The Irenisa LIMITED STORE that has been held since the other day.

It's a limited time offer, but I'm glad to see so many of you.

It's a brand that makes "good clothes" from deep inside, not superficial even though it's debut season.



material _ CUPRO 60%.COTTON 40%

color _ IVORY GRAY


As the name suggests, this shirt has large pleats on the back.

Regular shirts have box pleats at the bottom of the back yoke, but there is a slight change from there.

All front buttons are water buffalo buttons with high transparency.

Shirts usually come with shell buttons, but Irenisa uses horns.

White mother-of-pearl shells have a natural luster that blends well with shirt fabrics, but the contrast between the buffalo buttons and the fabric gives a strong impression.

I think this area is very Irenisa-like.

The collar type is a wide spread collar.

Compared to the so-called regular collar, it is characteristic that the collar is wide open.

It's a color you don't see very often these days.

Collar type to emphasize the knot that is the knot of the tie.

It may be natural that you don't see it these days when the necktie culture has declined.

The space between the first button and the second button is narrow, and when the button is opened, the opening of the collar becomes natural without overdoing it.

The fabric is an original fabric of cupra and cotton.

Two-ply yarn with gray cupro warp.

The weft is an ivory cotton single yarn.

It is a very beautiful arrangement of fabrics when magnified with a microscope.

I don't see it often, but it's a fabric born from this color arrangement and thread usage.

Instead of white, ivory gray creates a unique atmosphere.

There is also an expression that seems to have dried up over time, like the scent of earth.

And although the fabric has been washed and has a little fluff, it has the unique luster of cupra.

After that, the depth of the woven structure that can be seen from the back by using the special weft thread.

In addition, when you wear it, you can feel the difference from others and feel the firmness and texture.

It is a fabric that is rarely seen, and it is suitable for calling it an original.

I think that you can directly feel what Irenisa's clothes are like with your eyes and skin.



material _ CUPRO 60%.COTTON 40%

color _ IVORY GRAY


This is also a collarless shirt using the same fabric.

I introduced it on the blog the other day, but again.

When the front button is fastened, the neck looks like a shallow V-neck.

It's not straight, but it curves gently while maintaining balance.

A unique placket that gradually tapers from the neck to the hem.

As for the placket, the fabric is doubled and double stitched, but the top stitch + 2mm is a god-level ultra-fine finish.

When you wear it, it just looks like a line, but it's completely different without it.

Also, due to the characteristics of this shirt, it may be better to recognize it as a new genre of clothing, a lighter version of light outerwear, rather than a normal "shirt".

A shirt with a collar will never let you escape from the realm of a shirt, so this shirt might take you to a new realm of utilization.

It's a very mysterious and high-potential piece of clothing.

The shape of the hem is strongly gouged and has a gusset.

This part is a shirt.

Cufflinks not included.

There is an opening at the cuffs, but this is also a little distinctive.

It is OK to open the front button and return the collar.

The fabric has thickness and elasticity, and I think it will change in a unique way as you wear it, so I think it would be best if you could use it for ultra-heavy use.

Please enjoy the unique usage and hidden potential of this shirt.



material _ WOOL 75%.NYLON 20%.CASHMERE 5%


leather color _ UMBER


A long coat made of melton fabric with a firm core.

It's a dark brown melton with a reddish color that looks like it's made in Italy or mixed with wine.

However, this fabric cannot be wiped off with its obvious luxury.

Fuzz is suppressed, and anyone can see high-quality melton.

Every time you move, that luster is created, and I think it best matches the nature of the coat.

It's a firm fabric with a full lining, and it shows the flowing contours of the coat.

This may be good for those who are considering a high-quality coat that will last for many years to come.

Leather parts made in collaboration with moto are also included.

It will also undergo a major transformation in the next few years.

It is a setting that can be attached with a bracelet other than as a neck strap.

I've never seen a part like that before.

Before winter comes, you can enjoy it with your arms first.

In the summer, it may change so much that it's ugly.

If you do, it will already be a brown, burnt mass when attached to the coat.

The outline of the shoulders and arms is emphasized by raising the collar.

The shoulder line that Irenisa cherishes very much.

It creates a soft yet three-dimensional shoulder form that is not too strong, not a "Han" shoulder.

And the beauty of the line of the arm from there.

Not only the front and back, but also the side view is quite impressive.

All buttons are horn stamped.

The coat is the most impressive piece of the season, so it is especially rich in the brand's collection.

It's too early to wear it yet, but when you choose something like this, it's always going to be the first move, so if you're interested, please take a look.

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