IRENISA "2022 Fall/Winter Season"

"LIMITED STORE" with IRENISA that I announced the other day.

As previously announced, it will be held from August 6th (Saturday).

The theme of this IRENISA collection is "SUBLIMINAL CONNECTIONS".

SUBLIMINAL = subconscious, latent

CONNECTION = connection, connection

In other words, it has the meaning of "connection with the subconscious mind" or "potential connection."

This is a collection that expresses this through clothing.

When you look at the collection, what catches your eye is "vermilion".

I think the color is very eye-catching.

Vermilion is a very familiar color in Japan and is said to be a traditional color, and the color of the torii gate is exactly like that.

It is said to be a color that has been used in Japan since the Jomon period as a color that gives a sense of energy and vitality.

When I think about it, I think that out of all the colors, I feel more strongly about it than other colors.

Vermilion is.

I guess this is because it is particularly familiar to the Japanese people's subconscious.

The rest is "handwork".

I've always said this, but I think "handwork" made using traditional Japanese techniques is beautiful.

I think that not only does it look non-mechanical, but what it contains is completely different.


I wonder if there are more and more items where you can feel the "hands" of such craftsmen.

Well, to begin with, Mr. Abe and Mr. Kobayashi complete the collection process for IRENISA's clothes themselves, and IRENISA includes a lot of their handiwork.

In addition, more than ever before, the hands and thoughts of skilled craftsmen are included.

I think that's why wearing it moves your heart.

That's what it means to be ``moved'' by clothes, but it's because the aesthetics, hands, and ideas of many people have been incorporated into the process, and it takes a lot of time to face each other in the creation process. I think it's possible to connect with other people and be moved by clothes.

Well, I'm planning to introduce it again, but today, I'd like to introduce a small part of it.

First, this.

This is dyed using a technique called "Noriwari" that is used in Kyoto.

A thick layer of ``glue'' is applied to the fabric, allowed to dry, and after making it crunchy, the glue is broken.

Then, paint the dye over it with a brush.

The dye reaches the fabric through the cracks in the glue, dyeing only those areas. Simply put.

It is a technique that cannot be 100% controlled and involves processes that are completely different from regular dyeing, such as the process of applying the glue, drying, splitting, dyeing, and washing.

So, of course, each piece looks different, and the naturally occurring dyeing is so beautiful.

A twill weave made of 79% wool and 21% silk, which is beautiful in its own right, and is made from a combination of ``artificial'' and ``natural'' elements.

I think there's a tremendous amount of depth that only something like this can create.

Each part is dyed completely differently.

And this is a new style of shirt that was not branded in past collections. this is.

This is true of the details such as the use of parts and gathers, but the overall balance of the shirt is also very well made.

And this shirt.

The colors in this collection are very eye-catching and stand out.


The fabric is 79% wool and 21% silk.

Although the warp is made of silk, it is made of "silk filament," which is the longest fiber of silk.

The weft is made of wool, but it is not a spun wool that has a warm autumn/winter feel, but a ``worsted'' wool that has less fuzz and is in a beautiful condition.

Therefore, it drapes well, the surface of the fabric is extremely clean, and it doesn't wrinkle easily when worn.

It also looks like fabric woven on a shuttle loom.

What's more, the bright colors appear to be dyed in Kyoto using a technique I've never heard of called hanging dyeing, which takes a long time.

When you look at colors like this, your eye immediately catches your eye, but if it were just that, it would look superficial, but this fabric has a thorough process, so I think you can feel the depth beyond just the color.

The curved shape of the collar, the long length, and the nuances of the fabric can be felt quite a bit.

And the processing on the back is also wonderful.

This can be said in general, but I think that the sewing specifications of IRENISA's clothes have improved significantly.

It's already at a pretty high level.

I think I'm someone who sees things like that a lot.

I think the stage has changed.

The original nut button is engraved and dyed brown against the vermilion fabric.

The amazing shoulder outline that characterizes IRENISA tops is still intact.

This pattern is really cool.

And there are outerwear like this too.

A coat using original "hand-dyed nylon" for the outer material.

Comes with a removable liner, perfect for mid-winter.

This "hand dyeing" is said to be done by Arimatsu Shibori artisans in Aichi Prefecture.

Speaking of Arimatsu Shibori, it is now available at our store following Yamauchi's Hakomura Shibori the other day.

The uneven color, the wrinkles in the fabric, the touch of nylon on the base.

It is a fabric with a unique texture.

And the outline of the shoulder of the impressive thing with a surprising pattern.

I think only IRENISA has this level of outerwear.

A jacket is essential for IRENISA.

This collection also features an original lapel with a modified shawl collar.

The way the core is inserted, the way the padding is inserted, and the pattern are on a completely different level from the "tailored jacket style" items that are made by domestic brands around here.

For those who want a setup, I think IRENISA's is necessary.

When you put it on,

Let's do this already.

Because I think it will be.

Just by trying it on, you can feel it ``potential''.

That level.

It's not as good as a suit, but it's okay for formal occasions, and I think IRENISA is the best when it comes to everyday use.

The result of consideration from various aspects.

The 100% wool gabardine fabric matches the shape of the jacket, creating a very high-quality finish.

Button with IRENISA stamp on highly transparent buffalo horn.

Of course the main face.

There are also jackets that don't have the same hard atmosphere as the previous one, but are a little lighter.

Original wool polyester fabric plain weave.

This fabric is also wonderful.

Because it is woven with yarn-dyed yarn, it uses many colors and has a great depth of color.

There is a blend ratio, so it feels more like a spring/autumn style rather than an autumn/winter style.

Also, this one is tight and doesn't wrinkle.

By making darts from two directions or manipulating the pattern on the collar, you can make it look like a stand by stopping the buttons as shown in the photo, or you can leave it open and wear it with a tailored collar.

This jacket is a bit more casual than the previous one, combining various elements such as a tailored jacket, coveralls, and a coat.

There are many different types of pants.

Trousers that can be paired with a modified shawl collar jacket.

The brand continues to release wide pants with two tucks in the front.

The combination with the fabric is also the best match.

Fabric that flows downward.

And the biggest feature of IRENISA trousers.

"Inner thigh".

How to draw this outline

Overwhelming. Amazing.

The beauty is not only on the outseam side, but also on the inner thigh.

This is an original technique developed by Mr. Kobayashi of IRENISA over many years.

This doesn't change not only when it's new, but also when you keep wearing it.

All IRENISA pants have this "inner thigh" in common.

New model pants.

Untucked, high back design, adjusters on both sides, and front notch pocket.

The fabric is wool linen cashmere, undyed.

It's a soft color, but it has a texture that allows you to feel the material itself.

There are no complaints about the specifications or the interior construction.

The level of detail and sewing is very well made.

After all, when you look at things like this, you can feel a considerable evolution in quality from season to season.

Well, if you get to this point, you'll probably be at the top level of the fashion world.

It's incredibly well put together.

And these pants.

There is an adjustment band on the hem.

It's like this.

These pants have a nuance that has never been seen in IRENISA before.

This is the last one for today.

This is also a new style trousers.

It looks simple, but the front and back give a very different impression.


The front body has no waist band, and the back body has a waist band.

A waist belt with a unique curved shape similar to a cummerbund.

It's obvious that a lot of thought has gone into how the stitches are made and how they are removed.

As for the outline, the beauty of the inner thighs is still intact, but the knees are slightly narrowed and the hem is flared.

In addition to the IRENISA inner thigh pattern, there is also the shape of the knees, giving the lower body a transcendental appearance.

The items I've introduced today are just a few of the items that will be on display in stores this time, but I think this season in particular is a collection where you can see and experience IRENISA's "hands-on skills."

The same goes for Nori-split dyeing, the same goes for hand dyeing, the "hand techniques" involved in dyeing, and the "hand techniques" used until the fabric is completed.

Then, the two members of IRENISA take the time to carefully design the original fabric, pursue the ideal, and turn it into clothes using the ``handcraft''.

I think you can get a deeper feel for the ideas and techniques that Abe-san and Kobayashi-san from IRENISA and others put into form in the upstream stages of clothing production.

Because that's what it is, I think there are a lot of things that can only be felt from things like that.

I think you'll be able to see all of the lineup we have in store this time if you come to the store on the first day, but by then we'll be posting a list of them on Instagram, though not all of them.

Take a look there too.

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