Irenisa Tomorrow, from 22nd (Sat)

I've been notified, but from tomorrow, the 22th (Sat).

Titled Irenisa LIMITED STORE, it will be held for a limited time.

They are scheduled to be delivered by the end of this month, but very few of them are available in quantity.

For that reason, it will be a first-come-first-served basis, but we have prepared enough variations so that you can see the brand's first season.

The concept of the brand "CHIC WITH SARCASM".

I talked a little bit about it in my previous blog, but Irenisa's creations are based on that reliable quality.

Because each one is so elaborate.

The quality of the clothes that we have prepared in our store during this period will give you peace of mind when you look at them, and we believe that you will be able to get a sense of the brand's philosophy.

It's an unusual theme of elegance and irony, but it's a field of fashion that tends to be confined to a specific genre.

Clothes tend to be easily segmented according to image, taste, appearance, and quality, but Irenisa's clothes have the power to ironically surpass that framework.

Therefore, depending on the person, it may be possible that there are things in the Irenisa collection that people like and things that they don't.

I wonder if it's one of the characteristics of the brand that it's so clearly Irenisa.

Whether you like clothes that are carefully tailored and made of high-quality materials, or if you prefer clothes that look strong, I think you will definitely pick up one of them. If the size fits.

He is very generous, and in addition, there is a clear "color" that the brand creates.

I would be very happy if you could feel that kind of part even a little. Well, the brand has just started this season, so we will start tomorrow with the hope that you will look forward to it.

The collection is also posted on our online shop page as a catalog.

I can't see the details of each point, but if you can't come to the distance, please take a look at it.

Well then.

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