Bespoke with Graphpaper

A limited-time event with Graphpaper that will be held from the other day until the end of this month. Mr. Minami from Graphpaper and Mr. Mizutani from BODHI were at the store on the first day, the 23rd (Saturday). It is held once a year for the 4th time, so we would like to thank everyone who comes to our store on a regular basis, as well as those who come at the time of each event and meet us, and those who we have met for the first time. is ready. Also, the special order for Graphpaper, which is the main feature of this project, was well received by both BROWN and BLACK, and there are only a few left. It's not biased either way, it's 50/50. What are your color choices? Please choose the one you like. It's obvious. When I talk to people who come to the store, they say "shirt" in the name, but they think of it as something like a shirt jacket. Maybe it's because the sizing is Graphpaper-balanced, and you can wear knits, sweatshirts, and cotton shirts inside. So, when they try it on, it seems that they think of it as an inner presence, so I try wearing it over the outerwear, but it's usually cool. I think it's because there are a lot of outerwear that have a lot of volume these days, but I think it's because the fabric moves supplely. Not so slow. It depends on the outerwear. Anyway, I would be happy if you could use it in seasons other than summer. It's already getting less and less, so I thought I wouldn't have to write it again on the blog, but I'm still thinking about seeing this. washed many times. At first, it's made of plain weave wool with a strong tension, and it's pretty crisp, but it changes as you wash it. Even if I wear this at the store and talk to people who come to the store, it's hard for them to notice that it's the same thing if I don't say it myself. change so much. the texture of the fabric. Take this in a very good way. To be honest, I didn't aim for it this far, but when I wash it, it transforms into something like a different material. Mr. Minami said so on the first day. this fabric, Plain weave wool in new condition. but, When washed, it transforms into a super-high-density silk shirt. (looks like) Of course, if you like the new condition, please enjoy the texture of the fabric as it is. But maybe this isn't so bad either. This is a big surprise. There were various things such as shooting, so I was able to actually start washing it from Thursday, and I have only washed it by hand three times (with dehydration in the washing machine), but the texture of this fabric is becoming more and more embossed. Since it is dehydrated for three minutes, it has so-called washed-out wrinkles and seam puckering, but the whole thing has a lot of shadows. Since this is BROWN, the color is lighter than BLACK, so you can see it well. Originally, for a 100% wool fabric, the grain of the woven structure stood out clearly and it didn't look flat. I think there is, but it's become more obvious. In addition to that, the natural luster of the fabric has changed greatly to "gloss". The eyes of the fabric that emerged more clearly. "Thread sticks" with a silk-like texture that emerges more clearly in places. This "gloss" was added there. It looks like a more expensive fabric. smile The fabric has wrinkles when it's wet, just like washed-out wrinkles. If you look at it like this, the detail in the lower half is a shirt. The density of the fabric is so high that wind does not pass through it, and because of that, the thickness comes out. Also, I think I have become more familiar with shell buttons. You can clearly see the texture of the fabric. The photo makes it look a little dry, but it's actually much wetter. Because of this feeling, it may be good to wear it quite loosely. For those who like to wash However, if you wash it, please do so at your own risk. at your own risk. In that case, it is essential that the tap water is at room temperature and the detergent is a liquid neutral detergent. However, if you wash it, the world that only looks like this may spread. Wash it and wear it fresh. Due to the characteristics of this shirt, it has a solid volume, so I think it has a more unique look by balancing it with silk-like wool. The stand neck also has the essence of Harrington. The appearance of the rear view has also changed. Also, it's late, but this fabric looks completely different in color when exposed to the sun. smile I think this is because the eyes of 100 plain weave wool have a unique reflection, but in the shade it looks like a grayish color, but in the sun it instantly turns an earthy, burnt brown. This is strange. Unlike when it was brand new, it has a strong ability to try to fall down. The thread coating is removed, and the fabric itself is heavy, so it tends to fall off. However, the innate sense of tension also coexists. If you like this sort of thing, you might want to give it a try. At your own risk. smile This project with Graphpaper will continue until the 31st (Sun). Take a look.
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