Today, I would like to introduce it for the first time in a long time or half a year.


It was half a year ago when we started selling our products for the first time, and at that time it was an indigo dyed rabbit fur felt hat.

Well, due to the nature of the brand, it is not a highly productive product that is mass-produced in a factory, but one that is finished one by one by the designer in the atelier.

Inevitably, there is a limit to the amount that can be produced, and the way we handle each product and the amount of time we spend on it is completely different from making a normal hat.

The development at our store is the “possibility” that designers can create.

In other words, it's a style of making something that grabs my own heart from the bottom of my "drawer".

Well, it's the direction of the brand, but because of that, IRIES HM seems to be available at only two stores in Japan, including CASANOVA&CO.

Also, it seems that there are shops that handle orders.

I also talked with the IRIES HM designer about this, and it just so happened that the common brand in all stores is Isabella Stefanelli.

It's not that I want to sing it with the rarity of "small number", but Isabella-san is the same, IRIES HM has a limited absolute number to produce, and it's not easy to make, and it satisfies that quality. In order to complete something new, it is sometimes difficult to produce "quantity" absolutely.

Therefore, there are inevitably limits to what can be distributed.

It's not just a rarity that's just a slogan, but it's wonderful that you're taking the time to create something unique.

I think it's full of responsibility as a creator.

I'm very fascinated by that sort of thing.

After all, as a result of making full use of your own experience, facing each other, doing your best, and pouring time into it, there is always something that resides in the finished product.

I would love to wear something like that. everytime.

And this time, IRIES HM made one type.

Well, I'm in the middle of making a hat for midsummer ahead.

Again, rabbit fur raw materials.

As I mentioned earlier, what I had you make last time was an indigo dyed rabbit fur felt hat.

For me, even in the summer, it's ideal to wear a rabbit hat, a tank top, breathable pants, and boots.

It doesn't matter what season.

And this time, the quality of the indigo dyeing type and the rabbit is a little different.

The appearance is much simpler this time, but the materials and techniques have been sharpened accordingly.

It is a variation in 3 colors.















A style called "loose fit" with no seams and a natural starting point of the brim.

The material is a quality called "Antelope".

Located in a fairly high class zone.

Most cheap hats like this are made of wool felt, so I think just saying Rabbit is enough, but this time, I would like you to pay more attention to the materials and IRIES HM techniques. .

Look, look at the fineness of this surface.

It has a faint and short fluff, so it has a matte texture, but the brilliance of the material oozes out from the back.

And, as mentioned above, the specifications do not include any seams.

This time the hat is slowly molded while the designer presses the raw materials into the brand's original mold one by one.

oh yeah.

IRIES HM's hats are all handmade by the designer, Mr. Irie, so they don't even have names anymore. smile

However, it feels like numbering is done for the time being.

Well, it means "it's not a name".

This IRIES HM hat has three main characteristics.

"loose fit"


“Open Crown”

That means.

I think it's a word that you don't see much unlike clothes,

A “loose fit” means that the brim is not stiff and has no seams.

In other words, as the name suggests, the fit on the head is also looser = "loose".

However, whether or not this nuance is like this is a very important item because the feeling of wearing and the appearance are completely different.

And "Antelope".

The first time I had an IRIES HM hat made for me, I fell in love at first sight.

If anything, it's an indigo dye with uneven colors, so I thought that the texture of the material and the texture of the material would change slightly over time, as I was aiming for a fine "antelope". world.

However, this time, I didn't apply the indigo dyeing that causes color unevenness.

That's why I thought that the quality of the raw material itself would be even more useful. It's a loose fit.

And when Mr. Irie let me compare various raw materials at the stage, Antelope is different.

I met Mr. Irie at a bar in Tokyo during the daytime, and he showed me various things. I was screaming for

That's why I asked them to make it with rabbit fur "antelope" quality.

As I said earlier, the surface of the hat is very finely textured and has beautiful short hairs.

The colors of MOCHA, BEIGE, and CHARCOAL are very compatible with the antelope material.

It shows the depth that is not flat.

It looks simple, but I think anyone can feel the high quality no matter how they look at it.

After that, touch the real thing.

This touch is quite nice.

About "Open Crown".

The previous indigo dyeing type is the same, but this time, the owner can freely shape the shape of the hat.

It's called an "open crown".

When it comes to normal felt hats, it's often molded and hardened with glue, but I'm not very good at it, and it just ends up looking too gentlemanly.

I also think that it puts a lid on the potential of the material.

In addition to that, that's what IRIES HM is good at, isn't it?

Mr. Irie, the designer, also places great importance on maximizing the texture of the raw materials, and places importance on the natural movement of the product as it is used.

So, instead of hardening the front and back, the front is carefully finished and left as it is.

Only the back side is slightly hardened to hold the core.

When it's brand new, it's the basic folded style, as shown in the photo above, but you can change the shape to your liking.

I think this is a great advantage.


As you can see, it is not lined.

Furthermore, no sweat tape is sewn on.

In hat making, it is a specification that can not hide anything.

That's all, this time, I want you to feel the quality of the material and the politeness of the finish.

However, a detachable stick-on sweat tape is included.

By the way, there is no brand logo anywhere, so the designer made a sticker with the brand name.

Well, this is removable, so if you remove it, there will be nothing to appeal to the brand at all.

And this is what I'm wearing.

No matter how much raw materials are used to the best of their ability, new products still have a slightly stiff mood, but mine has become much softer.

Well, I've been hit by rain many times.

because it's an umbrella. umbrella.


IRIES HM's hat is full of meticulous attention to detail, so I try to break it down as much as possible when I wear it.

That's why I mess around like this sometimes.

It's best to give these things a worn-in look as soon as possible.

This is a regular process for me.

And sweat tape on the inside.

I don't think this sweat tape is particularly necessary at this time of year, but it might be safer to have it on just in case when the temperature rises a little.

If you sweat too much, the sweat will seep out on your face.

So, it's okay if you put it on the part that hits your forehead.

The attached sweat tape can be washed, and 10 pieces of double-sided tape are included so that it can be used repeatedly.

If it runs out, there is no problem with commercially available ones.

BEIGE that I've been wearing lately.

The fluctuation of the brim has also become more natural.

I'm taking a picture of this with my personal belongings.

Height 167cm, weight 53kg, actual foot size 24cm, hair length 2mm, wearing M size.


Well, it's okay to shape it like this.


All the shades give good nuances.

Well, I think this kind of hat will respond as much as you wear it anyway.

And this time, Mr. Irie, the price was also pretty good.

¥50,600-(tax included).

I think it's a rare price for hat making at this level.

This time, the cost performance is also at a higher level.

It doesn't look like it's in its price zone either. I think I am

Experience the quality of IRIES HM.

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