Graphpaper × CASANOVA&CO

A limited-time event with Graphpaper and BODHI, which was announced the other day.

It will be held for 9 days from October 8th (Sat) to 16th (Sun).

Mr. Minami from Graphpaper and Mr. Mizutani from BODHI will be at the shop on the first day (Saturday, 8th) as usual. bottom.

I have already posted it on Graphpaper's official Instagram, but what I made with Graphpaper this time is a set of sweat fabric.

Up until now, all four items that we have released as special orders have been woven fabrics called "Fuhaku".

But this time it's a "knitted fabric" sweatshirt. Put simply.

Graphpaper originally has a very wide variety of collections, and even at exhibitions, the sample lineup of that collection is overwhelming.

It is a brand that makes a lot of variations.

I don't think there are more than 10 brands in Japan that can create such a sample lineup. I think

So, well, I've made this kind of bespoke four times with Graphpaper in the past, and even with those four times, various things happened before the release.

Something unexpected. smile

However, as mentioned above, everything has been "fabric" until now.

Worsted wool plain weave on denim, wool flannel, worsted wool gabardine.

That's why this time is the 5th time, and I wanted to shift the "point of view" of the clothes from the ones released in the past.

Of course, I also intended to put a lot of weight on "wearing and using" the bespoke products that I have released with Graphpaper.

Originally, Graphpaper's clothes are not about the specs of the product, but rather about being a brand that emphasizes the point of view that adults who are busy with their daily lives can wear, use, and spend time in their private time. .

In addition, there are many products that can be used for both private time and official occasions.

Therefore, it is not only about the appearance of "dressing up", but more about "wearing and using" the clothes on a daily basis, and "easy care" within the Graphpaper brand. It occupies a very large proportion.

Whether you're a student or someone who works hard in society, the "private time" and "official scene" are repeated every day.

And at our store, if anything, it's a type of store that emphasizes "private time".

That's why I started the concept of LIMITD PRODUCTS with Graphpaper on the premise of emphasizing the purpose of use in such "private time" in my head.

Every day is busy, and as we age, our position in society and within the company comes with it, doesn't it?

Or there are a lot of people who are running their own businesses.

During work hours, I feel like I'm being overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of social survival.

And on the limited holidays, I whip my tired body and provide family services to my family and children.

For adults who spend such days. smile

Even if you go to a park, Aeon Mall, or some fancy place, you can wear it and go out, and you won't be floating in such places.

If it gets dirty, you can just wash it in the washing machine at home, and since you're tired from the daily hustle and bustle, on your days off, it's good to wear clothes that aren't too tight and too flimsy.

However, on days off, you can wear whatever you want. So, no.

When you wear it, it has to look decent to some extent, and the quality of the clothes has to be there.

So, as a brand, Graphpaper is very good at "sweat" series.

People already have a lot of clothes to wear in places where they need to wear neat clothes, and on the contrary, in many ways, they are easy to wear, easy to wash, and comfortable to wear. Clothes that can be released.

yes. In other words, it is a "healing garment" for the body during private time. smile

If you can wear this casually, treat it roughly, and repeat it, that's fine.

This time's bespoke project with Graphpaper was created from the point of view of "wearing and using" in our own way, with more physical aspects and physical aspects.

Graphpaper × CASANOVA&CO

Compact Terry Roll Up Sleeve Stand Collar Blouson

material_COTTON 100%



Graphpaper × CASANOVA&CO

Compact Terry Track Pants

material_COTTON 100%



These two.

The fabric that Graphpaper is using this season is called "Compact Terry".

It's the so-called "fleece lining" of sweatshirts.

It's not "Urakimo", which has a thick and fluffy back and has a strong warm feeling.

And terry, originally there is French terry, but that is the correct way to call the so-called "fleece sweatshirt".

The "Compact Terry" produced by Graphpaper is an even sharper version of the "fleece sweatshirt."

And the fabric of this bespoke project. It's a "compact terry" fabric with a "concrete gray" coloring that has a strong Graphpaper essence.

Of course, the shape of clothes itself did not exist.

When the bespoke product for this event was completed, we discussed with the Graphpaper team about the "fabric, coloring, and shape of the clothes", aiming for the "end point" that we would arrive at.

That was February.

I talked with Mr. Suzuki, who is responsible for the production of Graphpaper, the sales team, and Mr. Mizutani of BODHI, who was mysteriously with me at the time. smile

I will continue to convey the ideas in my head to the Graphpaper team and Mr. Mizutani, who was with me at the time.

I was talking about a lot of things.

The time for the Shinkansen to return home is approaching, and it is certain that I will have to dash to Gaienmae Station, and even if I arrive at Shinagawa Station, I will have to run furiously through the station premises. We talked above.

In a way, it's a backwater formation.

I told Mr. Suzuki, the head of production, what I was thinking, and he immediately confirmed the merits and demerits of putting it into shape, as well as the lot, what I could not do, and so on.

Oh, it might not be right now. . .

The moment I thought so.

"It rained".

I cherish this feeling of "flash" very much.

This fabric, this coloring, this clothes. Please make this.


At our shop, clothes that can never be made with brands other than Graphpaper.

Still, I'm addicted to the ideal thing that I'm aiming for this time.

And when I told Mr. Minami, who was the final supervisor, about the clothes on the spot, it was okay.

That's how the sweat set-up was born, which I consider to be a hell of a lot of rain.

At our shop CASANOVA&CO, we think that this is the clothes we were able to create this time because it is Graphpaper.

Well, I digress, so let's get back to the dough.

This fabric is called "circular knitting" in knitted fabric called "weft knitting".

A "loop knitting machine" is by no means the best, so this time, "circular knitting" is the most suitable for the clothes you should aim for.

If you use a loop knitting machine, it will inevitably smell like an old man, so this kind of fabric is impossible to achieve.

And this fabric. Knitted with the theory of Graphpaper.

With a circular knitting machine, the stitches are packed and the density of the thread and thread is increased, and then knitted.

Then, the sweat fabric that was clogged and finished hard.

After that, the dough is kneaded with an "air tumbler" to loosen and soften it.

This air tongue is important.

I recently had to decide whether to use an air tumbler or a wet tumbler.

It's very important that this is doing an "air tumbler".

Originally, the fabric that has just been knitted is hard and stiff, and it is not comfortable to wear.

That's why the inherent "hardness" of the fabric remains as "repulsion" when the air tongue is applied, transforming it into the "tension" of the fabric.

At the same time, the air tongue and 100% cotton "bulge" lead to the "softness" of comfort.

It's making bipolar things coexist.

But, well, Graphpaper doesn't stop there.

The air tumbler is used to knead the fabric, so the yarn will inevitably become fuzzy.

For this time's clothes, it was NG to look fuzzy.

I didn't aim for a vintage look with fluff on the surface from the beginning.

Anyway, I aimed for "something with high transparency".

So, even though it's a sweatshirt, in order to make it look appropriate for an adult to wear it, we'll add another step from here.

Therefore, we "eliminate" the fluff on the surface of the fabric to create a fabric that is "flat" when viewed from the front.

Look at this again.

Since there is very little fluffing, you can clearly see the crossing of the thread itself.

Blunt rebound and weight due to the density of the fabric.

This creates a different drape than normal sweatshirts.

Because the characteristics of the fabric are the best match for Graphpaper's peculiar "blank space balance". Expect it.


You can easily imagine the ultra-sophisticated "fleece lining" from the well-proportioned surface of the fabric.

If anything, it's too sophisticated, and it's a fabric touch that makes you feel rough. Feeling.

Fluffy and soft. not.

As for the expansion and contraction of the fabric itself, it doesn't tend to be something with a sweet density, but it follows the body in an ultra-natural way.

It's a sweatshirt, but when I wear it, I had an image of the same scenery as "fabric".

However, I think the level of comfort peculiar to knitted fabrics is quite high.

Let me introduce each detail.

The front is fully open with a zipper.

The stand-shaped neck stands properly when closed, and has excellent neck dimensions so that the neck does not feel cramped at all.

As is common with last year's bespoke stand collar shirt, this dimension value is the golden dimension value derived by Graphpaper.

The zipper is Swiss riri.

It's a size 4 caterpillar, and it's polished one by one, so I think you can feel its presence.

The handle is also a shape peculiar to riri.

I think it's a zipper that goes well with the clear texture of the fabric.

The cuffs are designed to be long and are meant to be rolled up. As the name suggests.

I'm also aiming to not switch the ribs on this type of sweatshirt.

If you change the ribs, you can't get anything other than a casual look.

The hem is also not overtly ribbed.

Sweet and soft rib knit with the same thread as the main body.

So, although it looks almost the same, it has a proper hem processing function.


There is nothing useless on the back, and I think that it has a very sharp specification among sweatshirts.

Also, I wanted to avoid a casual look as much as possible, so there are no waist pockets.

Inevitably, if a pocket is attached to this kind of fabric, it will look like that.

So if you need a pocket, use your pants pocket or, well, carry your bag.

The back seam keeps the fabric from overlapping as much as possible.

With this amount of fabric, it's easy to get thick seams, but they've devised ways to avoid that.

And then pants.

As the name suggests, these are track pants.

The waist is elastic, but it is not the type with a drawcord inside.

Photo of the back of this.

With the drawcord string, you can't get rid of the easy pants feeling, so we have arranged the elastic cord and adjuster.

I think it's pretty sophisticated.

As expected, the pants have pockets, but the pocket bag cloth is mesh.

i think this is cool.

I didn't tell him to do this part like this, but Mr. Suzuki, who cherishes the essence of Graphpaper, made a good choice.


The back pocket is a shoulder bead specification.

Again, the pocket bag cloth is mesh as before.

It is equipped with specifications that do not put too much load on the bag cloth, and it is assumed that it will be used as a pocket.


Like the blouson mentioned earlier, this is not a change of ribs.

As the name suggests, these track pants have elastic cords and adjusters at the hem.

Squeeze it as you like.

As for pants, I think I wear them directly most of the time except for the middle of winter, but I think the touch of this fleece is quite comfortable.

So, I think it's an advantage that the fabric is less likely to sag due to the benefits of clogging the fabric.

Well, it's not like I can't get my knee out at all. Because it's a sweatshirt.

But when that happens, just throw it in the washing machine without a second thought.

That's enough.

And when it dries, it looks like it's going to be worn as it is.

Well, I'm planning to post tomorrow how I'm wearing it, but I think I've created clothes that will be used quite heavily by those who like them.

Roll Up Sleeve Stand Collar Blouson is ¥30,800-(tax included).

Track pants are ¥28,600-(tax included).

I thought about what would happen after the customer received the product, and also placed a lot of importance on the price.

I would appreciate it if you could consider it.

I will introduce you later.

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