Washed Selvage Wool

Bespoke Fatigue Jacket with Graphpaper on sale from the other day.

Because it is made of 100% wool and has been specially processed, the quality label says not to wash it in several places, but once I wash it, it's over and I can't stop.

personal belongings.

As expected, I was kind to wash my hands at first.

I want to put it in the machine (washing machine) rather than hand washing.

It is now fully Washed Selvage Wool.

WSW for short.

However, the texture of the further fabric is highlighted, and I like it.

After all, if you wash it multiple times, it will move visually.

Be positive.

The detergent used is OLDE HOMESTEADER Maniac Detergent, which is also used in our shop.

I don't recommend alkaline detergents or powdered detergents.

Overall, it feels like it has bulged out, and the impregnated resin has started to assert itself from the back.

It seems that the peeling of the interlining that I was worried about will not occur, so I will wash it positively from now on.

However, when you wash it, it will be different from the new condition, so please take it as a plus and take your own responsibility.

When new or unwashed, the fabric has a unique bling texture and a slightly stiff feel, but after washing, the texture of the fabric stands out.

The structure of the twill weave has become clear.

As for fuzz, is there very little? It looks like.

Unlike cotton, there was no major change in fluff on the surface of the fabric.

It's wool, but it feels dry, like a thick cotton fabric. as a touch.

However, the depth of shadows and rebounding with drape that cannot be achieved with cotton is unique to wool.

Also, in terms of color, I think the blackness has increased.

The new product was black with a bluish tint, but the bluish color has disappeared, and the withered whiteness of the so-called aged fabric can now be seen from the depths of the fabric.

Those who like that kind of atmosphere may enjoy it.

Well, I'm writing this here because I want to report it.

This is in new condition.

The fabric is very neat and the quality stands out no matter who sees it.

My washed salvage wool.

It's hard to tell in the photo, but I feel like I've gained strength.

In other words, the assertion of the fabric has become stronger.

Once you've come this far, all you have to do is keep running until you reach your destination.

At the store, I talk about my own theory, but anyway, I keep wearing it without thinking about it, and it's worn out and torn, and if I repair it, it's complete. That's where my goal is.

Until now, I was aiming for such a vector with denim and workwear, but as I get older, it becomes more difficult to aim for something that is not of good quality.

Well, since it's clothes, it's up to each person how they wear it, but I don't think it's a problem if you don't have to be careful because it's wool.

We aimed for a product that can be used heavily, does not wrinkle even when handled properly, and is suitable for the four seasons in Japan, so it is best to have it used frequently.

BLACK and BLACK STRIPE have the same composition, so they change in the same way.

Some people have already seen it and got it, but the LIMITED STORE has only two days left.

We have both Graphpaper and BODHI in the store, so I would be happy if you could take a look.

Well, we are looking forward to seeing you again this Saturday.

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