Graphpaper for CASANOVA&CO

A limited-time event with Graphpaper that I announced the other day. We are planning to open for 9 days from the 23rd (Sat), but as we told you, Mr. Minami from Graphpaper will be at the store on the first day. Also, the cashmere sweater brand BODHI will be held at the same time this year, so Mr. Mizutani from BODHI will be at the store for the third consecutive year. Today, I made it for this period, and for the past three years, I have been making bespoke products with Graphpaper. A fabric that reflects natural light as it is due to the quality of the material. The raw material fibers are carefully combed and spun by twisting them strongly. The 100% wool thread is tightly woven. Due to the high density of the fabric, the stretched texture is not the usual drape of wool, but rather the "resilience". It matches perfectly with the shape of Graphpaper clothes. 100% wool, with the texture of the fabric standing well, and the warp and weft threads intersecting tightly in a "plain weave". The amount of wool fiber used is also considerable, so it has a solid feeling. It's hard to say that this is the kind of clothing that will get you through the winter, but I think we've created clothing that can be used in a wide range of seasons in Japan, which has four seasons. Due to the characteristics of wool, most of the fabrics are "twill weave". Twill weave is one of the three original fabrics, and denim, chino, herringbone, gabardine, twill, drill, and calze are classified into it. It is characterized by a structure that looks like diagonal lines on the surface of the fabric. That's why many people think that "wool = drape", but that's because there are many twill weave wools, and when wool fabric is made from that structure, the fabric feels that way. It's from. But I really like the "plain weave" of wool. If you increase the number of threads and weave them at a high density, you can create a fabric that does not wrinkle easily and has an overwhelmingly firm texture. Because it can't be done, when it is woven, a fabric with a very strong eye is born. That's the photo above. Both the warp and the weft are tightly woven with two-ply yarns, which alternately float and sink into each other without any gaps. So many eyes. There is no need for extra post-processing, and a strong and fine texture is completed. However, although it is not something that any weaver can do, Graphpaper brought it to me so that I could use it. That's why, using that fabric, we asked them to produce an exclusive piece of clothing that we can make the most of. Graphpaper for CASANOVA&CO Hi Count Wool Stand Collar Shirt material_WOOL 100% size_F color_BROWN, BLACK For the 4th edition of the event, "MODERNISM", which is the collection theme of this season's Graphpaper, was also an important keyword. I think this is the kind of clothing that symbolizes that theme. An oversized shirt style with an excellent neck size that draws a curve, and a collar that stands straight and strong. This is Graphpaper balance. A simple, three-dimensional shirt with a very modern design. It's not a heavy class like melton, but by combining high-quality worsted and hard-wearing fabrics, I think we were able to create a more beautiful and outstanding piece of clothing as a "shirt jacket." This will be on sale from 12:00 on the 23rd (Sat) in conjunction with the start of this project. I will introduce you later.
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