-information- Irenisa

Today is a notice.

2020AW season debut brand, Irenisa.

The other day, I introduced some of the items we carry at our store, and we are receiving inquiries from people who come to see each of them.

After all, the original cupra and cotton fabrics created in the brand debut season are excellent.

I also did it with a microscope the other day.

There are also people who like it and pick it up at the store, and it's a very good evaluation.

I think the series using that fabric is really good.

So, it's not in the store now, but it's the brand debut season, and I think it would be nice if everyone could see it more, so I'll hold it.


Scheduled from the 22nd (Sat) next weekend to the end of August.

Since it's the debut season, the full lineup of the collection isn't that many, and the items that we have prepared in our store aren't full variations, but I would like people to see more powerful pieces from Irenisa this season. It will be held for a limited time.

I think you can feel Irenisa's clothes, such as the coat that caught your eye in the collection and the cupra cotton shirt that I mentioned earlier.

The quantity is very limited, so it's inevitable that it will be a first-come-first-served basis, but I would be happy if you could see it.

Also, I'll let you know when it's close.

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