LIMITED PRODUCTS with Graphpaper that was announced.

Sales will start at 12:00 on the 8th (Sat).

On the 8th (Sat), Mr. Minami from Graphpaper will be at the store for a day, so we will only be selling over-the-counter on the 8th.

It is scheduled for the next day, the 9th (Sunday) around 18:00, but it will also be posted on the online store and will be on sale.

If you are in the distance and it is difficult to come to the store, please wait there.

In addition, we do not separate the stock of products for stores and online, so please understand if the products are sold out at the store before online sales.

Well, I think it's okay. Especially during the three consecutive holidays.

This event itself will be held until the 16th (Sun), so please take your time and consider it.

Yesterday, I told you about the details of the clothes, but today, please take a look at how you are wearing them.

Was wearing 178 cm tall and 52 kg? staff member Noguchi wears it.

Stand Collar Blouson is free in size, so use it.

Track pants are available in sizes 1 and 2, and she is wearing size 1.

Graphpaper × CASANOVA&CO
Compact Terry Roll Up Sleeve Stand Collar Blouson

material_COTTON 100%



price _ ¥30,800-(tax included)

First, here. The size is free, but I think that people with a small build or people over 180 cm can wear it without problems. Since it is the size balance of Graphpaper, if you are delicate, there will be a margin for that amount, but if you are accustomed to Graphpaper balance, I think everyone will have no problem. As for the sleeves, as the name suggests, they are supposed to be rolled up, so unless there is a serious reason, everyone rolls up the sleeves.

The width of the body is voluminous, but it is designed to taper toward the hem.

Therefore, there is no slack in the hem.

If anything, the dimensions are designed to fit wide pants very well.

Although it is a sweatshirt fabric, the density of the threads is very high, so it feels quite loose.

Also, this Stand Collar Blouson this time, although it is a sweatshirt fabric, the accuracy of the outline around the shoulder is quite good.

For tops, how the "shoulder outline" looks is very, very important.

It's called a "silhouette".

"Shoulder silhouette" I think that this is not the level of "casual sweat".

First, "one big drape" comes out from the top of each shoulder on the left and right.

This is it. This is because everyone is leaving.

The drape here will help make your upper body look smart. Theoretically.

This is the design on the pattern.

It's oversized, but it makes your style look beautiful.

And I think that the design of this pattern is the best match for this fabric.

In addition to here.

Rounding of the "shoulder slope".

The shoulder line is designed to draw a round "arc" on the pattern.

The shape of the collar that stands up sharply, and how the outline is formed at a sharp angle from the neck to the tip of the shoulder are very important.

Therefore, the "shoulder slant" pattern that draws the arc of the shoulder outline is

Thanks to the density of this fabric, it is a great success to snuggle naturally on your shoulders.

"Draping from the top of the shoulder" "Roundness of the shoulder" These two are combined with the fabric this time.

Drape that falls from the width of the body with natural luster and volume.

I think I was able to create clothes that positively express the urban mood of Graphpaper.

The neck can stand on its own even when the front zipper is fully open.

It's a sweatshirt, but I wanted to create elements that could be used as outerwear.

Graphpaper × CASANOVA&CO
Compact Terry Track Pants

material_COTTON 100%



price _ ¥28,600-(tax included)

And track pants.

Concerning track pants, Watari width has a certain size.

The fabric is firm and the shape comes out firmly.

It's tapered, but if you don't tighten the cord at the hem, you can go down with the same volume.

Track pants by adjusting the hem cord.

The impression is completely different if the code is narrowed down or not narrowed down. Please use it as you like.

The fabric itself has elasticity, so the track pants follow the movement of the lower body, especially the bending and stretching of the knees.

I think everyone will find this comfortable.

It's made of 100% cotton, so you can wear it on the slide, on the jungle gym, on the river, fishing, Aeon, or anywhere else.

If it gets dirty, you can wash it.

complete style.

For the time being, I thought that the setup would be cool, so I chose this color.

I wanted to eliminate as much as possible the "pajama feeling" and "cute atmosphere" on the top and bottom of the sweatshirt.

That is the benefit of Graphpaper's symbolic "concrete gray".

Also, I think that usually sweatshirts have a melange feel of "moku" that creates a room wear mood.

That's why, this time, it was an absolute requirement that even if an adult man wore it when going out, it wouldn't be embarrassing.

With an easy mind, you can wear it easily, but it looks sharp.

It was important to establish it as proper outing wear.

So, even if you feel embarrassed about the setup on a daily basis, this is okay. I believe that

oh yeah. As I said before, it's important to be able to wear it without hesitation, but it's also washable at home.

So I washed the sample and checked the shrinkage just to make sure.

When it's new, it will certainly shrink a little when washed, but I don't think you'll notice it at all.

Please see the dimensional changes below.

I wash it with a liquid neutral detergent in a home washing machine without putting it in a laundry net.

*Product dimensions (unwashed)

Shoulder width (straight from shoulder line to shoulder line): 62cm

Width (immediately below the armhole): 73cm

Back length (excluding stand neck): 76cm

Sleeve length: 67.5cm

Hem width: 54.5cm

*After washing in the washing machine (hanging and drying)

Shoulder width (straight from shoulder line to shoulder line): 61cm

Width (immediately below the armhole): 71.5cm

Back length (excluding stand neck): 75.5cm

Sleeve length: 66.5cm

Hem width: 54cm

*Product dimensions (unwashed)

Waist (straight line from end to end x2): 77cm

Rise: 37.5cm

Watari width (straight line at 5 cm below the crotch): 38.5 cm

Inseam: 73.5cm

Hem width: 26cm

* After washing machine (Pants hanger fishing drying)

Waist (straight line from end to end x2): 76cm

Rise: 36.5cm

Watari width (straight line at 5 cm below the base of the crotch): 38 cm

Inseam: 72.5cm

Hem width: 25.5cm

above dimensional change.

Each of them shrinks between about 0.5 cm to 1 cm.

This is super.

I think it's a change in the range that you can't notice at this level.

It's pre-shrunk.

Also, I tried washing it without putting it in the net, but the surface of the fabric hardly fluffed.

You don't need to wash it more than necessary, but when you want to wash it and it gets dirty, don't worry about it.

The theme of this time was that it was absolutely necessary to be able to wash it.

I would appreciate it if you could consider it.

It will be on sale from the 8th (Sat).

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