CASANOVA&Co. LIMITED PRODUCTS using Graphpaper's original fabric, which we announced the other day.

It was important that the fabric of Graphpaper Selvage Wool could be used to create a special order piece outside of the collection, and that the essence of the brand could be felt in the appearance of the clothes as well.

Because it is a fabric that is of such high quality and has a luxurious feel to it.

If you want to make elegant and beautiful clothes, you can raise the level of the original fabric to the limit.

That's why I wanted to put the opposite element in the base clothes that would be combined with that fabric.

Selvage Wool's obvious high-quality fabrics, well-tailored collar jackets with padded shoulders, and impressive regular-collar shirts are good, but I thought that would be different for us.

That's why I crossed it with a not-so-well-known archetype in the Graphpaper collection, yet with a contradictory feel.

Fatigue Jacket

As the name Fatigue suggests, it is a military source jacket.

However, it is not the thick version of Jungle Fatigue, which is sometimes confused, but a slightly more stripped-down type.

I somehow carried the earthy scent of the original story, and brought it to something that was a little loose and not too smart.

graph paper

LIMITED PRODUCTS Selvage Wool Fatigue Jacket

material_wool 100%

color_black stripe


graph paper

LIMITED PRODUCTS Selvage Wool Fatigue Jacket

material_wool 100%



Two types of the same Selvage Wool, a striped type and a plain type.

It may be difficult to understand from the photo.

A large pocket with flap specifications that is unique to Fatigue on the front.

As for the neck, the collar is positioned somewhere between an open collar and a tailored collar.

Shirt buttons are placed to make it light, not as a heavyweight outerwear.

This is black stripe. The microscope photo I introduced the other day is this black stripe fabric.

Instead of printed stripes, a pin-stripe specification that takes advantage of the characteristics of twill weave by inserting white wool that uses two-ply yarn against a black ground.

For this striped fabric, the striped patterns on the body and pockets, as well as the yoke and arms, are matched, so it's a type that's more difficult to remove than plain fabrics.

It's a fabric with a chemical fiber touch like nylon, but it has a lot of luster that only high-quality wool has.

By combining the mood of military wear, I think it's possible to bring it to clothes that are not just high quality.

Military garments, which were born as uniforms and combat uniforms rather than as clothes to be worn, are originally mass-produced products, but they are made by Graphpaper. this.

In particular, the Fatigue Jacket, which is the base for this collection, does not have a lining.

There is no lining, so you can't cheat with the lining.

The key points are sewn with double stitches, and the edges of the fabric are processed by overlocking even the invisible parts of the back of the pocket.

Not only when you wear it, but also when you take it off and leave it on, thanks to its construction, it looks good.

It's a jacket based on military material, but the quality of the fabric and elaborate sewing specifications.

I think I've made a very well-finished piece of clothing.

Of course, the pattern and how to put out the margins of the body and clothes are also designed with the balance of Graphpaper.

The shoulders are a little sagging, but the fabric has a firmness and drape, and the appearance of the arms flowing down is a superb view. Also my back.

Due to the characteristics of the fabric, the Graphpaper pattern is very positive, and I think you can experience the goodness of the shape.

I think people who like it will really like it.

It's up to the owner how they wear it, but it's okay to enjoy it as it is and wear it beautifully. I think that repeating the process will also make it look better.

And, as some of you may have already noticed, we have been handling it every season so far, and I think there are people who have it.

Made with the same Selvege Wool as this fabric, chef pants now, and cook pants until the previous season.

If you can combine it with these pants, you can set it up.

If you set it up with a tailored collar jacket, it will be too hard.

That's why I think we'll be able to create a set-up style that you can enjoy with a unique balance that's not overdone.

Not bad, right?

just imagined.

By the way, the photo of the wearer is a pair of denim cock pants made by CASANOVA&Co. two years ago.

Well, this time of year, it's on top of a cut-and-sew or shirt.

If it gets cold, you can put a good quality sweater inside, and it's a jacket that can be used in spring, autumn, and winter.

As I said, it will go on sale from the first day of the event, the 17th (Sat).

Available in 2 sizes and 2 colors.

Please look forward to.

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