From IRENISA 18th (Sat)

Irenisa, who was notified.

The Spring/Summer 2011 season will start at our shop from Saturday, 18th.

As I told you, the 18th (Sat) is all day.

Mr. Kobayashi and Mr. Abe from IRENISA will be at our store until around 3:00 pm on the next day, the 19th (Sun).

I think that there are some customers who have met many times so far, but I would be very happy if such customers and first-timers could come.

And this season.

In terms of handling, I felt strongly that the quality of IRENISA has continued to improve with each collection since its debut season.

There is a “fixed standard” for the brands we carry that we have set ourselves.

I made an order that crossed that borderline. IRENISA.

Well, as a select shop, it's a matter of course, but regardless of whether or not they carry brands, I've been looking at brands from all over the world with my own eyes, and I'm proud of the quality of the clothes.

Therefore, as a store that handles IRENISA, it is also a manifestation of our intention, but it is one of our main brands, not only in terms of feeling but also in terms of form. IRENISA.

Not only the overall image of the collection, but also the finish of each piece of clothing is on a different level compared to other domestic brands.

So please look forward to seeing it in action.

Today, I would like to introduce a little about the start of the 18th (Sat).

This season is spring and summer, but I think it's a collection that makes clothes of a very high level as we head into the hot season.

In the spring and summer season, we have a line-up that will satisfy the wearer's heart and make them feel a little comfortable.

Irenisa this time.



front side _ HORSE LEATHER

back side _ COTTON 100%

First, this.

One of the main pieces of this IRENISA collection.

A leather jacket equipped with a specification that the brand excels at at a transcendental level, called “reversible”.

Well, if you look at the photo, you'll understand, but it's a tailored collar with short sleeves.

It's just not unreasonable. at all.

The front and back are made of completely different materials, and the bonding of fine, high-quality horse leather and cotton.

It also realizes the formation of the splendid outline designed by IRENISA.

The leather quality of the horse leather side has no complaints even 1 mm.

On the cotton side, you can see the construction of this garment, and the "twisted yarn cord" processing realized by IRENISA at the edge of the fabric with a special factory in Osaka is also installed. I didn't take a picture.

This is a super IRENISA quality garment that is reversible and has entered a tremendously high dimension.

The reason I ordered this short-sleeved jacket was not because it was unusual at all, but because it was a splendid piece of clothing.

actually see it.



face material _ WOOL 100%

lining material _ CUPRO 59%, NYLON 41%

sleeve lining material _CUPRO 100%



face material _ WOOL 100%

lining material _CUPRO 100%


A jacket setup that is synonymous with one of the brands.

This time we also have multiple types available at our store.

An original set of plain weave fabric woven with a "shuttle loom", even though it is wool, using super super super strong twisted wool yarn.

The jacket has a modified shawl collar unique to IRENISA.

The trousers in the photo you are wearing are the new model with 3 tucks on the front.

Strongly tapered pants without a center press.

This fabric is made by twisting strongly twisted wool yarns, twisting them further (additional twisting), and slowly weaving them at a low speed to create an analogue fabric.

I think it's very suitable for spring, summer and autumn in Japan.

This jacket style can be used anywhere as long as you like it, whether it's for that kind of scene or for daily use, except for funerals at ceremonial occasions.

Although it is a collection brand, it is a jacket that is built at a very sufficient level even if you think about it from the theory of clothes.

For this jacket, we have prepared the "NEW" 3 tucks and the TWO TUCKS WIDE PATNS of the brand's trousers.



material_COTTON 88%, POLYESTER 12%


A blouson made of fabric that most symbolizes the theme of this collection.

“Talking water” = “Dialogue with water”

The main collection season.

The fabric that expresses it the most.

There is endless depth. this.

IRENISA says that it was inspired by vintage archive materials from the past, but from the beginning, the original fabric was designed by replacing the expression with a "world of dots" that reaches ultra-fine microscopic. .

As far as I know, the structure of the base fabric is also quite complicated, but I used it to express the pattern.

It has an old mood, but it's not as simple as that.

And it is combined with the form of clothes that makes the most of it.

This blouson, shorts, and short-sleeved shirt.

Take your pick.



material_WOOL 65%, POLYESTER 35%



face material _ WOOL 65%, POLYESTER 35%

lining material _CUPRO 100%


And this.

This is a shirt and pants setup at our store.

Of course, it can also be a single item.

I think this season's IRENISA is a must-see for anyone who wants to feel comfortable both physically and mentally in the hot summer, but it's a particularly comfortable series.


Beauty and function are combined at a very high level.

Because I think the balance between the fabric and the shape of the clothes is amazing.

Of course, it's safe to wash your hands at home, and I think you'll want to wear it if you have it. this.

I think you'll want it before then.



face material _ POLYESTER 70%, WOOL 30%

lining material _CUPRO 100%

color _ BLUE GRAY

3rd appearance today.


Well, there are many other variations of pants.

IRENISA trousers are definitely one of the best in Japan.

It is "inner thigh" that decides it.

The beauty of this "inner thigh" is amazing.

Mr. Kobayashi from IRENISA has developed a superhuman pattern theory that he has developed with his own hands over the years.

After I met the brand called IRENISA, my way of thinking about pants changed a lot.

Mr. Kobayashi's invention has influenced my life as a clothing store.

I don't think anyone in the industry can complain about the outline of the pants Mr. Kobayashi creates.


That's how bad it is. IRENISA level.

Well, the TWO TUCKS WIDE PANTS you're wearing in the photo above is made from the same fabric as the MODIFIED SHAWL COLLAR jacket I introduced earlier, so you can set it up here too.

This fabric is easier to care for than the ultra-strong NAVY fabric.

A flowing form on the back of the inner thigh.

Please choose according to the characteristics, shades, and balance of each fabric.

On the first day, you will be able to see all the lineups we have prepared at our store, but the first day will be the MAX of this season's IRENISA.

I think it's going to be reduced from there, so I'd appreciate it if you could see it.

For those who like it, we recommend the quality of Irenisa this season from the bottom of our hearts.

From the 18th (Saturday), I will be waiting for you and Irenisa.

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