[information] PETROSOLAUM

Please let me know today.

A personal order event for the shoe brand PETROSOLAUM will be held for nine days from September 19th (Sat) to September 27th (Sun).

In other words, it means an order party.

For 9 days during the period, we will prepare a wide variety of brand lineups and make it a period where everyone can order.

Of course, the 01 and 02 lasts, but I would like you to see all the 03 last shoes, which boast world-class quality.

Please order a pair of specialty shoes from multiple variations such as leather, coloring, manufacturing method, as well as models.

If you have an order during the period, we are planning to give it to you around February.

It will take about half a year from ordering to delivery, but due to the nature of the shoes, they are extremely complicated and not easy to make, so please understand that point. , I would appreciate it if you could wait with your neck long.

In addition, PETROSOLAUM designer Ogino brothers will be present all day on the first day and until the evening on the second day.

Under these circumstances, we are waiting for everyone who visits us in a state where we have removed as many uneasy factors as possible by constantly ventilating the store, disinfecting the hands and fingers of our staff, wearing a mask, and measuring the temperature.

Please let me know the details later.

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