"Isabella Stefanelli"

Isabella Stefanelli I wanted to introduce this brand to everyone with my own hands someday. I wonder when that day will come, when I imagine it in my head, it will be much earlier. I was thinking, but this time, it's sunny and that kind of time has come. I think it's a brand that exists at the "top" of a certain genre of clothing in the world. Because it's just clothes. It's not just about Isabella Stefanelli, it's fine if it's just "arranged" in the store, but I think that "handling" requires the "ability" appropriate for the brand. So, well, we need the power to accept it here and convey it to our customers. Among them, Isabella Stefanelli's clothes are in a realm where many things are indispensable here. For that reason, it was essential to step up the stage little by little as a clothing store. He is a person who makes very special clothes. Since the age of 4, he has been helping his tailor's father's sewing work as if it were play, and has a career in clothing that is said to have spanned over 40 years. It seems that there are many brands in Japan and around the world who want to imitate Isabella Stefanelli and catch up with her, but I don't think it's possible. Because Isabella herself has spent her entire life making clothes. There are a large number of fashion brands in the world, but the number of people who are called "designers" is proportional to that. However, among them, there are not so many people who can draw the basics of "design drawings", which are the basics of clothes, like those learned at vocational schools. Furthermore, even among the designers who can draw sketches, which is a common practice for fashion designers, there are even fewer who can sew their own clothes or create their own patterns. And even among designers who can sew and create their own patterns, the number of people who can "weave fabrics" is drastically decreasing all over the world. Isabella Stefanelli's Isabella is an incredibly rare person who can do it all by herself. The fabric is designed from the "weaving structure" by oneself, and finally the clothes are "completed" by one's own hands. Fabric design and weaving design pattern Sewing In order to complete the clothes, I have to go through all the processes by myself. And all of them are top-notch. There is no such designer. Hont. Well, it's a domestic brand, and it's a really high level, such as "the best" or "best". There are a lot of clothes that are appealing with such sales words, but if you know the position of Isabella Stefanelli, I think you won't be able to say that easily. Of course, there are many vectors. There are too many outsourced clothes in Japan that just look "directed". Well, that is also necessary in the world, but I have a lot of things to think about. However, it is because I have been able to touch the "area of ​​world-class clothes" that I could not even imagine 10 years ago. This kind of clothes is ultra serious... "Life changing". In a positive direction of course. A genius with talent has put in extraordinary efforts since childhood, and clothes that incorporate all of his life. It can be compared to so-called music, "Classical" and "Jazz". It is said that pianists who are active around the world receive gifted education from an early age and continue to study. Improvisation performed by such people, "jazz". Isabella's ingrained "hand skills". On the other hand, the "head technique" is to judge the details by "improvisation" one by one with the optimum specifications for the fabric and the shape of the clothes you are aiming for. This is an amazing world. There is a saying, "I like clothes," but if I express it as a concrete element, I think it can be unraveled into the "sensibility, sense of value, and sense value" for clothes. And the higher the level of Isabella Stefanelli's clothes, the more they are moved. Of course, it's by far the best price among the brands we've dealt with so far, so whether or not you can get it right away is another matter. Let me introduce you to Isabella Stefanelli's world. Isabella Stefanelli VIRGINIA material _ COTTON 35%, LINEN 35%, HEMP 30% fabric_ORO size_M price_ASK Isabella Stefanelli VIRGINIA material _ COTTON 35%, LINEN 35%, HEMP 30% fabric_SENSI size_M price_ASK ※sold out First of all. A "handwoven" fabric that symbolizes Isabella Stefanelli. As mentioned above, Mr. Isabella himself designed the fabric. The theme of this collection is "FE-MALE", so the hand-woven fabrics are based on that theme. I use cotton, linen and hemp threads. This doesn't seem like a blended yarn, but depending on the part, it's mixed weave, mixed twisted, and if you think about it, it's a single yarn, or it's aligned. I don't know. smile Since it is a hand-woven fabric, the thread is thick, so I think that you can instantly feel that it is dangerous with the naked eye without using a microscope. I think it's an application of plain weave, but I've never seen the thread used, so it's not easy to understand. smile This is the fabric named "ORO", one of the two types of hand-woven fabrics I ordered. Contains yellow, pink, navy, and beige. Then, I ordered a coat called "VIRGINIA" that represents the brand. A coat modeled after the novelist Virginia Woolf, who was born in 1882 and died in 1941. Isabella Stefanelli's clothes are produced by identifying the most suitable fabrics and sewing for the base shape. So, even if the shape of the base is the same, it seems that the texture (direction of the fabric) and sewing method are judged on the spot and changed accordingly. Therefore, even if you introduce one piece of clothing, the specifications may be different even if it has the same shape. Of course, there are some things in common, but for example, it's made from a "single piece" of fabric with almost no seams in the body. And that means that the fabric is used "horizontally", and in the case of a coat, "the edge of the fabric comes to the hem". In other words, the length is set to be "within the fabric width". It is within the width of the loom. Then, since the edge of the fabric is placed as it is at the "end of the hem", there is no overlapping of the hem fabric. This is it. Photo of the edge of the hem. And this photo is a preview photo. It's the place where you come to the front when you wear it. I use the fabric horizontally and place the edge of the fabric on the hem. The fabric, which is used horizontally, has no seams and covers the body all the way around. Most plainly, The bodice is formed from a single piece of fabric. That's why. And this photo is a preliminary photo. When you wear it, it's a place to come to the front. This part is also designed so that nothing overlaps like the hem, instead of processing the edge of the fabric with a tri-fold or facing. However, the fabric is used horizontally for the hem, and the edge of the fabric is used as it is, so it won't come loose. On the other hand, if nothing is done about the front-matching part where the fabric is cut, it will come loose when worn. Plus, it's handwoven. If it's an ultra-high density fabric, it's fine, but if you don't treat the cut parts of the handwoven fabric, the threads will blow out and come loose. That's why Isabella Stefanelli "hands" the fabric edge of the plait. just... The Tematsuri is sewn by hand with the "same thread" as the fabric, and the level of the Tematsuri is astonishing. I don't know how to hold a festival. Dangerous. Look. This is it. I don't understand this photo at all. "Hand festival". So, you can see this level of "hand stitching" in just one piece of clothing. This is one of the few sewing areas on Isabella Stefanelli's clothes. Sewing is a combination of machine sewing and hand sewing. The sewing machine is a cotton-nylon blend yarn made by a German company called Mara. I first heard about Mara from Isabella Stefanelli, but it seems that it is a very strong thread that is used to sew climbing shoes and other mountaineering products. I use that thread to sew on my sewing machine. In the first place, there are few parts sewn on the clothes themselves, but from what I've seen, it seems to be used only for these four "ground stitches": armholes, sleeve joints, shoulder lines, and pockets. Everything else is hand sewn with the same thread as the fabric. Ground stitching is the most important sewing that affects the durability of clothes. Direct sewing to connect each fabric. I use a thread that is so strong that there is no edge there. That's why, even though it's a hand-woven, loose fabric, the seams, which are few in number, are tightly combined. Hand sew the rest. It's a coat. The stitching distance is too long. I'm crazy Well, I'm a designer who started sewing at the age of 4. The quality is one element that tells a career of 40 years. Left and right waist pockets. Hand-woven fabric with ultra-fine double bead. Thinner than a kneading ball. I can't see the bead anymore. Behind this. It's a single layer without lining, but the back is also strange. Impressive super sewing. The plain stitching at this point is the sewing machine sewing with the Mara thread mentioned earlier. But from there, I hand-stitched it to create an ultra-flat seam allowance. Only the back of the neck is the same facing. An amazing world that unfolds behind the clothes. At our store, people who work in the sewing industry in Kojima and other upstream people in the industry often come to visit us, and I get power from these people as well. Please take a look at Isabella's clothes. Kojima industry people. smile pocket. The pocket is a combination of the outer material and the bag cloth. The ground stitching of the two fabrics is made by Mara Sewing Machine. Also, it's all hand made. The same thread as the fabric is hand-twisted and hand-stitched. I remember that VIRGINIA, which was made with this "ORO" fabric, had the fabric "backed". The front side had strong pink and yellow colors, so that was fine, but on the other hand, the back side had a lot of navy. So, I remember deciding that it would be best if pink and yellow could be seen in wide stripes behind the navy. Well, Isabella Stefanelli is an order on the spot at the time of the exhibition, so I'm desperate to decide which one to do. smile Especially since it was my first time at that time, I didn't know it was an on-the-spot order, so when the time limit was over, I knew I had to make a decision right away. That's why I was desperate to have him make something more suitable for our store, so I remember having him use it in the back, but it's a bit vague. But when it was finished, I was still very impressed with Isabella Stefanelli's clothes. I think this area is really special. VIRGINIA with a fabric called "ORO" that expresses the FE-MALE collection theme. Another handwoven fabric. "SENSI". This VIRGINIA is already sold out. Astonishing sewing is the same, but... Isabella Stefanelli has a lot more to offer than just that. this. It is spread out on a flat surface. Isabella Stefanelli is often said to flatten on a flat surface. However, it is said that when you wear it, it becomes three-dimensional. And the solid is "Three-dimensional objects made by connecting small parts" not, I'm making a solid with "the fewest number of parts". The bodice does not have side switching or back switching. A "perfect piece" of fabric. And the fabric can be placed on a flat surface without wrinkling. However, in a super mysterious state like the photo above. A very odd shape. From the steep slope of the shoulder, "arms are growing" in a position I've never seen before. This is the most natural state when laid flat. But humans don't have this kind of body shape, do they? Little by little, when you lower your arms like when you put it on, Hold your arm down, Then, the bodice naturally floats up a little. If you lower your arm, The bodice will stand out even more. If you lower the angle of your arm more, The bodice is clearly floating. And if you lower the angle of your arms to the point where you can't naturally lower the angle of the arm when it's placed flat, it's closer to what a human wears... It really brings out your bodice. This is simply because the angle of the sleeve is lowered. I have never seen such an amazing pattern. In other words, if you lay it flat so that it doesn't wrinkle, it will take on an incomprehensible shape, but when someone actually wears it, it will take on an astonishing three-dimensional shape. All of Isabella Stefanelli's clothes are designed to give you the most ideal look when you wear them. That's why, the body that softly wraps around the upper half of the body and has almost no transitions, sticks to the body tremendously. This is it. The neck, shoulders, and chest fit as if the fabric is sticking to them. And when viewed from the front, the arm "disappears". This is what designers around the world and clothing brands around the world, who aim for the architectural beauty of clothes, want to create. I'm trying to create a ". But I can't create a solid like Isabella Stefanelli. Moreover, in the case of Isabella Stefanelli, as mentioned above, there is almost no "switching" of fabrics in clothes. If you look at a piece of fabric, the pocket and the inside of the back of the neck, "One Body" "One sleeve x 2" The above, only "three parts" produce it. I think this is the quality of what is at the top of the world. I think that all three-dimensional figures up to this point are realized by manipulating the shape of the "shoulder line" and "armhole". Price is price, so I can never disassemble it, but if I disassemble it, I'm sure that I've never seen cutting. And that's not all. If you look at it from the front, like I said, "the arm disappears". when standing upright. But if you look at it from the side, you can see a wonderfully shaped arm. It looks like a dropped shoulder when worn. But it's not a drop shoulder design. When viewed from the front, delicate arms grow from the inside of the fallen shoulders. Furthermore, when viewed from the side, a very beautiful arm extends from the armhole that looks very "small". The armholes are triangular and pointed upwards, and the sleeves have volume at the back. The armholes are hidden inside the peak of the season, making it look "smaller". "Arm grows" from there. In order to match the movements of human beings, and to achieve beauty from the sides, the arms that have grown are voluminous in the back direction "to match the elbows". If you are in the clothing industry, I think this will come to mind, but when you aim for beautiful sleeves, you should aim for a triangular sleeve shape when viewed from the side, with the peak of the sleeve on the shoulder. Unless it's very old-fashioned. Isabella Stefanelli thinks about the balance with the armholes, the width of the sleeves, the width of the shoulders, and many other things, and creates it with the minimum number of parts and sewing. If you put it flat, it is said to be "flat", but everything is "here". "Shoulder line and armhole". When it comes to the world of Isabella Stefanelli, there's an incredible amount of detail that can be collected in a limited number of places. There are many kinds of clothes in the world, but if something is expensive, it is necessary to add "visible details" according to the price. But that's not the case with Isabella. It's the other way around. It erases visible, visible detail. Everything has been thought of, super-constructed, super-complicated, and infused with all kinds of technology that you can't imagine. This is something Isabella has learned throughout her life. That is reflected in all Isabella Steafnelli clothes. Isabella Stefanelli VIRGINIA material _ COTTON 35%, LINEN 35%, SILK 30% fabric_DASH SANDROSE size_L price_ASK This is VIRGINIA as well. Virginia in ultra-luxury Italian fabrics. At the hem and cuffs, there is also a fabric edge attached to this part, so you can use it as it is. Regarding the front fitting, as before, there is no folding back of the fabric or end paper. Because the fabric is used horizontally, it looks like a few weft threads have been pulled out. This part is an easy-to-understand difference from hand-woven fabric. Also, of course, the inner sewing specifications are different. Well, all of them are at a tremendous level that you can rarely see. Isabella Stefanelli AMEDEO material _ COTTON 35%, LINEN 35%, SILK 30% fabric_DASH SANDROSE size_4 price_ASK This is a model called AMEDEO with a short length. It is modeled after Amedeo Modigliani, a painter and sculptor who died in 1920. It's the same fabric as VIRGINIA. Isabella Stefanelli GUSTAVE material_COTTON 100% fabric_PANAMA size_S price_ASK And one last thing is this. This is also a jacket type with a short length. The model of the image is Gustave Courbet, a painter who died in 1877. I didn't know that, but I had seen a picture of Mr. Courbet in a commercial for thinning hair treatment on TV. smile Well, I don't care. As for GUSTAVE, although it is 100% cotton, it is dyed in a special way. I would like to introduce these two again. Isabella Stefanelli's clothes will hit you in the head for the price, but even more than that, the "crazy" charm will confuse your brain. That's because the power of the transcendent realm that this clothes has definitely, definitely exists. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, if you have a better sense of what clothes to wear, then yes. I am very happy to be able to feel such things through clothes. The experience of Isabella Stefanelli's long and certainly weighted life and the skills honed in it are poured into one piece. Therefore, we would like to introduce this item in our shop, and those who have it in their hands will spend time with Isabella Stefanelli's clothes in their lives, just like Isabella's life experiences that support the creation of clothes. I would be happy if you could.
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