Graphpaper for CASANOVA&CO part2

The Stand Collar Shirt with Graphpaper, which we announced the other day, will be released from the 23rd (Sat). On the first day, the 23rd (Saturday), sales will start at 12:00 at stores. If there is stock from 12:00 on the next day, the 24th (Sunday), we plan to sell it on the online store at the same time. As we announced the other day, it will be sold in two colors, BROWN and BLACK. The color name is BROWN, but the coloring looks like beige or greige. The fabric is plain weave high density wool and has a very distinctive appearance. When it comes to twill fabrics such as wool serge and wool gabardine, which are the core of wool-based fabrics, I think it gives off a very soft impression. However, the fabric this time also has that atmosphere, but it is not the only one. This is the depth of plain weave wool, but of course it also has a gentle and soft impression. But, in addition, the texture of the fabric stands out well, so there is also a balance with the coloring of BROWN. Also, the shade of the fabric is very strong. The contrast between the shiny parts of the fabric and the shaded parts, which is generally expressed as "glossy". Especially because it is a large size that is available in one size fits all, there is a lot of fabric. As a result, when the puddle of fabric during movement is collected, you will be able to experience the unique world of this clothes made of this fabric. BROWN has a brighter tone, so you can feel the texture of the fabric more, while BLACK has a lot of depth. The overall impression is very tight. However, I think that there are many opportunities to see black clothes in various things, but I don't think it looks like this. I think that it is the power of plain weave high density wool that can be said. It is not a wool that has a strong drape, but a texture that feels dry and dry. Even though it's a deep black, it's somehow white, so the color isn't too heavy, and I think it's easy for people who don't usually wear black to wear it without hesitation. This is unique to black plain weave wool. Also, other than the price, there were also inquiries about whether it would be itchy because of the wool, but that's not the case. The raw material is of high quality, and it is carefully combed with something like a comb and spun into beautiful threads. Wool fabric, which has a tingling sensation on the skin and is highly irritating, is thicker at the fiber stage, is not combed, is unevenly twisted, and the thick fibers hit the skin separately. feel. You don't need to worry about that when it comes to the level of dough so far, so don't worry. If you open the front and wear it, the atmosphere as a jacket will become stronger. I think that you can feel the nuances that are somewhat similar to the Harrington jacket. Sometimes it changes into a shirt, sometimes an outerwear. The firm and sturdy fabric has a strong firmness, so you can clearly see the outline of the clothes. The back style retains the details of a shirt, such as side pleats and a large back yoke. As for the cuffs, there are 4 cuffs and tucks that open with sword rags. Because it is a high-density wool fabric, the hurdles to sew it neatly are high, but it is sewn with a fine needle pitch that is not inferior to Graphpaper cotton shirts. The front of the neck is designed to be slightly deeper, and the neck is double-layered with interlining. A stand neck that is slightly wider in the front and narrower in the back. The pattern is a strongly curved neck, but it is sewn with edge stitches just at the edge of the fabric. It has a very comfortable stand-up neck, but it has just the right amount of assertiveness, making it a very modern and well-balanced shirt. I believe that we have created a truly "modernist" piece of clothing. This is BROWN. And BLACK. When you wear it, it has a solid and moderate feeling, but the fabric moves bling according to your movement. It is the gift of oversize with a lot of margins. Like BROWN, BLACK also gives a deep shadow to the whole. With a stand-up neck and no details that get in the way of revealing the shoulder line, Graphpaper's signature drop shoulders and smoothly falling shoulder and sleeve outlines. It serves both as a shirt and as a jacket. In the past few days, the temperature has dropped nationwide, and if your body is not used to the cold yet, you will notice the warm heavy outerwear. I had anticipated that. However, when it comes to making special clothes with Graphpaper, rather than clothes that can be used only in the limited winter season, we want clothes that can be worn in as many seasons as possible in Japan, which has four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. That's why I wanted to make something with a moderate feeling of wear, not a heavy outerwear. and Price. This time, more than ever, I was strongly aware that the quality of the clothes overwhelmingly exceeded the price. It's never cheap. I can't say that, but plain weave wool is quite expensive among the many fibers and fabrics. smile Because when you look at it under a microscope, it looks like that organization. Of course, it's not just the fabric, but the stitching and patterning of the elements that make up the clothes are also very important. This fabric, this quality, this price. \28,000-(+tax). No more, no less, I did as far as I could. I would be very happy if you could consider it. It will be on sale from 12:00 on the 23rd (Sat).
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