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Today, I'll let you know.

I mentioned IRENISA a little bit on this blog the other day.

Since the brand's debut season, we have held a limited-time event called "LIMITED STORE" for every collection, and we will be holding it again this time.

The period is 9 days from September 16th (Sat) to 24th (Sun).

Also, Mr. Abe and Mr. Kobayashi, the designer duo from IRENISA, visit our store once every six months.

This time as well, he will be at our store all day on the first day, the 16th (Saturday), and until the evening on the following day, the 17th (Sunday).

Early delivery of the 2023 Fall/Winter Collection has already begun at stores nationwide from around July, but our store had not lined up a single item until this time. lol

And, the other day, almost all of the collection was delivered, and for this period, I'm putting it all together at once.

The brand also held a show for this fall/winter collection in Japan, so I think those who like it should have seen it.

Therefore, I thought it would be best for everyone to experience the mood of the collection all at once.

Two of our designers will be at the store for two days.

If you are able to visit us, please enjoy it.

We have held such opportunities in all seasons so far, but this time, I think we will have the largest variety of IRENISAs in the history of our store CASANOVA&CO.


A book collection named.

"------They overlap and disappear.

If you look closely under the hazy moon, you can see the trees and water rising up.

Gather light and see vague boundaries.

Is it possible to forget experiences and memories and see once again the events that are purely reflected in front of us?

Can you sense the subtleties of delicate shapes, colors, and textures from within yourself? "

"Real image and virtual image. We don't see the same world.

Light and darkness, reality and fantasy, concrete and abstract, artificial and natural.

Even the front and back of information is ambiguous now.

This world cannot be solved by dualism in the first place,

I have no choice but to wander into the invisible haze of the rut, fantasize, and find the correct answer on my own.

Capture the irony hidden in chic. "

(From the IRENISA collection introduction)



The quality of the "pants" is a major feature of IRENISA.

This time as well, it's in great shape.

TWO TUCKS WIDE PANTS is one of the most representative of the brand.

Overwhelming trousers made from 18.5 micron wool yarn in navy and brown hues.

"Shizuka" has a rough outline including the inner thighs.

In "Dynamic", a wonderful wool drape.



With the setup, of course.

The brand's color variations are NAVY and MUSTARD.

We have both colors available.



For the past few seasons, we have established traditional Japanese techniques in our collections, but this time we have taken it to a higher level.

An original hand-washable cotton rayon fabric that looks like an extremely thick block of silk.

Hand-dyed persimmon juice using Kyoto's traditional craft dyeing technique called hikizome.

The entire piece is not dyed with the same persimmon tannin, but in some places it has a black hue made by adding iron as a mordant.

A collection of handiwork that is not monotonous at first glance.

It goes perfectly with a shirt with a loose fit and sleeves, and a square-cut hem.



The most powerful piece in this collection.

A reversible coat made of original double-woven fabric consisting of a cashmere side and a SUPER 160S wool side.

A super IRENISA coat with generous amounts of IRENISA quality.

Cashmere 100 is an original fabric that was created with the aim of achieving the best balance, as it was not possible to fully express the form of clothes drawn by IRENISA.

The high quality of the fabric and IRENISA's design are a perfect match.

The reversible design with a patented "twisted cord" impressed even Mr. Yamauchi, a super professional clothing sewist.

The tops are equipped with "modified sleeves" designed originally by the brand.

The cuffs and hem are designed with thick tape, which has been carefully targeted.

Shawl collar coats have never appealed to me, but this one is on a completely different level.

This is the other side.

You can concentrate completely on the quality of the fabric.

The color "DASTY MINT" symbolizes the collection.



This is also an original linen cotton fabric that was dyed in Kyoto, just like the previous hand-dyed shirt.

They're not skinny pants, but the sharp outline and mood of the fabric stand out.

Even though it was a runway style show, I was very attracted to this series.

It has corduroy ridges, but it has the feel of a fabric that you can use now.

The same goes for the fabric structure, and it's year-round. As for the pants.



This is also a setup.

The setup style is one of the characteristics of IRENISA.

We have various variations available during this period.

As the name suggests, it is equipped with a "Modified Sleeve" that combines IRENISA's original specification set-in, raglan, and dolman, and combines and complements the strengths of each.

Therefore, when worn, it creates a superhuman fit on the shoulders and ultra-sharp arms with an incredible strike zone.

This is exactly IRENISA.

This blouson gives off a very masculine atmosphere.

No, maybe he just looks that way because he has a beard.

I think it will create a good mood.

Two members from IRENISA will be coming on the first day of the event on Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th.

A very nice time that happens once every six months.

This time, we have prepared a wide range of collection lineups so that everyone who visits our store can feel something that exceeds their expectations. Not all though.

From clothes with a powerful atmosphere to clothes with a modern and airy feel, I think this is the collection that best represents what IRENISA has accumulated as a brand.

It's a pretty high-quality collection.

I really feel like the brand has quickly become one of the top quality brands in Japan.

I have high expectations for this IRENISA.

We plan to post variations by the time the event period begins.

Please look forward to the weekend.

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