Today, I would like to introduce a genre that I am handling for the first time.

Lately, I've been wearing glasses myself.

There was one thing I had decided on for many years without wavering.

That means "glasses are not handled."

Until now, we had been introduced to them by various brands, but we had not carried them all.

There was a clear reason for that in my mind.

This is because there is a specialty store called "Okayama Glasses Store" near our store, CASANOVA&CO.

About five or six years ago, I bought glasses at an Okayama optical store.

At that time, the owner, Mr. Inohara, recommended glasses to me and talked with me.

I talked to Mr. Inohara about it, and I had him adjust my glasses as well.

I still remember that very much, and at that time I thought, ``What a wonderful customer service.'' That's what I felt.

When I told Mr. Inohara exactly that, he said, ``I'm just doing the obvious thing.''

After hearing those words, I thought, ``This is a professional job,'' and then I thought, ``There's no need for us to handle eyewear.''

After receiving customer service that I felt was wonderful, I was allowed to see samples of various eyewear brands, and even when I was introduced to them, the name that always stuck in my head was "Ihara-san." lol

That's why I didn't think about handling it at all until now.

However, there was one brand that overturned my strong determination.

It introduces "GERNOT LINDNER".

At first, when I was approached by the brand, I clearly told them, ``Mr. Inohara is here, so I won't be handling it.''

I remember the time when I bought glasses myself at Okayama Optical Shop, and I think many of the customers who visit our store have been to Okayama Optical Shop, and Mr. Inohara is there. Our store has high hurdles. I conveyed this to the brand side.

But why are the brands talking to us like this? He explained that clearly.

At our store, we mainly handle clothing, and we live in the world of clothing.

On the other hand, the GERNOT LINDNER brand side doesn't understand the world of clothing because it's outside of their scope.

However, I think there must be something in common when it comes to seeing and communicating "one thing." That's what I was told.

The reason they say things like that is because they are so confident in ``that thing''.

By the way, the above exchange was before seeing the actual product.

I believe that my stronghold is strong, so I always decline offers when they come to me.

So, I decided to take a look at the real thing at a later date.

Then, when I saw GERNOT LINDNER's glasses...

In an instant, I gripped my heart tightly and couldn't let go. lol

The actual power is ultra-hard.

It's amazing. GERNOT LINDNER.

By the way, when we carry and introduce GERNOT LINDNER, we inform Mr. Inohara of Okayama Optician in advance.

Glasses also need to be adjusted to suit the person.

The GERNOT LINDNER glasses that we carry at our store generally require adjustment at an Okayama optical store.

We have entered into a contract with Okayama Optician, so if you purchase at our store, please have your item adjusted at Okayama Optician.

At Okayama Optician Shop, we sincerely believe that the products we introduce and give to our customers have the final adjustments made by someone we can trust, and that they use the best products. Please take it to

Well, it's close. In terms of distance.

So, let me introduce you.


To begin with, GERNOT LINDNER is produced in Germany.

These glasses are created by Gernot Lindner, a master of the eyewear world.

As some of you who are familiar with eyeglasses may know, he is the founder of the world-famous eyewear brand "Lunor."

Lunar is loved by people all over the world, and its users are said to include many famous people from around the world.

The founder, Gernot, is now over 80 years old.

Due to his age, Gernot passed on the Lunor brand, which everyone around the world knows, to his successor.

At the time, it was thought that the great master had retired, but at the end of his career, Gernot decided that he wanted to ``create something that couldn't be achieved with Lunor,'' and changed his name to ``GERNOT LINDNER.'' It seems that he has started a brand called ``.

This was about 5 years ago.

"What could not be achieved with Lunar"

That's just one thing.

The material that is least suitable for glasses...

Creating glasses with "silver".


All GERNOT LINDER glasses are made of 925 silver.

that too,

"Sterling Silver 925".

First of all, do you know what is the difference between "925 silver" and "925 sterling silver"? ?

This has a clear definition.

・Silver 925 = 92.5% pure silver. The remaining 7.5% is alloy.

・Sterling silver 925 = 92.5% pure silver and the remaining 7.5% is copper.

This is the difference.

Well, even with the same 925 silver, most of them contain 7.5% iron, zinc, nickel, etc.

At our store, DAN TOMIMATSU uses precious metals from the platinum group, ``rhodium and palladium,'' even in 925 silver, so we have been pursuing that as well.

However, GERNOT LINDNER is "sterling silver".

As mentioned above, only silver and copper.

I think you'll be able to feel the overwhelming quality of the material, the ease with which it blends into your skin, the super comfortable feel, and the highly refined aura.

I was so moved by this point that I decided to handle it myself and introduce it to everyone.

GERNOT LINDNER was developed by Gernot with his long-time partner and engineer Helmut Mittelbauer.

Apparently they have built a "dedicated factory" in Germany just to produce GERNOT LINDNER.

In general, silver is completely different from other materials used for eyeglasses.

In order to achieve this, they have created and equipped special equipment.

This is amazing.

First of all, our store will initially carry 2 models and 4 types.



material _ Sterling Silver 925

temple _ Adjustable Temple

bridge_middle bridge



material _ Sterling Silver 925

temple _ Adjustable Temple

bridge_middle bridge

The above is a crown pant type model called "KYOTO".



material _ Sterling Silver 925

temple _ Golf Temple 140mm,150mm

bridge_middle bridge

This is a model called GL151.

Regarding the GL151, we have two types of temples (the part that goes over your ears) with a length of 140mm and one with a length of 150mm.

This is the KYOTO I model.

The KYOTO I and KYOTO II models have different lens sizes.

KYOTO I is smaller and KYOTO II is larger.

Mr. Gernot of GERNOT LINDNER is also a collector of antique glasses.

That's why he also owns some amazing antiques.

I think it's the same with Lunar, but we pursue and research old glasses, and then manufacture them using sterling silver as the material.

One of the major features of antique glasses is that the length of the temples can be adjusted.

GERNOT LINDNER has several features, one of which is that it uses "adjustable temples" that allow you to adjust the temples.

That's why at our store, we use KYOTO, which has a crown-pant lens shape, and uses adjustable temples.

And this is the GL 151 model.

Another feature of GERNOT LINDNER is that there is no "nose pad".

This is also a characteristic of antique glasses, with a single-mounted saddle bridge and no nose pad, faithfully reproducing the flavor of old glasses.

This single-mounted saddle bridge is common to both KYOTO and GL 151, which are currently available at our store.

Some people are concerned about the bridge falling off the nose due to the lack of a nose pad, but this bridge comes in three different brands.

・European bridge

・Middle bridge

・Asian bridge

These three.

Starting from the top, the bridge that touches the nose is high, and as you go down, the bridge gets lower, but at our store, we are all using the "middle bridge" this time.

I think that with the middle bridge, you can feel the charm of antique glasses while also fitting relatively well with the Japanese frame.

If you really, really, really can't get it to fit, Mr. Inohara from Okayama Optical Shop will say, ``We'll make adjustments,'' so don't worry.

The hinge part is also a reproduction of an antique.

Sterling silver material and streamlined form and appearance.

Glasses are something that can be used as a "tool".

However, I don't think that any tool is fine.

I really like the "words of folk art" that I introduced when I wrote the COTTLE blog.

"People are born naked and die naked.

As we go through our lives, we use various tools.

However, the tools must be "beautiful." ”

The word.

I really sympathize with the words of mingei, and I think that a person's inner self changes depending on what they wear on a daily basis.

That's why I believe that when you wear something beautiful, it makes you feel better and improves your inner self.

This is exactly the case with GERNOT LINDNER's glasses.

The same goes for the clothes from seventyfive that I introduced yesterday.

Since I'm writing this in such a long way, I can't introduce everything on this blog, but that's how I feel about all the clothes and things that we carry in our store and that you can see.

However, I think the new GERNOT LINDNER glasses are even more excellent in their "instrument" qualities, so if you're interested, please give them a try.

Because it's dangerous.

It's honed.

I have bad eyesight, so when I drive I wear cell-frame glasses that I bought at an Okayama optical store.

I liked that too, but this is on a different level.

In the past, if I used Cell Frame for a long time, I would get a little tired.

However, when I hold the GERNOT LINDNER in my hand, I don't think it feels that great, but when I put it on, it's surprisingly light.

I don't get tired at all, and I can feel the aura of things, so I want to use them all the time.

Every day I think that clothes are very nice things, but I really feel that GERNOT LINDNER has a different kind of charm than clothes.

I'm using KYOTO I, and it seems to have a bit more strength because it has corners and the upper and lower rims have different forms, but it also seems to be a classic in its own way.

I have that model combined with adjustable temples.

The GL 151 has a rounded Boston shape that gives it a more universal feel.

This person has golf temples combined so that he can experience the benefits of glasses in a simpler way.

Neither of them have excessive frame lines, and while they are delicate, I feel that they have been designed with great thought.

Above all, I think the quality of the material stands out.

This is what I'm using.

I've been using it every day for about a month, and I've noticed a particular color change on the inside.

This blackening is a natural change in the material that is unique to silver.

GERNOT LINDNER has a variety of finishing methods and colors, but the one we are handling this time is a finish called "SN".

I ordered 925 sterling silver with a rhodium plated finish, making the best use of the natural material.

The brand offers a variety of colors, but all models are coated with rhodium plating and then given a final finish.

So, feel like you're making the most of your sterling silver.



For the first few days, I wiped it down after using it every day, but that's no longer the case.

If I feel like it, I'll just wipe it with the hem of the shirt I'm wearing.

By carrying GERNOT LINDNER, we decided to display glasses in our store for the first time, but we have no plans to increase the number of other brands.

I was more attracted to ``GERNOT LINDNER's glasses'' than ``glasses,'' so that's all.

At our store, we are not able to compare various eyeglass brands at the same time, but if you are a lover of things, we are sure that you will be able to relate to our products.

By the way, GERNOT LINDNER products are prohibited from being sold on online sites, so they will not be listed on our online store.

If you live far away and are concerned about this, please contact us.

If you are able to visit our store and are interested, we would be happy if you could take a look.

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