Let me introduce another good one today. I was really looking forward to being able to introduce this. IRIES HM (Iries hat maker). Since it was delivered, I liked it so much that I wore it every day. There was a lot of things to say, but it's finally unveiled. This encounter with IRIES HM came suddenly. Well, I had heard about it for a little while, so I knew about it. However, due to the nature of the brand, it's not a collection format, so I didn't have the time to meet and talk in person. Then, one day, suddenly. Or, as usual, when I went on a business trip. When I go on business trips, I have various meetings with brands, but mainly I go to exhibitions. On that day, as usual, I went on a business trip with a ticking time schedule. So, I arrived at the exhibition hall of another brand as I had made an appointment. And I was looking at the collection lineup of that brand exactly as scheduled. Then, Irie-san from IRIES HM was there. I had met Mr. Irie many years ago, so it was the first meeting in a long time. Mr. Irie also runs a hat brand that presents in a collection format, so the first time I met him was with that brand. We didn't get to deal with that brand at our store, but we've met again since then. And at that time, Mr. Irie had only the idea of ​​IRIES HM, but it hadn't actually started yet. Mr. Irie was aware of the current existence of IRIES HM, which hadn't started at the time, and I've always had it in my heart. So, a reunion after a long time. We met for the first time in a long time, so we talked about various things. What Mr. Irie is thinking now, what he is doing, the situation of this store, my thoughts, etc. That's what we were talking about as the time for the next appointment approached. However, at that time, I felt a "different" feeling than before. This is "something". and. Feelings like this are very important to me. smile But the next appointment is imminent. However, I feel like I can't miss this. Premonition. make an appointment or Take this omen? I trusted my instincts. smile And I immediately contacted Mr. Brand, who was planning to make the next appointment, that I would be forced to be late. In a hurry, I went to Mr. Irie's house. Was it in Meguro at that time? I feel like I've moved now. The two of us rushed straight there in a taxi. It can't be helped because the direction of the story was going in a direction with more and more brilliance. next appointment. If this is a reunion where you don't feel anything at all, I'll ignore it, but it didn't happen. For me, who always seeks such encounters with people and things from the bottom of my heart, I felt that it was very important. And I arrived at Mr. Irie's house. Since it's really urgent, Mr. Irie first cleans up his house a little. So, I also got permission from my wife who was at home. This is how I started my encounter with IRIES HM. As I said earlier, Mr. Irie also runs a brand that presents hats in a collection format in addition to IRIES HM. That is a factory mass-produced hat brand. Also, since he is a genuine hat maker, he has a career in that, and even now, in addition to his own brand, he seems to be asked to produce Japanese hat brands that everyone knows about. . Irie-san's career as a craftsman has been condensed into the IRIES HM that we are introducing to you this time. So it's not mass-produced factory production. The "hat making" cultivated by Mr. Irie is very apparent. For that reason, first of all, I asked Mr. Irie to show me what he can create, the techniques and creative drawers. It was a lot of things that you rarely see nowadays. This is amazing. What? I felt Mr. Irie's ability in Bing. But you know,,, In one of Mr. Irie's "drawers", there was something that I had never met or seen before, something that was unexciting. The moment I saw it. Hot blood flows all over the body, running around, I still vividly remember the energy that welled up from the bottom of my heart. This is it. and. Originally, I liked the so-called artisan hats from overseas, so when I was in my early 20s, I liked those kinds of hats and wore them often. Burned, pierced, hand-stitched, destroyed, with matches. However, around that time, an unprecedented hat boom had arrived in Japan, and if you walked around town, you would see hats on the left and right. There was a trend in which men walking in front and women walking behind were all wearing hats. Both fast fashion and designer brands were making hats. Was it about 10 years ago? Can't you go there? That's why, because the world was in such a situation, I gave all of the hats that I had worked so hard to buy to my childhood friend who wanted them. Well, I don't care. Well, what I'm trying to say is that since I was in my early twenties, I've liked hats that would be classified as overseas artisans. So I'm going to know those things. If Irie-san's hats at IRIES HM were "the same", I wouldn't be looking for them. Because it feels like a mere "second brew" or "third brew". As a clothing store, I don't intend to pursue simple "fashion that only looks good", and I would like to continue to pursue "original" things. Such "original" things can be understood immediately when you see the finished product, and the antenna in my heart does not tremble. However, when I saw what Mr. Irie made, what he could produce as a "craftsman," I was shook. absolutely, We handle at our shop, I would like to introduce it to everyone. and. And then, from my own throat, my hands flew out with all my might. So, this is what Mr. Irie made this time. IRIES HM *no name lol material _ RABBIT color_ONE size_S(56.5cm) , M(58cm) , L(59.5cm) this. It's not like it's a collection brand, it's a stance that we make things that we specify, so we don't have a name. smile The material is rabbit fur felt. As you can see, the colors are uneven. It's indigo dyeing. Rabbit fur indigo dyed hat. This characteristic color unevenness. This time, I had several pieces made in 3 sizes, but they all looked different. Most of the nuances are the same. Rabbit fur is actually animal hair. It seems that it is quite difficult to dye animal hair with 100% natural indigo. There is no such thing as indigo dyeing of animal hair in the world, but it seems that the hurdles are very high. The original materials for this hat Irie-san made this time were made in Portugal, which is also a production area for felt hats. Undyed, 100% rabbit grey-brown. It seems that most of the hats that are the base of the hat are usually processed to some extent before they are distributed, but this time they are unprocessed. I asked LITMUS in Kanagawa Prefecture to dye it with indigo. Some people may know Mr. LITMUS, but I think he is a well-known name in Japan for indigo dyeing. It is indigo dyeing that LITMUS hand-dyed the hat body one by one. There are places where the contrast between the base rabbit coloring and the indigo dye is clear, and there are places where the color is familiar. LITMUS, who has one of the best indigo dyeing techniques in Japan, dyes unevenly so that the texture of the rabbit fur felt itself remains. Therefore, although the appearance and the density of the indigo dye are different for each piece, I would be happy if you could see it positively as something unique to each individual. As I said earlier, each of the indigo-dyed muramura hats is dyed in a different way, but I really wanted people to see the preciousness of things that can't be completely controlled by someone with such skill. . In addition to that, the texture of the rabbit itself. It's a very dense and fine surface, but I didn't want it to feel too flat due to excessive processing on the front. In addition to uneven indigo dyeing, the original potential of raw materials. I put a lot of importance on that, and I think he created something wonderful that I had idealized. The potential and quality of fibers that make you feel rabbit fur. I don't think this level is from the zone you see so often these days. The edges are cut off by Mr. Irie himself. This shape itself seems to exist in old-fashioned classical hats. IRIES HM's hats are not made for collection purposes, so Mr. Irie handles everything from procurement of raw materials to finishing by himself. For the indigo dyed hat this time, we procure raw materials, dye indigo (LITMUS), fix the inside with glue, mold it, cut the edges, sew on sweat tape, and steam it to shape it. Mr. Irie is doing all the processes other than the indigo dyeing. And usually, in the final process, there seems to be a process in hat making that further refines the surface, but this time, in order to realize Mr. Irie's goal, to make the best use of the material itself, such a process was used. Not finished. Also, it seems that glue is applied not only to the back side, but also to the front side to finish it, but that makes it look flat, so I don't do that either. It is a hat that has been completed through the best process for materials in Mr. Irie's career. And on the back, we had USA-made vintage grosgrain tape placed. This grosgrain tape seems to have been produced in the past, but now it seems to have stopped. It is designed to pass through a loop of the same material. This is convenient. The wind was strong during the typhoon the other day. When I was walking at night at that time, I was almost blown away by a gust of wind, but I had this tape wrapped around my chin, so it was okay. Tape for dealing with violent winds. smile IRIES HM is stamped on the inner sweatband. back. Classic style, no lining. Place the anti-sweating tape as described above. The photo shows a brand new item with a tag and tag attached, but this item is temporarily attached, so please remove it if you have it in your hands. vintage grosgrain tape. And this. What I use on my everyday. I was waiting for something like this. all the time. I thought it would be hard to meet, and I thought it would be impossible in Japan. This is it. It's just that I haven't met him. until now. Mr. Irie is also active as a collection brand, and that brand is also handled nationwide. When it comes to IRIES HM, it's a very small range of activities that does hat making that can't be done in mass production fields. Believe in the omens you feel and try to act irregularly. If you look at the picture, I think you'll understand, but I'm wearing it like a folded hat with the center squashed. It doesn't matter if it's round shape from the beginning or if it's crushed. Recently, I've been wearing it for almost a month since it was delivered, so the rabbit fur felt just feels like it. It's still just my feelings. This is the point. The one I use also has relatively strong unevenness, but there are individual differences in each. One with strong unevenness or one with a little familiarity. Dark or pale in color. Well, it seems to be roughly similar, but please consider it as a feature of this. The brim is about 7cm long and about 13-14cm high, maybe 13.5cm. Due to the nature of manual work, there may be slight individual differences. But I think we have a good balance. I am M size (58cm). S is for women or men with a fairly small head, M and L are for men. It has this atmosphere, so I really want everyone to get it, but it's not something that everyone can wear. I think there is something. Take a look.
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