Today, I would like to introduce FAUVES. Mr. Fukuhara of OLDE HOMESTEADER is the brand that OLDE HOMESTEADER is doing. At OLDE HOMESTEADER, starting with "Suvin Tokushu Spinning", we are doing cut-and-sew products that are far superior, but this "FAUVES" is not a cut-and-sew, but a "fabric". It is also in "cotton fabric". The combination of fabrics, sewing, specifications, etc., is the clothes that are heading in a straight line to the ideal finished form that the brand is aiming for. very well done Let me introduce you. FAUVES NUVO material_COTTON 100% color_BLACK size_2,3,4,5 this. These pants look very simple. It's called "NUVO". I think it's a standing position like Mr. Fukuhara's style of jeans. Normal jeans have a coin pocket on the right side, so there are a total of 5 pockets, and it is called 5 pockets, but this one has no coin pocket. Well, I don't think there are many people who put coins in this kind of place these days, so I think it's fine to eliminate them. Of course, if you're aiming for a super-origin vintage like A.PRESSE, you can't miss it. Because it's not there. When you look at these pants like this, they just look simple, don't they? ? Non non non. It's not. When I saw this series of pants, I felt a lot of things, but the most attractive thing was, "Beyond" is very felt, A great view awaits "beyond" Because I could sense that it was drifting in Bing. The fabric is woven at a weaver in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which is one of Japan's major cotton textile production areas. Not Kaneta. smile But it's not bad. smile If you look closely at the photo, you will understand that it is a "left-handed" twill. In terms of fiber level, it is not particularly high quality cotton, and it is in the class of medium fiber cotton, but I think the twisted yarn is quite strong. You can see with the naked eye that it is strongly driven. That's why the texture of the fabric stands out and the fabric itself has plenty of repulsion. And, unlike denim fabric, the fabric itself is not stiff. Left side. Because of its solid density, you will instantly feel the resistance of the fabric to sagging and twisting when you touch it. This is a relatively narrow shape, so it's a benefit, it's hard to pull out the knees, and it's also a benefit that the shape comes out clearly. Well, it's that kind of fabric, but the sewing specifications are distinctive. In general, if the fabric of this kind of pants is black, the sewing thread will be sewn with the same black color. However, this is different. There are parts of the same color as the fabric, Use "multiple colored threads". that too,,, With "100% cotton" sewing thread. Not only black, but also multiple colors of cotton thread such as gray, navy, and orange are sewn. OLDE HOMESTEADER, no, Mr. Fukuhara from FAUVES changes the color and count (thickness) to achieve the ideal figure he is aiming for. Normally, sewing factories have to change the thread from the sewing machine each time they sew each part, so it is not something that is often used. Even Levi's originally used three or four colors, but in the end it changed to almost a single color of orange, isn't it? So, sew it using threads of various colors and thicknesses in 2022. It was so well received, wasn't it? Well, I think it's very attractive to have clothes that have different thicknesses and colors depending on the part of the clothes. That's why when I was working at the previous sewing factory, I did product planning as a job at the end. At that time, I spent many days creating sewing specifications with a lot of different thread counts and colored threads, but I immediately had to redo it. As a result, like a taxi meter, sewing wages rise in a blink of an eye, and productivity drops, so it's hard to accept it. Unfortunately. That's why I think there are almost no clothes made with multiple types of sewing thread, especially cotton. He's done it brilliantly. That is Mr. Fukuhara from FAUVES. Also, well, it's not just the sewing thread, the attachments are also unique. First, the top button is a resin button. Not by hand, but by machine. But don't worry. Because it is attached firmly. This button has also changed. According to Mr. Fukuhara, it seems that the button was originally made for this purpose. So that's what I'm aiming for too. According to Mr. Fukuhara, he wanted to give each one a different expression than the usual resin buttons, and it seems that the original is different from the ordinary ones. I don't know if it's okay to say this because there are a lot of things I don't like on this blog, but normally this kind of button seems to be made in a "bar shape". Cut it into rings. However, that would give the impression of being the same, so I wanted to make it look more accidental. So, it seems that they made a "plate-like" thing by hardening the resin. And then, like making cookies, I cut them out with a mold and tried to make each one a completely different feeling. Hollowed out, shaved, polished, and after that, it seems that it is usually applied with something like a wax coating, but it is unprocessed without any of that. After hollowing it out and polishing it to some extent, I used it as it was. So at first it looks like a matte button. However, as it is used, it will be polished naturally, and I am aiming for it to come out lustrous like metal. It only comes with one. smile And it's a zipper front. I believe the material was aluminum. I think aluminum is rare for fasteners. In the initial state of a new product, the teeth of the zipper itself seem to repel each other, giving a jerky feeling, but it gradually smoothes out. Moreover, it is quite high level and there is a sense of security. This is a reliability that is incomparable to resin fasteners. And the handle is engraved with "FAUVES", and this fastener has a locking function. When you move the zipper up and down, you put the pull up, and when you don't move it, you put the pull down and it's locked. back. The back is also made of 100% cotton with different types of sewing threads. The waist is mainly made of thick black and gray thread. Pocket back, chain stitch. Comes with a leather patch. like jeans. This seems to be an image of the old Wrangler. The material is cowhide, and the leather patch is embossed to resemble a goat. And, of course, the sewing that joins the back yoke and the left and right bodies is made of 100% cotton. These pants from FAUVES are very distinctive, but most of the clothes that have been sewn in our shop so far have been made mainly in Kojima, Okayama Prefecture. Just this. is it wrong. He is from Kanto. I've heard the name of the sewing factory, but I'm not sure if I should mention the name, so I'll keep it hidden in this blog. It seems that they are made in a small sewing factory. That's why the nuances of winding stitches are different. But for those who like it, I think it's a great benefit. Unlike the winding sewing of normal jeans, double stitched "interval" and "pitch" This is different. It seems that it is unique to the sewing factory. First, intervals. The width of the two stitches is about 1mm narrower than the general winding stitch. 1 mm. smile I didn't take any comparison pictures because I thought I wouldn't be able to tell even if I took a picture. And the "pitch" of the hand movement. This is due to the peculiarity of this factory's sewing machine, which is slightly larger than usual. And it's 100% cotton. The intervals are slightly narrow, and the winding pitch is large. The more it is used and washed, the more it matches with the fabric itself, and the sewing thread digs into the fabric more and more, creating a natural and wonderful puckering. hem. The hem is 1cm tri-folded and chain stitched 8mm from the edge of the hem. Cotton thread of course. In the unwashed new product, the hem is still flat. Gray on the front and navy on the back. The inseam is rolled seam. And can you see it from the inside? ? this. outside seam. This ultra-thin lock sewing machine. The width of the lock sewing machine is extremely thin, and the overedging width is also extremely narrow. It's really cool. this. Flowing thin cotton thread lock. Yabayaba. look at this. back. This back process. You're cool. I like sewing more than other people, so I like to see the back side of clothes, and this is really cool. The material used for the sewing thread, of course, the use of colored thread, the difference in count, and this specification. Despite being in the category of standard clothes, these pants have such a difference. I have to introduce this. That's why I handled these pants. The one in the photo is still brand new, so it looks tight, but you can still feel the beauty of the stitching. I don't really like lock sewing machines. Because I don't think it's that good. However, this was a rock specification that I wanted to pick up willingly. A lock sewn into a narrow width with thick cotton thread. The curve is also a beautiful curve. The end of the thread is extended and stretched. I wonder if this is also called a sky ring when it's a lock sewing machine? People in Kojima, please tell me. This locking process is unique to the sewing factory that sews FAUVES. It's not a normal lock sewing machine. "Modified Special Sewing Machine". That's why it boasts so much detail. Well, you can't see it at all when you wear it, but there is a definite difference when you wear it. After that, well, I wonder if I can see it when I roll it up. And this. The one I wore for a while. I mainly wore Araki Yuu's Knickerbockers, these FAUVES pants, and custom-made Hakomura shorts made by Mr. Yamauchi of Yamauchi. this summer. I forgot how many times I washed it, but definitely, definitely, the shadows peculiar to cotton thread are appearing. The fabric is reactive dyed, so the color doesn't fade easily, but it fades a little due to my heavy use. But I don't think it's an extreme reddish color change like you'd find in regular black pants. The inseam of cotton thread is also wavy. The leather patch also has a fairly natural change. Overall, the new product has a flat look, but I think that if you wash it and use it, people who like it will have a look they like. The fabric does not sag easily, does not stretch easily, and you can feel how tough it is. So, this is all sewn with cotton thread. It's flat at first, but the shading between the seams and the non-seamed areas gradually emerges. Since the structure of the pants is standard, it is the reason why the pants have a great harmony between the fabric and the stitching. It's a pair of pants that feels very simple, but I think it's a pair of pants where you can really feel how the fabric and the sewing are changing as the fabric and the sewing with cotton thread become more and more integrated. Very detailed though. smile this. Something I wear every day. It doesn't feel stiff even after repeated washings, but the fabric is sturdy, so it keeps its slim shape without losing its shape. Mr. Fukuhara said that he aimed for the outline of pants like European designer brands in the 2000s. It seems that the sewing factory was actually making that kind of thing, and now you can't find pants like this at this level of sewing. I think it's pretty good. side view. He is 167 cm tall, weighs about 52 kg, and is the smallest size, size 2. At first, the length was a little long, but once washed, it shrunk vertically by about 3 cm and rolled in one roll, giving it a nice balance. The width also shrinks a little, but there is no big change overall. If anything, I think it's pants that can be worn in the original length. Depending on the person, it's totally okay to raise the hem. Size 2 equivalent to 28-30 inch waist Size 3 and equivalent to a 31-32 inch waist Equivalent to a size 4 with a 33-34 inch waist Equivalent to a size 5 with a 35-36 inch waist is. And the price is \27,500-(tax included). Even considering the fabric and sewing specifications, I think it's a ridiculous price. In a good way, of course. It's a pair of pants that will respond to you just by wearing it, washing it, and using it. FAUVES NUVO material_COTTON 100% color_GREY size_2,3,4,5 And there is also this color. GRAY. The fabric and sewing specifications are similar to black, but this one has a slightly modern feel. I feel like It's hard to tell as much as black, but here too, the thread count and color of the sewing are changed here and there. It may look like beige, but it's actually gray. But it's also beige. It's a place called Greige, isn't it? smile Black comes with a hit, but this one may be able to see more shadows. The price is 27,500 yen (tax included), just like the black one. FAUVES NUVO material_COTTON 100% color_FADE BLACK size_2,3,4,5 And finally this. The first introduced black is faded at the "fabric stage". Due to the processing of the fabric, the product has uneven fading throughout. The thread specifications are the same. As you can see, it is processed here and there, but if you wash it and use it, I think it will look quite unusual. The feeling of an older designer's brand may increase. smile Well, even if you actually wear a lot of black, it won't look like this FADE BLACK, so I think it would be nice if you could choose the one you like. Of course, this is also processed, but if you wear it and wash it, it will change accordingly. As for FADE BLACK, the price is slightly different, 35,200 yen (including tax). Mr. Fukuhara has a clear goal not only for the fabric, but also for the sewing, so when you use it, it's simple, but I think you can really feel the changes that come with the sewing thread. There aren't many pants like that. It's very tough, and I think there's something you can expect after using it. Please use it if you like it.
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