Pants with Irenisa, which we announced the other day. This time's pants are not only the outseam side, but also the inseam side, that is, the beauty of the "inner thigh", which is created by IRENISA. Still, the top and bottom of the outfit combination when thinking about these pants. top = tops bottom = shoes We aimed for pants with a perfect balance that can handle any combination of volume and appearance. That's why I'm aiming for that, so it's no good if the pants are too extreme. On the other hand, simply being beautiful and elegant is not acceptable.In my opinion, in a sense, these are pants that have tried to be threaded through the eye of a needle. However, it's not just easy-to-use pants, it's the quality of IRENISA, so I think you'll be able to experience the "impression" that you haven't experienced before. First of all, there is the concept of the brand. IRENISA. "CHIC WITH SARCASM" "Classy and Irony" Fortunately, it was the brand debut season when we started handling IRENISA at our store. For example, even for those who prefer simple and minimalist clothing, we want the clothes to blend in with their existing wardrobes. On the contrary, the creation is pushed forward, and the clothes that people who like highly designed and avant-garde clothes can pick up. I want to make clothes with that kind of feeling. As I was told, this IRENISA clothing has a tremendous range of response capabilities. It is possible to achieve such a thing because it is full of deep and wonderful techniques for making clothes that are difficult to understand at a glance when it is completed as clothes. I feel it from the bottom of my heart. Even if we think in the same way, this is not something that everyone in the world can do, and it is an ultra-high level thing. That's why our clothing line-up is usually biased towards different directions, but this time, as long as we don't get the size wrong, the IRENISA pants will impress all of us like never before in our history. I believe that I have created something that will be appreciated. I've been wearing this for about a month now, but I seriously think so. Well, well, hypothetically, I only wear skinnies. For someone like you, it might be different. Also, for example, something that has no design at all is good. It might be difficult for superhuman normcore people like that. But for those who don't, these pants have a high degree of perfection when you put your body in them. Experience the "outline beauty" and "quality" that can only be found here. IRENISA × CASANOVA&CO DOUBLE CENTER PLEATS PANTS material _ WOOL 79%, MOHAIR 21% size_1,2,3 this. For those of you who have known about IRENISA since its 2020 autumn/winter debut season, you may be familiar with the pants. Among the brands, the pants were very iconic in the first season and the following season. Well, even in that kind of shop, during the debut season, there were just a few things in me that I didn't agree with, so I didn't handle it, but in the second season, it was very high quality. I thought it was too expensive, so I handled it. The brand was only available in "black" in both seasons, although the fabrics were different. Since it's a brand that I've dealt with from the beginning, I used DOUBLE CENTER PLEATS PANTS as a base in terms of its "origin". Pants have many characteristics, but what is absolutely essential is the "outline". Amazing "lines" are drawn not only on the outside, but also on the inner thighs. This is crazy. And "two center pleats" in both front and back. The center pleat on the front of the classic trouser is a symbolic detail of IRENISA, which was created as a brand original based on the question, "Isn't it just one piece?" The two center pleats run through both the front and back to the edge of the hem. Then, in operation, the pleats open. It might be easier to understand if you say that in a new state, it shows different faces in stillness and motion. Also, at the stage of the toile for these pleats, I had a problem with Mr. Abe of IRENISA about whether or not to hold it down with edge stitching. Since the fabric is wool mohair and has thermoplasticity, it is difficult to remove the press even without the edge stitch. However, my premise was that the potential of these pants would be felt through heavy use, so I asked them to add edge stitching to ensure that the pleats would never come off. However, when I did that, I was worried about the sewing side at the time of finishing, but it was solved beautifully. It's going great. It's a taut wool mohair fabric, so even when it's hung, you can feel the glimpses of its beautifully drawn outlines. There are two darts around the waist of the back so that it fits tightly around the waist, and the center pleat folds up to the waistband. The waist has belt loops, but the waist belt comes with both side adjusters. This allows waist adjustment of 10 cm or more. The adjuster belt is also made of the same fabric, and both ends are reinforced with saddles, so you can tighten it without worrying about it. side view. Side slash pockets do not have pocket opening stitching. Belt loops, adjusters, candome, and two center pleats have stitches, but if the stitches are exposed in all the details, it will end up being a fairly casual genre. However, if there are too few exposed stitches, the slacks will swing too much. That's why we find the right balance in the right place and finish it with sewing specifications that combine the essence of both. Expand further. This is very well done. Switching the waist band at the adjuster. As a result, even when the adjuster is tightened strongly, only this switching part contracts smartly. Front top button. The top button, both welts on the left back body, and the button that fastens the tengu inside are all horn buttons with the Irenisa stamp. It's hand-made, and it's tightly attached, so it's attached very firmly. belt loop. The belt loop attachment is also very carefully processed. The upper part is folded in three, and the lower part is poured into the waist belt. Furthermore, the back of the belt loop is also this specification. Put the interlining inside and fold it neatly with an iron. And it is a loop finished with lockstitching. The belt loop is a part for practical use, but it's good that you can trust me because it's made exactly like that. IRENISA quality. The center pleat on the front disappears under the belt loop, creating a beautiful belt loop. inside waist. Fastener suppression, long-nosed goblin, carrying out, piping, marbelt. Everywhere, the edges of the fabric are well-proportioned edge stitches. back. Front body. As you can see from this photo, there is no lining. The fabric is 79% wool and 21% mohair, but don't worry, it won't irritate you. In particular, mohair has a lot of strong hair, so it is common to have strong irritation to the skin, but this is not that level of mohair. I used this fabric because I thought it would help maintain the form of the fabric by adding a taut weft to the plain weave fabric. Wool trousers are usually lined with a lining to improve the texture and maintain the form, but I didn't think it was necessary for this, so I didn't add a lining. As a result, we were able to achieve a comfortable skin feel in spring and summer. Back body. You can't see the details in this photo, but I think you can feel the beautiful finish. It even comes with a chic cloth. Looking at the inside, the slacks are completely neat, but the two center pleats are quite foreign. The back side of the center pleat is also fastened with edge stitching. No matter how heavy you wear it, these pleats will never disappear. Also, thanks to these pleats, it has a super special structure, and it's a fabric characteristic that the brand didn't use in their collections, so as I mentioned earlier, there was a certain amount of anxiety, but it's all been resolved wonderfully. . And with a chic cloth on the inner thigh. This is attached to old-fashioned slacks, but it is also effective in preventing crotch rubbing and tearing. So, if you get it, please use it heavily. It is also suitable for people who often ride bicycles. A full sense of security. After all, not only the shape and fabric, but also the detailed specifications that you can't see when you wear it are very important when composing clothes. This trinity is important. The first stage of completion is not the best, but the important thing is "beyond it". I think that it is an absolutely necessary condition that it is made with care in order to realize it. I will introduce you later. Continue. .
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