Irenisa LIMITED STORE From 22nd (Sat)

I made a little announcement the other day, but from this Saturday, the 22nd, Irenisa, the brand that debuted from 2020AW, will be running for a limited time.

Irenisa LIMITED STORE August 22nd (Sat) - August 31st (Mon) The season for the brand just started the other day, but we are planning to make the timing more visible during this period.

Since it is the first season for the brand, there are not many variations in the collection, but all of them are very rich.

Even if I say rich, it's not just a superficial shallow story like the clothes have strong peculiarities.

Including the 2021SS season, for which the collection has already been announced.

Now I can get information right away on Instagram, and I understand.

But the information from there is just "I feel like I know" and "I feel like I know". Speaking roughly.

We also publish information on Instagram, but that's not all, it's just a part of the tool as an entrance as a first step to get to know.

Therefore, since we handle it at our store, we would like to tell you about it based on the storefront as a general rule.

However, since the current situation is the current situation, I know that it is not good if it is only that, so I am writing this.

After all, it's analog, but I want to properly handle brands that have such talent even though they just debuted.

Well, I've written a lot, but today I'd like to introduce something I haven't introduced before.




I think the look of the collection is also eye-catching. this coat.

This was my first time wearing Iranisa clothes.

No matter how you look at it, the quality wool and cashmere fabrics flow down. stomach

A super fine piece that shines with a very fine count thread woven in Thalia.

Leather made by moto functions as a strap when the collar is raised.

The contrast between dazzling wool and carefully tanned and finished leather is rarely seen these days.

It looks very strong, but I think it's not just that.

It really comes down to the quality of the material.

Wool cashmere melton and vegetable tannin are both classical and highly skilled materials, and because they have existed for a long time, the contrast between the two is deep.

Also, moto is also important.

I know the characteristics of Irenisa's clothes, and the relationship between the two is well formed.

The back view is also nice. yes. very.

The lustrous mass flowing from the back fully demonstrates its power.

This is strong. very.

Those who like this kind of thing are coveted.

But, well, that's not all.

The details around the shoulders, the angle at which the arms fall, and the beauty around the arms are also eye-opening.

I don't understand the photo at all.

Irenisa's shoulder line is especially transcendent.

Your shoulders look amazingly beautiful. Commonly known as Irenisa magic.

Come and experience it.

By the way, these are fully lined.

The outer material has a moderate weight, so as you can see, this is enough for winter.

The wool is still firm, so I think it will listen to what the owner says as the years go by.

In other words, it becomes soft and easy to wear.

It's a piece like this, so after 5 or 10 years of wearing it, you'll realize how good it is.

So choose long-term.



color _ ARMY GREEN

Also a coat.

I think you can see it.

It's called a no-collar nurse coat.

The neck is a little round and somewhat soft nuances.

The drifting air is also gentler than the previous coat.

This fabric is wool and cashmere.

It looks like it was made in Japan.

The mixed ratio of cashmere is more comfortable here. ratio.

This gives it more softness and drape.

The coat I mentioned earlier has a stronger fabric, so you need to soften the fabric yourself, but I think this one will get close to your body from a relatively early stage.

There is no such thing as which one is better or worse, so I think there are different preferences.

Double weave with no lining.

All back processing is piping.

On the outer surface, you can feel the hair standing up, albeit slightly.

It's a specification without backing, but when you do it, you're doing back processing.

There is no lining, and the use of fabrics and specifications create an overall soft mood.

Double sleeve cuffs.

Everyone is familiar with the horn button with laser engraving.

I'm doing the back of the sleeve too.

The lining fabric that matches the outer material is stretched, and the contrast with the tape is also effective.

It's very neat. What is the process around here?

This is the point where you can trust Irenisa clothes.

In addition, there is also a frame like this on the back.

Once you've put it on, you can't see it unless the outer material is flipped.

I think that the accuracy of clothes depends not only on the appearance at first glance, but also on the invisible parts.

That's why the back is so important.

I hope you can rest assured about Irenisa.

This coat also comes with leather parts.

You can have this part fastened without the front button fastened.

Both coats have a good contrast between the fur and leather, and I think you can directly feel the clothes that Irenisa wants to make.

As a brand, we advocate "CHIC WITH SARCASM", but when it comes to each piece of the collection, it is simple and stripped of its appearance, and instead it is worn by people who choose clothes based on the quality of the material. I think it's clothes that you can wear.

On the other hand, clothes that are familiar to those who like avant-garde clothes.

I borrowed a word from the designer, and Irenisa aims to make clothes like that.

But, I think it's so difficult that it's annoying, but I think you've succeeded in striking that balance.

It's hard to do that, but after seeing the actual clothes and talking with the two designers, I was convinced.

There is no doubt that it is because of the fabrics and construction that I mentioned earlier, but Irenisa's clothes are definitely something that can only exist in Irenisa.

As a person who buys, I feel very happy to be able to handle a brand that makes clothes like this.

The world is full of similar clothes, but Irenisa is an original.

I think this is the kind of clothing that makes sense to wear.

These two types of coats will be available from Saturday.

It will be completely first come, first served. I will be happy to give you more details if you are able to come.

There are also shirts, but please let me introduce them later.

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