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The other day, we did a live stream on Instagram as a pre-order for PETROSOLAUM beach sandals, and we were able to take orders for a limited quantity.

I wrote a little bit about it on my blog a little while ago, but it's another special sandal for the 2020SS season. I will introduce you soon.

Although it is a New York brand, it is a shoe brand that makes each pair by hand with its outstanding technology.

Made in China at a level that far exceeds everyone's common sense.

China has a much larger population than Japan.

Craftsmen who won the fierce survival competition of skilled people.

These sandals are produced by the elite who continue to make shoes with their overwhelming technology.

The beach sandals we announced the other day have a feeling of wearing that causes a stir in the beach sun world, but these sandals this time have a level of comfort that will create a sensation in the entire shoe industry.

Well, I don't want to sing about comfort.

If it's comfortable to wear or it's uncomfortable to wear, it's better to wear it anyway.

Please think of these sandals as if they are comfortable to wear as an added bonus due to the raw materials and manufacturing method.

However, superb.

I've never met sandals that are so real and comfortable.

Half rubber leather outsole.

There is no similarity in the world of sandals anymore in the treatment of the edges of the stacked leather soles.

Smooth leather treatment.

These are thick sandals.

Leather inside, outside, sides and bottom.

But it's not just a thing.

Elk leather backing.

Even though it is a suede surface, it has a fine texture.

And the smoothness of the surface that touches the skin and the beauty of the texture.

It's very good. I didn't take a picture.

It's a two-color development. Color is as pictured.

Currently, the sizes are L size equivalent to around 26.5cm and XL size equivalent to 27.5cm.

Well, I think most people will be fine with one or the other.

As I wrote before, I was excited to collect good sandals for the 2020SS.

I used to handle Jutta Newman, but I wanted to overcome the past overwhelmingly.

However, even if there are too many types of good sandals, people will end up saying which one is better, so we carefully selected and prepared beach sandals and this for those who like things.

I wear beach sandals and these sandals a lot myself, but they're crazy.

You found something so good that you want to praise yourself. I really like it.

I've never really bought two serious sandals in one summer, but this time I did.

All hand sewn sandals. Each pair has a serial number and the signature of the maker.

Well, I can't read the name because it's Chinese characters.

Please let me know if you are familiar with Chinese.

The release is scheduled for the beginning of June. Please look forward to.

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