As I announced on Instagram, it will be held for 9 days from February 17th (Saturday) to February 25th (Sunday).


I think other stores across the country have already sold IRENISA's Spring/Summer 2024 collection, but our store has kept everything in stock until this point.

Titled "LIMITED STORE," we will be displaying a large selection of brand collections all at once.

Additionally, Mr. Abe and Mr. Kobayashi from IRENISA have been present at the store every time we launch a collection, and they plan to be there this time as well.

The first day, the 17th (Saturday), will be open all day, and the next day, the 18th (Sunday), will be open until around 4pm.

So, for those of you who are planning to visit us, please look forward to meeting the two members of IRENISA.

This collection is titled "SUBTLE FRAGMENTS".

"------Capturing ambiguity.

Let plants, rocks, and fruits teach you about sex appeal.

There is a sense of sex appeal in the subtle boundaries created by the mixing of ambiguous colors and shapes.

It looks completely different depending on the time of day, the light, and the country or region.

When I try to capture in words the excitement of the colors and shapes I'm seeing right now,

That essence could easily fly away.

Memories become more abstract, like color field paintings.

It grows into a state of ambiguity, with no focus or boundaries.

He carefully picks out the dreamlike subtleties and adds sex appeal. "

(From the IRENISA collection introduction)

The details of the cuts, the textures of the fabrics, and the ideas of the above collection are perfectly reflected in the clothes.

The clothing lineup that has been available since the brand's debut has been updated with a new size balance, and the brand's pattern work, which is considered to be extremely detailed, has also changed to better quality pieces as the brand aims for greater heights.

"In-house," which means that we come up with the final form of the clothes and complete the actual production ourselves within the brand's atelier.

This is exactly the strength of the IRENISA brand.

I really feel this when I look at IRENISA's clothes.

Therefore, even if people who see it in person don't clearly understand it, by unconsciously wearing IRENISA clothes, they can feel the "strengths of the brand" and the appeal of the clothes. that's what I think.

Experience "IRENISA Quality" from Saturday the 17th.

On the first and second days, we are looking forward to seeing you and the two IRENISA designers.

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