The other Saturday, Graphpaper and BODHI, which started on the 17th, are jointly holding a LIMITED STORE.

On the first day, Mr. Minami and Mr. Tada from Graphpaper and Mr. Mizutani from BODHI were present at the store.

It's been three years in a row, and some of them are meeting again for the first time in a year.

The period will be held until next Sunday, October 25th, so please check out the lineup of Graphpaper and BODHI.

Also, the LIMITED PRODUCTS of our store and Graphpaper, which were produced in limited numbers, are now on sale.

Until now, when it comes to "bespoke" clothes, we have only been able to see them at the store, but due to the current situation, there are people who find it difficult to move around, or who are far away and find it difficult to visit us. I think, so this time I'm making a special site on our online page.

Please take a look from there.

There are some people who have seen it at the store and are thinking about it, but there is still time, so I would be happy if you could take your time to consider it.

I wonder if it will be classified as a so-called light outerwear.

Narrow and deep in the season that can be worn peculiar to heavy clothing. It's not just for a certain period of time, but for spring, autumn, and winter.

Also, I think that light outerwear like this is mainly made of lightweight materials such as cotton and synthetic fibers.

Considering the lineup we carry, most of the outerwear is made of light cotton or nylon.

Also, this jacket combines high-quality materials with military elements to create an atmosphere that is not overdone, so it is surprisingly suitable for daily use casual pants such as denim, chino, and cargo pants. The compatibility with is quite good.

Of course, neatly tailored slacks are also okay.

It can be worn as a dress-down style with slightly high-quality slacks, or it can be worn with casual wide pants made of cotton for a casual look.

Also, surprisingly, when you wear it and have a look at it, you can see the solid impression of BLACK, but I wonder if more people than expected liked the more glossy atmosphere of the BLACK STRIPE pinstripe.

It's a unique sense of balance, when you look at it as clothes.

However, if you wear both roughly and use it heavily, I think you will be able to feel the spaciousness of this jacket and the high quality of the fabric that is durable and has an excellent appearance and touch.

Due to the nature of being made in limited quantities, there are quite a few, and the striped ones are lined up in the store, so there is no stock, so I would be happy if you could consider it.

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