The new season of Irenisa, which debuted in the previous season of autumn and winter, has begun. The arrival of the 2021SS season. Moreover, he delivered the whole amount in one shot. At first, I was hoping for a slightly earlier time than the brand had planned, and it was almost as it was. So now we have a full line-up. The theme of the season is "NATURE & MADNESS", as you can see from the official look of the brand. "Nature and Madness" It was a theme that didn't come to mind at all, but when I asked Mr. Abe of Irenisa about it, he seemed to think so. I think that the fit with the original aim of the brand is perfect. Through Irenisa's clothes, I feel that they are clothes that can be used by people who wear simple clothes and those who like avant-garde styling. Well, since it's clothes, there's a preference for how it looks, and although it's not all, I think clothes have a lot of depth. For example, although I won't introduce it today, there is a brand's original wool fabric. After knowing the first contact approach and the story of the brand's season, it looks completely different. As a store that deals with clothes on a daily basis, Irenisa has clothes that have a central idea, and I am very convinced that they are not superficial, but have been created through a proper process. Not quite. this time period. It's a world where anyone can start a fashion brand right away if they feel like it, and create clothes that look "appropriate". However, there are very few clothes that give you a sense of depth, not just the appearance. As for the theme of this season's brand, "Nature and Madness" I think that there are many things that can be understood by looking at the clothes and talking about them, and since it is a rather complicated topic, I will explain it in a slightly simplified way here. Mr. Abe and Mr. Kobayashi, who are the central figures of Irenisa, live in Tokyo, and when they spend their time there, they find the beauty of nature, such as the mountains and the flowing rivers, a sense of peace and sensuality. It seems that it may be affected by Many people find healing and beauty in nature, don't they? But sometimes nature turns its fangs. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons can't be said to be too unscrupulous now, but coronavirus may be one of the providences of life. Human beings are one of the things that are nurtured by nature, and it may be that we are just riding in that big flow. I don't know. I think that human beings have a debt of what they have done to the earth and nature since ancient times for economic development, and some people are seriously thinking about coexisting with nature, and everyone should think about it. Isn't it time? When I think about small things, I think it's like that, such as charging a plastic bag. We may be able to know true beauty when we look at the magnificence of nature and, conversely, the terror (madness) that comes with it. A collection that was born from the idea of ​​​​and created under it. Simply put. And that is beautifully reflected in the clothes. However, if you don't see the real thing, you may not be able to feel it. So, I will introduce clothes here as usual. Today I would like to introduce some of my collections. little by little. coat and setup. Irenisa RAGLAN SLEEVED OVER COAT material_COTTON 100% size_2,3 *3 sold out. A long coat with raglan sleeves. I wonder if this "raglan sleeve" is a big key. In the first place, raglan sleeves are often said that there is no set shoulder width, or that they suit all shoulders, but that is not the case at all. Setting the shoulders is quite difficult, especially when it comes to raglan sleeve coats, there are so few things that have a beautiful outline from the shoulders to the arms. Due to the nature of the coat, the length is long and the feeling of drooping is strong, so I don't like that squishy look that makes the shoulders look square. I heard from a skilled pattern maker that set-in sleeves make the shoulders look more beautiful, and I really think so. However, when I wore this coat at an exhibition, the first thing that caught my eye was the beautifully drawn shoulder outline. Raglan sleeve coat = negative shoulder coat My concept was completely overturned. A coat that gently descends along the shoulders and flows down from the arms. I tend to pay attention to the size of the bodice when I wear something with a long length like this, but it might be a good idea to pay attention to the shoulders as well. Also, compared to the volume of the bodice, I think the arms look thinner when viewed from the front. When viewed from the side, the arm looks quite voluminous, but from the front view the arm looks neat. It is also the result of Irenisa's pattern design. However, it never negatively affects the operation, and the amount of exercise is sufficiently secured. In the state of the hanger, there is a lot of fabric around the shoulders, and the three-dimensional structure is really felt. In this state, the diagonal angle of the raglan seems to be strong. And around the neck, which can be said to be the face of clothes. In this coat, it's the collar, but the collar is also super nice. To put it simply, "the collar is standing". Is there a reason for that here? stand collar. Not the upper collar, but the base collar. I don't see many things up to this point, but the width of the base collar is wide. Or rather, the collar is high. That is, the base collar is positioned higher than the upper collar, and the base collar is positioned higher than the body. The collar is the highest point of the fabric that makes up this coat. As a result, the upper collar appears to float. If you wear it and see it, you'll feel it, but it's not excessive, but it has a strong collar. And the chinst that comes with it. It is a single specification because it is a bundle of spring and summer seasons. The back is equipped with white cloth PP (piping) that allows you to recognize that it is made properly even if you take it off. The lining is not included, but the facing is firmly placed. It's a single layer, but it feels like it's not too lightweight. The reason is the fabric. The composition is 100% COTTON. However, I don't think there is anyone who can tell that from the first shot. It's a fabric that reflects Irenisa's season theme, "Natural" means natural fibers when thinking about clothes. A fabric that shows the "madness" of the natural fiber, in other words, transforms the material into something different from the general image. So, it took me a while to see the sample of this coat, so I thought it was a 100% wool coat in my head. At first glance, the fabric looks like wool, but when you hold it in your hand, you can feel that the core is cotton. It has a suppleness that is different from so-called wool gabardine. But it's incredibly smooth and silky to the touch. Less fluff and brilliance than cotton. I don't know the type of cotton fiber, but I'm sure it's super long cotton, and it's strongly spun and twisted (strong twist), and then with a high-speed, high-temperature and powerful gas burner flame. The warp and weft yarns are baked in an instant and the fluff is removed as much as possible. Twill it. of ultra-high density. Well, in recent years, expressions such as firm cotton and glossy cotton have become commonplace, so I don't want to say that anymore, A very good balance of firmness and luster coexist. And the beautiful twill structure is directing it. Looking at it with a microscope, it's 100% vegetable fiber, and the amount of fluff is abnormal. Well, I feel like it's going to look like this. The ultra-fine two-ply yarn is tightly twisted, and the yarn is tight. On top of that, a density that makes the most of it. In general, when the number of twists exceeds 1200, it is said to be a strong twist, but even at our shop, the maximum number of twists is 2000 times for linen cotton yarn, which is ultra-super ultra-strong twist. It's not, but it looks pretty close to it. Depending on the point of view, it feels like a technical synthetic fiber touch, and it looks like a very combed wool. It's a fabric that can be captured in various aspects. The compatibility with the coat is outstanding. and, this fabric. Irenisa NO COLLAR JACKET material_COTTON 100% size_2,3 *3 sold out. I also ordered a jacket with the same fabric. It's still cold now, but I thought it would be very suitable for spring and autumn use. Like the coat, size 3 is sold out, but there may be good things ahead. It's collarless, but it's not just a cut lapel. this. Maniac specifications that stand close to the neck by pattern operation and disappear into the body in three dimensions. This is a collection piece with unlined lining and organdy. Everybody cares about that dick. yes. It's your shoulder. This type of jacket is divided into different genres depending on the design of the shoulders, but this one has no lapels and has high sleeves. If it is a so-called formal jacket, the sleeves are designed to be higher than the body. Plus, it has a thin pad. It's not full of tailoring, but I think it's a jacket that balances the theme properly. A very good jacket. The arm feels thin. One button on the sleeve opens properly. BODY with darts for a waist shape. Single front setting. I haven't seen it much lately, but it's made in Odaiba. Over the past few years, all the brands we carry have stopped making clothes in Odaiba, but I think it's because of the organza lining. Purely Irenisa is Odaiba. The edges of the fabric are neatly piping. It's the same fabric as the previous coat, but the finish gives a completely different impression. The coat is like that, and the jacket is sharp. While it is a coat that makes the most of the amount of fabric, the strength of the fabric seems to be modest in the jacket. Because of the firmness of the fabric, the smooth outline of the shoulders and arms, the well-shaped waist, and the shape of this jacket, which is collarless but has a tight collar, is fully utilized. It's not a loose sizing, but enjoy this shape that fits comfortably on your upper body. Furthermore, Irenisa TWO TUCK WIDE PANTS material_COTTON 100% size_2,3 *3 sold out. The same fabric as the pants. It's also a subordinate of the jacket I mentioned earlier. As the name suggests, these pants have two outtucks on the front. However, There is no "waist band" that is usually present in pants. this. Extend the darts as they are and use them as belt loops. With this, the waist specification is more complicated than regular pants, but it might look good. By the way, some brands come with a nylon belt, but we don't have one. The back of the waist is a Marvel specification, and the belt loop opening has a bar as an opening closure. I see, so that's what it is. Back, you can rest easy. If you look at this construction. Adjustable elastic on the sides. And the back pocket flap is also different. There is a candome, but there is no stitch on the flap. This allows the back flap to float forward. A single ball will appear. The flaps don't have stitches up to the lining, so at first glance the pants look simple, but I can't help but think about a lot of complicated things. Also, if you know the brand, you already know that all the buttons are laser-engraved on the horn. Please rest assured that all the buttons that were reflected in the photo are all the same. In the so-called form, it's a loose wading with respect to the jacket. The feeling of a model walking on the so-called show runway and the fabric of the trousers swaying. Do you have that much leeway? These pants are also made of fabric, so they create a very beautiful mood, so if you like them, you might be drooling. I will also introduce Irenisa later.
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