Hand Sewn Shoes "FEIT"

Yesterday, we announced PETROSOLAUM shoes, but let me introduce something different today.


FEIT (Fight)

I think maybe there are people who know.

From NY.

It has nothing to do with using natural raw materials and producing a large number of them.

It is a new brand that is created by human hands and human hands to the limit.

If you look at the picture, you'll understand, but it looks like a sneaker.

Due to the manufacturing process, sneakers are made with a large-scale machine with a lot of clatter, so I dared to stick to that atmosphere.

But I think the production process is very similar to the PETROSOLAUM shoes that I introduced yesterday. handson.

That's why I think it would be great if you could choose something that suits your taste and usage.

Hand sewn low rubber

material_Semi Cordvan

process_Hand Sewn



It looks like a low-tech sneaker. It feels a little mechanical.

I can't believe this is an all-hands horn.

Semi-cordovan leather upper.

In other words, it is somewhat similar to PETROSOLAUM's cordovan bat, but it uses leather around cordovan. The leather is quite thick.

Also, the tanning is full vegetable tannin. So when you touch it, it feels really hard at first.

In other words, there are two types of leather tanning processes. Tannin tanning and chrome tanning Tannin tanning is the use of natural materials to turn leather into leather. Chrome tanning, on the other hand, uses a petroleum-based solvent to turn leather into leather.

If the word "full" is added to it, it literally means 100% tanning. Many of today's leather products use a combination of both types of tanning, called compound tanning.

This is because the natural tanning of tannins makes the leather extremely hard. Chrome can be tanned to softer leather and is easier to use.

However, the idea of ​​FEIT is supernatural.

Fully vegetable tanned because it is made based on the aesthetic idea of ​​not using any chemicals.

That's why you can bring super natural leather to your feet that you can only experience with FEIT shoes.

This is intriguing as a shoe lover.

Furthermore, FEIT's thoughts are also reflected in the parts inside the shoe.

Normally, shoes have an iron core-like part called a shank. About the center of the sole of the foot.

Even shoes don't bend in that position. If that part bends, it will be squishy and difficult to walk on, so it is a part that can be put in so that it does not bend.

If it's normal, use bamboo for iron and other parts. It's bamboo.

Bamboo grows fast, so it can be harvested permanently. That's why I use bamboo. But it also has great benefits for the wearer. It's extremely lightweight. Try it on and experience it.

The leather is also carefully processed on the back, and there is no lining.

The single-leather upper is reinforced with hand-sewn here and there.

Already, if you look at this picture, you can imagine the terrifying transformation of your expression.

And the best feature of this FEIT is its appearance.

As I said earlier, these shoes are made from hand sewn.

Not only the upper, but also the invisible inside.

Surprise is the country of origin.

Made in China.

yes. Bench-made in a small workshop in Taiwan.

In other words, one person is in charge of each pair, and these shoes are made entirely by hand from start to finish. Well, the population is different from Japan, and I think it will be difficult to survive there unless people are really good at it. Also, do you really want to mass-produce it?

Analog hand saws are the thing that tests your skills the most, so you can easily imagine how skilled craftsmen are involved.

Not only that, but what's even more terrifying is that it tries to erase the warmth of your hands by bringing that ultra-crafty feel to a sneaker-like look.

At first glance, it doesn't look like a bench-made hand sewn shoe. from this form. However, since the leather is entirely tan, there is an unusual atmosphere, and that may be the opposite of what it is.

All shoes have a serial number and a serial number worldwide.

And the handwritten signature of the craftsman who was in charge of the pair.

I can't read what the name is.

Equipped with two types of insoles.

Cork insole and hard tanned buffalo leather insole. That's very considerate.

By the way, half rubber is pasted on the outsole.

The new shoes have no shadows and are just stiff, but the more you wear them, the more you can expect them. I believe that wearing and using these shoes will not lead to deterioration. In order for it to grow more and more into a brand new piece of leather, I put a lot of load on it by being hit by the rain.

By the time you realize it, you will be delighted with your shoes, and I think they will undergo a tremendous transformation.

Please take a look.

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