"Irenisa" NEW SEASON

As for the brand, the new season started on the 10th (Sat) of last week, so some of you may already know about it, but the autumn/winter season will start on the 17th (Sat) at our store.


This is the third season for the brand.

Fortunately, we have been working together since the brand debuted, so this is our third season.

"COGNITIVE DISSONANCE" = "cognitive dissonance"

This is a collection called

2021 fall winter season.

In the last two years, society has changed completely from what it was before.

Not only the way we work, but also the way we live and how we spend our days off are being restricted.

But even if there is such a restraint, even if the action is restricted, the thought is free.

Thoughts, emotions, life, and design cannot be one-sided.

The next new value may be lurking in the distorted and discordant balance.

Based on this idea, this new season is a collection centered on clothes.

So far, I've seen the past two collections since my debut, and I've had people who deal with them and come to the store see the 2020AW and 2021SS, and I think the level of the entire collection has gone up a lot. 2021AW season.

Both the first season and the second season were collections with a good line-up, and we have been handling selected clothes from that collection at the store, but this time it feels like the stage of the brand has changed.

That's why the variations in the lineup that line up in stores have increased considerably.

The items that will start in stores from this 17th (Saturday) will be the first delivery of the third collection, but 60% or more of this season will be available at this timing.

After that, it feels like it will be little by little next month and the month after next.

I think that you can see the specifications that you have never seen before, the specifications that you can't help but follow with your eyes, and the clothes that you touch many times.

Irenisa is the angle and roundness from the neck to the shoulders and arms, and the dimensional balance between them and the body. It's the brightest clothes.

I would appreciate it if you could look forward to it.

Also, on Saturday, the 17th, COMOLI, amachi., and this season's debut A.PRESSE will start.

In terms of COMOLI, band collar shirts and denim tops and bottoms.

amachi. will start with a small lineup of jumping stone-like sweaters and pants.

The debut brand, A.PRESSE, is a serious brand run by Mr. Shigematsu of anythings, who was with Mr. Kaneko at our store during the ETS.MATERIAUX event.

This is also a slow start with two types of pants, but it's high level, so please look forward to it.

Also, please let me know the details later.

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