Super lightweight and super absorbent

From this Saturday, the 20th, we are holding a plan for Mr. Zheng's daily wear once a year.

Many people have come to see us, and some of them have already disappeared, but there is still plenty to choose from.

It will be very useful in the coming summer, and no one can imitate this price, so please take a look.

And today, I would like to think about the coming summer.

In the summer, I end up with short sleeves. Even if you get tired of short sleeves and try to resist wearing a long sleeve shirt, you end up with short sleeves. no matter what.

I've never beaten something called midsummer.

There is also a wonderful item called short pants, which is a summer tradition, but the short pants are almost sold out at our store.

And since we don't have any plans to launch new shorts at this time, it's important to wear something cool and long, or rather, whether to wear it (in other words, full-length pants).

On the premise of wearing short sleeves on top.

Assuming you wear a T-shirt or a short-sleeved shirt, a good adult would like to wear long pants.

So what about this material?

The picture is a picture of a certain thread with a microscope that I bought a lot of money the other day.

This material is special.

When these fibers are broadly divided into two types, "natural fibers" and "chemical fibers," they are classified as "natural fibers."

When natural fibers are subdivided from there,

・Plant fiber

・Animal fiber

・Mineral fiber

It can be divided into the above three categories.

This fiber is subdivided therein into "vegetable fiber".

By subdividing the plant fiber further,

・Seed hair fiber

・Bast fiber

・Leaf vein fiber

・Fruit fiber


can be divided into five. I don't know the meaning of "others" anymore, but the fibers I'm going to introduce today are classified as "others."

This is the fabric woven with this fiber.

A sharp person is very sharp, so to begin with, both the warp and the weft are this "other" fiber, but the warp is white and the weft is black.

It's plain weave.

As for the weaving system, it's normal.

It's not particularly dense, and it's a plain weave, so I'll say that.

I can't lie.

Why is that policy?

It's just that the fiber is dangerous.

It's the best in the summer when it's dangerous.

Since we have gone to great lengths to magnify it with a microscope, when it comes to the characteristics of the yarn, there is absolutely nothing that exists in normal natural fiber yarn.

this thread.

There is no "twist".

Natural fibers (except silk) characterized by short fibres.

Therefore, when changing from fiber to thread, it is twisted into a thread. This is called twisting.

However, this thread does not have that "twist". very distinctive.

This point can be said to be unique to the fiber. Because there is no twisting, a phenomenon occurs that can be described as binding, or the fibers sticking together.

Let's compare it with a common cotton plain weave fabric.

In this way, there are many fluffs and the fibers are tightly twisted and "twisted".

This is a common plain weave of natural fibers.

again. Can you tell the difference anyway? ?

Even though it's the same natural fiber.

It's not because it's not twisted, but it's super lightweight compared to cotton.

And the hygroscopicity unique to natural fibers.

There is also a gap between the threads, so the ventilation is excellent.

To be honest, I don't wear them in winter. It's cold.

But come to think of it, Japan is hot enough to wear short sleeves from April to October. April, May, June, July, August, September, October, 7 months.

There are 12 months in a year, so it's more than half.

In other words, it means pants that can be taken care of for more than half of the year.

Deadstock by the way.

Deadstock means that brand that recently arrived. I still wear them all the time and wash them over and over again.

But I think I'll come to my own conclusions soon. I'm almost out.

The washed ones will also expand, but this is suitable for Japan.

Even the material names are written in kanji.

Japanese paper.

Yes, I made 100% Japanese paper pants.

It's very light because all the fibers are paper.

Just like papermaking, the fibers stick together and harden, so there is no twist.

Amazing comfort.

Coming soon.

This will keep your clothes comfortable from the scorching heat of the scorching sun and the humidity.

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