2020AW DEBUT "Irenisa"

It has already started at the store, and I wanted to talk about it on this blog now and then, but I've been busy with various things, and I think I'll finally be able to introduce it.

Only part. . .

In the 2020AW season, we have several new brands that we will start handling again, and this is one of them.


The number of domestic Japanese brands has increased a little in the last few seasons, and the ones we already carry are wonderful, so unless something goes wrong, I almost didn't feel like dealing with Japanese brands at that time. .

I got a story from a certain person and looked at it.

I had a plan to go to see the brands that I already carry, and then I went there just by feeling.

So, since we're dealing with it like this now, the results have surpassed it.

Irenisa clothes.

Because I will meet brands and people who sincerely want to start handling these kinds of things in a hurry.

It's not limited to brands and things, but when you're looking for something positively and enthusiastically, it's a pull.

A feeling like a tremendous amount of hot magma that is filled with energy from the heart is running freely in all directions.

This kind of clothes, the moment of meeting people.

Well, when I decided to handle it and ordered it, there were some unexpected things that I didn't even think about, but that's how we show off as a clothing store.

This time, I will talk a little about some of the items we handle.


material _ CUPRO 60%.COTTON 40%




As the name suggests, it is a collarless shirt.

There is no base collar.

Shirts that don't have a base collar often end up looking pretty and cute if the fabric doesn't have a strong atmosphere, but that's okay.

There are several reasons, one of which is the color of the fabric, but the neck may be a big factor.

Normally, this kind of collarless shirt has a round neckline, but this shirt has a super-balanced front collar.

Designed to look like a shallow V.

Also, the cutting of the neck draws a beautiful curve.

The cause of this neck is big.

However, it is not a collarless color that is simply said to be "cute" by a girl in frilly clothes.

Setting for a considerable expert.

In addition to that, the placket that makes up the neck is doubled.

This adds depth to the ivory-gray hue and increases its strength.

Then, it is sewn up with fine needle movement double stitches with a width of 2 mm.

This is crazy. It makes the texture stronger at once.

Look. beautiful neck. You can't see the stitches in this photo.

This stitch work is also very effective on the back.

Also, this fabric is glossy, and the grain around the neckline is different, so depending on how the light hits it, a slight contrast is created.

The sleeves are also uniquely shaped.

No cuffs like regular shirts.

The shape of the cuffs is stitched out like an old work wear, and the cuffs are processed as they are by folding the tucks. in one of the sequels.

Horn button to join it.

Shell is the main material for the shirt, but I used water buffalo buttons to match the concept of Irenisa.

I interpret that this material contrast and color contrast are also connected to the concept.

We will talk about that at the store.

So, this fabric is a symbol of Irenisa, which Irenisa put a lot of effort into in its debut season. An original fabric that has a unique elegance while being a touch of fabric that can be reassuring and reliable.

The fabric is firm, smooth, and lustrous, but it also has a dry look and is located very deeply.

I'm really drawn to it.

It's not superficial and simple.

Then, after washing the fabric, the unique natural wrinkles appear.

The potential of fibers and fabrics that stand out as a result. please look. This is it.

A fabric with a very well-proportioned and beautiful eye.


Gray color cupra two-ply yarn for the warp.

Ivory cotton single yarn for the weft, aligned.

Not quite. This design of this combination.

It's true that two colors give depth to the color, but it's rare to see how threads are used.

Well, once you put it on, you forget about the structure of the fabric, but I think it will give the owner a world of excitement.

Experience this fabric through your sleeves.

And a shirt made of that fabric.

Please judge from the photos where you can see and understand.

The two-piece sleeves are neatly swung forward and the shoulder line and arm shape are excellent. I think it's a shirt with a special feeling that doesn't look like much.

Black that looks a little whitish.

Both the warp and weft are the same color, but because it is yarn-dyed cupra and cotton, the slight difference makes it look good from the back.

I think we all have our own preferences when it comes to colors, but each has a different nuance.

It would be nice if you could choose the one you like. It's obvious.


material _ CUPRO 60%.COTTON 40%


color _ IVORY GRAY


These pants are made of the same original fabric as before.

2 tucks with out tucks from a transcendentally structured waist.

It's a pair of pants that draws a powerful thick outline.

HIGH WAIST PANTS that will be developed as a representative piece of Irenisa.

It's insanely characteristic. this construction.

The waist belt is usually composed of one piece.

However, it is made up of three large parts.

Strictly speaking, there are more parts.

If you only do this, I think it will be useful for those who like tuck-in.

The front button is engraved with a white water buffalo.

This engraving is also a feature of Irenisa.

A waist band that is hollowed out from the front and transformed into a side adjuster.

Irenisa laser tag inside.

It is also equipped with a lining that acts as a marbelt.

I think the fit around the waist is strong.

Once you tighten the adjuster, the waist size is very adjustable.

Pants with a rounded fit and voluminous contours.

The back is a white water buffalo with both flaps.

This white water buffalo button is very expensive.

It's so high that it's not a normal water buffalo ratio. I'm lasering it.

I wonder if people who like this kind of thing will eat it at that point.

The coloring is ivory gray, so it has a thin lining.

As for the actual silhouette, it is easy to get information, so I will omit it here.


material _ CUPRO 60%.COTTON 40%


color_BLACK size_3(M~L)

padding jacket.

I also use the same fabric.

However, this is only black, not ivory gray.

The coat caught my eye in the look of the brand, but I wonder if this is suitable for Okayama.

It's a relatively maniac existence in the collection, but I think this is a very useful piece of clothing.

Although it is a blouson with batting, the structural feature is that all the parts are piped and assembled before being completed.

That's why the front and back are piped for each part.

Moreover, the piping is hemp piping.

In general, these types of padding tend to have too much volume in the joints, and when worn, they interfere excessively with both the front and the body, but this doesn't have that.

That's because, as I said earlier, I'm connecting things that have been completed one by one. Put simply.

It is a specification of characteristic parts.

The 21SS has already been released, so it looks like the duffel coat is not straight but Irenisa remade it with details.

Strictly speaking, it's not just a duffel, but I'm wearing traditional clothes as needed.

The leather parts are a collaboration with moto.

The fabric, buttons, and structure are strong, so I think it's very familiar when combined.

Because it is hand-dyed tannin leather unique to moto, it will change a lot.

Outerwear is the most eye-catching item in autumn and winter.

It would be impossible for Shirouto, who is a clothing maker, to be able to create something like this, and although there is a lot of information about the designer's career, it seems that he didn't debut immediately after becoming independent, and he hasn't made it this far. I think that it is possible because there is a pile of things.

This brand was unveiled by a team of pattern specialists and production specialists.

I think that clothes are made on a very deep level that cannot be obtained from frivolous information.

The clothes are made with the strong feelings of the two designers, so I hope that those who get them will use them for a long time.

I'll introduce you again.

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