestiges of it. A piece of jewelry designed to work on the mind. That is the collection called "UNBOUND". DAN TOMIMATSU silk rope material _ silk, silver 925 finish_natural(silver 925) size_one And this is a rope that uses 100% silk braided cord that the brand originally produced. Silk Rope is the most recent addition to the brand's collection. Depending on your ingenuity, you can wrap it around your wrist, but basically it would be nice if you thought of it as a necklace. The strength of the twisted silk threads, the thickness of the threads, the density of the threads, etc., which are used to compose the braid, have been studied over and over again to create a silk rope. Because of the material, it feels quite lightweight, and there is no discomfort when it hits the skin. Also, if you're worried about sweat, you can wash it off with water. It is a rope that shows the potential of silk as it is used. To give an easy-to-understand analogy, it feels like leather. Well, the quality is much higher than the leather rope. As you use it, the heat, gravity, steam, etc. will create tightness in the silk, and a luster will be born from the depths of the back. This will greatly improve the feel of your skin. The natural silver 925 parts attached to the three parts are also original parts made for this purpose, because it is a jewelry brand. Both the silk braid and the silver 925 parts have a matte texture when new, but both of them have increased brilliance and strength. You can adjust the length with the slider part in the middle, and there is no front or back, so it's okay to have the front either way. As you can imagine, it looks like a loop tie on one side and a simple silk rope on the other. This applies to all DAN TOMIMATSU, but you can enjoy wearing it regardless of the four seasons. DAN TOMIMATSU "ENLINK" SPOOL Bangle Wide Half Window material _ silver 925, K18 YG finish_polished size_3(M) DAN TOMIMATSU "ENLINK" SPOOL Ring Long Half Window material _ silver 925, K18 YG finish_polished size_12 Here is another collection. It is a series called "ENLINK". As you can see, the 18K yellow gold "thread" is hand-wound against the 925 silver base. Mr. Dan of DAN TOMIMATSU was born in Nara Prefecture and is still based there, so this collection explores the ancient roots of Nara. A long time ago, 1400 years ago, in the Asuka period, in Nara Prefecture, there was a technique to make "gold thread" as one of the crafts of the time. However, in modern times, that technology has long since died out. Knowing this, DAN TOMIMATSU used his own research and development techniques to bring this series back to life after 1,400 years. That is "ENLINK". "K18 thread" is extracted from a lump of gold, taking time in all processes on top-quality silver 925 base. Something like this is definitely a piece of jewelry like no other in the world. The ring is only size 12. I don't think I'm a good match. Due to the process of winding the gold thread, this ring cannot be produced in all sizes, and can only be produced in 3 sizes, 7, 12, and 17. As for the bangle, it comes in size 3, which most men can wear. It may be a little loose for some people, but I don't think it matters that much. I'm not the type with thick wrists, and when it comes to Rubber Band Bracelets, it's a size 3, which is the smaller one, but I'm wearing this size as well. Even if you have a Rubber Band Bracelet with a size of 4, there is no problem with this. As mentioned above, the base silver 925 does not have a plating coating, so it gradually becomes dull as it is attached. At first, both the 18K thread and the base of 925 silver have a strong shine, but as the 925 silver gradually changes, the gold thread gradually emerges. The contrast between K18 and silver 925 becomes stronger after wearing it than when it was brand new, so I think many people like it more. This is the "ENLINK" collection. And finally. DAN TOMIMATSU "DISSOLVE" Rectangular Ring material _ silver 925 finish_rude size_17 This is a special piece of the brand. A collection called "DISSOLVE". Based on the concept of "something standing on the boundary between nature and people", this jewelry is made using original transcendental techniques. The inspiration for this idea is also an ornament that existed long ago. Even though it's a long time ago, this one goes back thousands of years. Gold jewelry has been found at the foot of an ancient Egyptian pyramid. At the time of the ancient Egyptian civilization, it was thought to be made of pure gold. It seems that the phenomenon that the substance melts out and disappears has occurred. As a result, unique undulations and intricate cavities are created not only on the surface of the gold, but also on the inside of the ornament. The texture of gold, which has been created over a long period of time by the power of nature, has the "organic" texture of gold that was once a natural product, even though it was once processed by human hands. Mr. Wen was impressed by this. Focusing on this phenomenon, pieces developed into DAN TOMIMATSU's unique craft technique "DISSOLVE". By mixing silver 925 as a base and other materials into a marble-like shape, and intentionally creating an environment where metals other than silver 925 disappear, it has the texture and shape of the ornaments excavated at that time. A collection that creates jewelry. Like ENLINK, this DISSOLVE is also an existence that can't exist other than DAN TOMIMATSU. In the production process of this jewelry, it is said that it is possible for craftsmen to control the process up to a certain point, but when it comes to intentionally melting and disappearing the metal, even a very skilled jeweler can do it. I don't know what will happen until it's done. Of course, I aim to make it, but to make it easier to understand, you may think that it is similar to pottery such as pottery. For example, pottery is placed in a pot and heated, but it is said that only a small portion of the pottery is complete without cracking. This DISSOLVE jewelry is also made by hand before the melting process, and after that, only some products that exceed the brand's standards can be released to the world. Processes that require human intervention and processes that must be entrusted to nature. DISSOLVE is completed by matching the two. "Things standing on the boundary between nature and people" is exactly that. I think this has a very strong aspect of "craft" that transcends jewelry. This Rectangular Ring has a serial number on everything. The above is the lineup of DAN TOMIMATSU jewelry currently available at our store. Please consider if you like it.
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