Please let me know today.

Since their debut, Irenisa has held special events every season.

This collection will be held for 4 days from September 23rd (Thursday) to 26th (Sunday).

We have been dealing with the brand since its debut, and we have held many events, so I think that the people who come to visit us can feel the quality of the Irenisa collection.

It's a brand that makes beautiful and powerful clothes.

A flowing outline and a careful structure that even gravity is on your side.

Irenisa's logic is completely different from other brands that make it look as if they are competing with a silhouette, which makes it difficult to wear and operate, and work that simply sets large dimensions to deceive.

What's more, each collection is created based on a theme with a message that Irenisa wants to appeal to the world, so clothes that have an effect not only on the outside but also on the inside of the wearer.

Such high-precision clothing is hard to come by.

You can feel it in every piece of clothing that Irenisa creates.

And the 2021aw season.

"COGNITIVE DISSONANCE" = "cognitive dissonance"

collection named.

Now that the global coronavirus pandemic is screaming.

We live in a world where we cannot restrain our actions, manipulate information, or carry out our normal activities.

The body is constrained, but the thought cannot be constrained, and the thought expands in inverse proportion to the limitation of the body.

Thoughts, ideas, and beliefs cannot be restricted or restrained even in a world where restrictions have become the norm.

I believe that this 2021AW collection expresses the new "world" born from that distorted relationship between the hard (body) and soft (head and heart).

A visual balance born from the unification of mutually contradictory properties, and the structural beauty of clothing never seen before through the matching of complex elements, combined with functionality.

This time Irenisa can feel plenty of such thoughtful details.

The line-up is still available in stores today, but the timing for the final delivery was just this September, so it will also start in time for this period.

In addition to that, the collection variations will increase during this period, so I think that those who like it will enjoy it.

Also, this time, the two of Irenisa will finally be standing in the store.

On the 25th (Sat), it will be open from 12:00 to about 18:00.

Mr. Abe and Mr. Kobayashi.

Considering this situation, it's a little limited, but I hope everyone who likes Irenisa can experience it.

Feel the depths of Irenisa.

I'll let you know again.

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