Irenisa NEW SEASON 2

The other day, I introduced some of the first Spring/Summer season items for the Irenisa brand, and today I will continue to introduce them. ITALIAN COLLAR SHORT-SLEEVED SHIRT material_WOOL 100% size_2,3 A short-sleeved shirt with narrow-pitched stripes on a uniquely nuanced coloring ground. It's called Italian color, but if you categorize it, it probably belongs to that category. It's a shirt with a unique collar design. As mentioned above, the blend rate is 100% wool. The pattern is not printed with stripes, but a pin stripe is created by inserting a single color thread into the warp. At first glance, it doesn't look like anything special, but it has elements that symbolize the season of Irenisa. It's an original fabric made by the brand. It is packed with things that only Irenisa can offer. "NATURE & MADNESS" The stripe expresses the beauty of nature and the fluctuation that is not regular. If you look closely, you can see that the thickness of the colored threads of the stripes that are evenly spaced is different. Threads are not the same thickness. In other words, it's not the same stripe. If you look at it after knowing that, the stripes will look different. The presence of the stripes, which melted into the soft nuances of the fabric as a whole and created the atmosphere of the clothes, became clearer and stronger. Pinstripes, which had remained silent, suddenly emerge. And in the next moment, it looks like Irenisa Stripe, which is different from the classical pinstripes we have seen so far. No way. Regarding the quality of the fabric, 120 pairs of warp yarns (two 120-count yarns twisted together) and 72-count single yarns (one 72-count yarn) are used for the weft yarns. It's smooth wool and has a smooth touch, but it also has a unique dry, cotton-like feel. wonder or wonder. It's somewhat dry, but there's a unique luxury to it due to the fiber's center of gravity and surface texture that doesn't exist in cotton. I think it's a very deep fabric, not frivolous or superficial. I don't think the original fabric is good or bad because it's not, but I think it's very valuable to create this original fabric. I think it's a fabric with "originality" by "Irenisa's imagination and creation" that matches the season. Also, this shirt. As I said earlier, the collar is also very different. It looks like there is a base collar, but it is made in one piece without a base collar. In open collar shirts, which are common in summer, most of the brands pursue balance with the whole, such as the size and opening of the collar, but at Irenisa, the design of the collar is different from the root. The pattern is completely different from the usual collar, and by flipping a large piece of parts, the upper collar is formed with a function similar to that of a base collar and an intermediate height. If it is a color without a base collar, the collar will be flat and flat, and if the base collar is too tight, the mood created by the collar will be too stiff. A collar that does not belong to either. If it is an open collar, it is assumed that the first button will always be opened, so if the button is fastened, strange wrinkles will occur. Therefore, it is a unique collar type designed by the brand. As a result, it is okay to open the button and open the neck, and it can also be worn with the first button fastened. Completion of Hybrid Collar. The button is Irenisa's laser engraved horn button. In general, the buttons on this hand are mainly applied to the shell or nut area, but the effect that cannot be achieved with that button is demonstrated. Also, there is no back yoke. There is a switch on the front that cannot be seen without the back yoke when viewed from the front, but the back is large. That's why the back style can appeal the texture of wool abundantly. However, although it is a single part, it is well equipped with three-dimensional roundness that matches the back. I think it's a very comfortable shirt in the scorching summer as the wind blows through it. MEDICAL SHIRT material_COTTON 100% size_2,3 This shirt is inspired by old clothes. It's called a shirt, but as you can see in the picture, it's not the usual color type. The sleeve length is below the elbow, and the length is a little longer. A distinctive stand-shaped neck. The front is set to attach and detach with two hook parts on the right shoulder and three buttons on the right side. Cotton tape is placed on the body. Moreover, the corner is a picture frame specification. This tape is a visual accent, but it also plays a role in reinforcing metal parts when fastening them by hand. Recently, I haven't seen many parts like this, so it's a good spice. The left body is designed to return when the front is opened, but Irenisa's well-thought-out design works here as well. "Endpaper" is placed on the border of the front opening. Single stitch on the end side of the facing. The body side has a double stitch specification of edge +3mm. The neck is also double-stitched 3mm from the top stitch at the joint with the bodice. With this specification, the stitching will be eye-catching when the front is closed, but it will be even more effective when opened. The neck is also a beautiful round design with a moderate amount of space around the neck of a man, but when you open it, the part where the double stitching creates hardness plays a role as a base, and the whole falls flat. I succeeded in flipping with my energy left. Because it looks completely different if this happens and if it doesn't. in short, neat. "Mikaeshi" that continues from the neck to the hem. In the first place, the “paperback” is the part located at the edge of the back of the fabric, which is used to reinforce the fabric with the same fabric as the front, or to process the edge of the fabric. View from the hem of the bodice. The hem of the bodice is wrapped in three (the outer material should be folded in three) as per theory, but the curve of the pattern on the front opening is tight, and the inside of the front is designed to give more weight and hardness. It's a shirt that is supported by a structure that you can't imagine from the flat appearance of the front. in short, I'm doing really well. It can be worn naturally and fully open, or it can be worn with only buttons. Also, it might be a good idea to do the opposite and fasten only the hook parts, open the button at the bottom, and wear it so that the cotton tape can be seen a little. Well, I think it's a shirt with a few things to try. There aren't many summer short-sleeves that can make a difference at a glance. There is a slit on the side. That's right, the fabric is 100 cotton, and it's super long cotton. Thanks to that, it has a natural shine and softness, but if anything, it has a chemical fiber touch. So-called thin threads are woven at high density, but only Hamamatsu, Japan's major cotton fabric production area, can bring such high density with 100% cotton. However, it seems that the fabric is dyed in Shiga Prefecture from there. With such a high density and a touch like chemical fiber, I think it's hard to get color, but is it a high-temperature and high-pressure press? You may be doing something that you don't do with normal cotton. If it's the fabric so far. And then, from there, it's the finishing of the fabric. The effect of the special processing determines the texture of this fabric. I think it's very comfortable against the skin when you wear light clothes, so it's pretty cold right now, but please imagine the burning sun, the sweat, and the cries of cicadas. and, HIGH WAIST PANTS material_COTTON 100% size_2,3 These pants are made of the same material as the MEDICAL SHIRT. I also did a set-up shoot for the brand. It is a powerful wide pants that was also in the 2020AW season, but the fabric has changed and it has a completely different impression. The luster of the fabric makes these pants a light drape that gives shadows. Continuing from last season, the waist, which has many layers and looks complicated, is still alive. It also has belt loops and a side adjuster. However, originally belt loops are like a kind of tool for passing belts through, and in most cases they play a role only in terms of function, but in these pants they also play a role as a large part that forms the appearance. It goes without saying that there are several on the waist, It's one step further than normal belt loop installation. In general, it is normal to process the edge of the fabric with an overlock and attach it by folding it in two. These pants have three fold belt loops. and, There are no seam stitches or reverse stitches on the surface where it is attached, so it looks raised and the overall balance is well balanced. Formative beauty. If you say that it doesn't matter, it ends with clothes of that level, and it is one of the detailed specifications that can not be overlooked by those who pursue clothes and aim for further heights. Maybe. On the side, the loop for passing the belt is extended as it is, and the side adjuster is fixed so that it does not swing. I put Kandome in the middle point here. You can see that detailed instructions are given to the sewing factory for these pants. Because the name is high waist, the rise is set deep. However, it seems that the brand is designing it so that it can be worn not only at the high waist position, but also at the hip bone position. It's complicated inside, isn't it? It's a marbelt specification with a zipper front, but... Cupra lining up to the thigh area. that is,, 2 tucks to the lining to match the outer material. The back is also lined, but Darts on the back and lining to match the outer material. It's not just a matter of having excess fabric on the lining, but making sure the lining works comfortably with the front. There are fashion brands all over the world. There are tons of things that "look" like they're pretty decent. However, I don't think there are that many people who are actually involved in the process of branding and actually making clothes. However, just having the technology alone is not enough. It's not enough to just have talent. Irenisa is the second collection since the brand started. It's only my second time here, but this brand is what it is now and I can count on it for the future. that's why,,, 2021SS season Continue tomorrow.
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