Those of you who like it may know this, but the second installment of ETS.MATERIAUX, which debuted in March, started today, the 20th (Thursday).

Since all the stores nationwide have started all at once, we are also developing our second collection accordingly.

There are quite a few variations in the entire Materio collection lineup, but since we are strongly anticipating the summer season, we mainly focus on short-sleeved items.

We always want to be a conscientious store, so we will post the lineup of our store this time below.

・Band collar shirt selvedge ¥19,800-(tax included)



・Band collar shirt S/S ¥19,800-(tax included)



・ETS.Linen pullover shirt ¥23,100-(tax included)



・ETS.EURO easy pants ¥24,200-(tax included)



・ETS.French shorts ¥22,000-(tax included)



Including the above different colors, we handle 7 types in all sizes.

There were short-sleeve shirts in regular colors, but I wanted to make the neck look a little lighter, and the way I drew the outline from the neck to the shoulders and arms gave it a unique slimy feeling and refreshing look. I wanted to have balance and coexistence, so I only handle band colors.

Even though it is a short-sleeved shirt, as you can see from the official Instagram of the brand, the sleeves are positioned below the elbow.

Also, the only thing that has changed is the linen pullover.

It comes in two colors, black and white, and I ordered both of them. It's not as good as the Basque shirt, but it's nice to have a neck like a modest boat neck and a thin layer of linen fabric. I will.

It's a so-called large T-shirt type, but unlike jersey, it's woven and has little stretch, so the neck may feel a little small when you put it on and take it off, but once you've put it on, it's this one.

At the time of the launch in March, I was asked to stand at the store and talk with him, and I learned a little about what Mr. Kaneko was thinking and what kind of person he was. It's dense clothes.

Also, from this timing, sales at the online store are also OK, so I'll post it from time to time. Coming soon.

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