one strap sandal "FEIT"

The FEIT sandals I talked about a little the other day.

Available from today.

one strap sandals


size _ L (around 26.5cm).XL (around 27.5cm)

price_¥53,000-(without tax)

These sandals are hand sewn by the legendary hermits of Taiwan.

The upper is lined with elk leather.

The footbed that supports your feet is made of fine cow leather,

Wrapped in it is latex made from milk-like sap extracted from natural rubber trees.

The outsole is a carefully polished leather sole with heel rubber to prevent slipping.

Even the leather of the strap that supports the heel is thicker and the fiber density is condensed, giving you an overwhelming sense of security.

And hand sewn it according to the concept of the brand.

These sandals are hand-stitched and hand-finished by a single shoe craftsman.

Each pair comes with a certificate containing the serial number and the name of the craftsman who made it.

The elk leather on the upper is wrapped between the soles, and is docked with the footbed and hand-sewn.

Originally there are some grooves to fit the sole of the foot.

This will allow you to easily fit your feet from the beginning.

This is Tan.

Unlike the previous black, the color contrast for each part is effective.

The upper is suede with short bristles, but the part that touches the top of the foot has a lot of texture.

Compared to smooth leather, it doesn't stick to your feet and feels a little dry. when you're wearing If this is the so-called smooth leather of cowhide, the foot hit will be completely different.

Also, the leather of this elk isn't flimsy at all, and if you touch it, you'll feel that it's a high-quality leather, but it's strong yet soft to the touch.

I think there are a lot of people in the world who have had blisters with this type of leather sandal until now, and I think that's how they perceive it at first.

But this doesn't happen. It's crazy.

Because the concept of conventional leather sandals will change.

Surprise sandals.

The heel has the minimum necessary metal parts.

The tongue is brass. what is black

It's a solid black part.

The outsole is also amazing.

Benz leather that has been carefully and carefully polished and has a splendid edge treatment.

Its hardness is quite high.

The fibrous material is clogged with clogs, and there is a certain toughness.

Rubber on the heel.

It's hard to tell in the photo, but the edge has been polished as if it were shining.

Well, if you wear it, you can remove it.

However, because it is a shoe brand that can do all these things, we can do things that are invisible but important.

Until now, I had to stand a lot at work, so my feet were often very tired when wearing sandals.

But that all changed when I found these sandals. PETROSOLAUM b-sandals when I'm at home and when I'm out and about, and when I'm at the store, it's all I have.

Normally, when I wear leather shoes, I don't wear them all the time.

I come to the store wearing them every day. If you notice

It can be said that sandals are unconsciously chosen by the brain and feet.

Up until now, when it comes to things that have two colors like this, I usually choose the one that isn't black, but lately, I've been trying to wear black as much as possible.

That's why I'm wearing black again.

The thickness of the sole gives me a slightly better view than I've ever had in my life. Somewhat.

Achieve a high point of view.

Well, when you put it on, it has a moderate amount of volume, but it doesn't overstate its appearance, so this kind of thing is always good. in terms of looks.

In terms of comfort, if you can't satisfy yourself with these sandals, you may not be able to wear them for the rest of your life. That kind of level.

However, the price is still the price.

It's more expensive than cheap leather shoes.

That's why I calmly keep the quantity small, thinking that it won't appeal to so many people. Because I'm an adult.

Of course, I think it's a sandal that will be premised on being seen in the long run. However, I think that those who originally like this genre will be able to detect it immediately, and everyone who picks it up will be satisfied.

No way.

Actually, it was delivered a while ago. However, it was the first model I had created as a brand, so I really needed a period of time to reflect on it.

Wear it and test it.


It turns out that this is a real swastika.

The price is also a price, and I don't think I want to recommend it to everyone who sees this blog.

But I'm sure everyone agrees. Assembled with material use and legendary hand power.

I think it's a sandal that climbs to a pretty high position.

By the way, this is my property.

I did my best to buy it.

Second pair of sandals for this summer.

Even though I had to buy a stroller, I only strengthened my feet.

Compared to the new condition, it was quite a shadow overall.

The fluff of the elk has become richer, and the insole part has sunk where it sinks, making it quite three-dimensional.

However, the important cushioning latex shows no sign of wear.

This is the power of nature.

Using a sponge or something like that for cushioning is good at first, but you'll get thinner and thinner and eventually you'll end up with nothing.

Long-lasting and exceptional durability.

Stated side by side with new.

Do you understand?

Left is mine, right is new.

It's still a long way to go, but I've seen some areas that have a glossy finish, and an overall sense of depth.

By the way, I've been hit by unexpected rain many times.

However, did you suffer any particular disadvantages?

I'm lined up in the store from today. This is the end of sandals for the 2020SS season.

Also, when will the AFOUR sneakers arrive? .

I am very much affected by Corona. . .

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